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Since I started publishing the weekly 'Ross-on-Wye News' magazine on this web site, I am afraid that I just have not had the time to keep these 'feedback' pages regularly updated. I do still publish some of the 'feedback' emails I receive in the weekly news pages however, and welcome your views on both this web site and on the local area.

If you would like to share your opinion with others via the news pages, please click here. The older entries will remain here to view, for posterity. Thank you for your feedback. Alan

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Name: Allison Location: USA Date: 25 October 2004

Comment: I just wanted to thank you for posting this website ( It is wonderful. I have been researching our family history and our ancestors are from Ross (1850-1900). In fact I'm sure we still have family living there I just have yet to discover who they are.
It sends chills down my spine to see photographs of the streets that our ancestors walked up and the church in which their children were baptized.
Oh by the way we live in Portland, Maine in the United States. Hopefully someday we will be able to visit Ross and see things first hand but until then your website it a fantastic resource.
Sincerely, Allison L. Ryall

Name: Michael and Iola Ross Location: Spain Date: 22 September 2004

Comment: came across your web site purely by chance, brilliant I have enjoyed seeing what has been going on in Ross since we left to relocate here in Spain.Our last night in Ross was on the last night of the 2003 music festival. The photographs of the pre - school carnival winners were of particalar interest included were our daughter and grandson which we had not seen before. The Ross high school reunion was of interest especially finding out that Melvin Hodges, Steve Pearce, Dereck Howells, and Collin Aubrey are so much older than me and now are looking it....Thanks

Name: Helen Location: Ross-on-Wye Date: 15 September 2004

Comment: I am an avid fan of you website and have been for a long time. You may remember me when I accosted you in Somerfield car park because I recognised your car. I can honestly say that were it not for your website, my Mum and Dad would not have visited Ross, and stayed on the campsite. They would not have retired here (they were going to live in the Cotswolds) and my partner and I would not have visited their house, fell in love with Ross and moved here ourselves! So thank you!

Name: Peter Davison Location: Singapore Date: 02 September 2004

Comment: I live in Singapore and will be visiting the UK for three days in October. My mother (who lives in Wales) was widowed this summer, so I am using the time to take her away for a long weekend. I have used your site to plan the trip, including accommodation, days out and the Sunday quiz night. I am impressed with your enthusiasm and organisation. My purpose in writing is to encourage more of your accommodation and entertainment listings to post a photo and a short description of themselves. They might be amazed to find where they would suddenly get visitors turning up from!

Well done!


Thank you for that Peter. You are absolutely right, as those who have taken up the advertising offer well know! £45 spent supporting this web site for a whole year can bring in returns a thousand fold but this is Ross-on-Wye! The most common phrase I hear from people is, 'It would be really good for YOUR web site if you put US on it.' I must have heard that phrase a hundred times this year from different people who think I was born yesterday!

I hope you have a fantastic and relaxing visit!


Name: Asta Location: Unknown Date: 25 August 2004

Comment: ia want to say that Ros-on-wye is veryy beutiful town:)) Realy its two weeks when i am at home, somer holiday i spend at Homme Farm ..... Next somer holidayy i want to work in Ross-on-Wye.. meybe in hotel or in other... people are veryy good!! And there are veryy rattling place!!! good luc...

Thank you Asta. I hope you manage to return next summer.


Name: Paul Downing Location: Ross-on-Wye Date: 11 August 2004


Thank you Paul...


Name: Henry Turner Location: Oceanside, California Date: 23 July 2004

Comment: Thank you for the lovely concert from the carillon of Saint Mary. I heard it by tuning from the bar below the photo of Saint Mary. I could not tune into the music from the caves. I have a Compaq laptop with Windows XP Professional and use Broad Band by Cox.

My Grandfather Fredric George Turner and his brother William emigrated to Chile on October 14, 1889. My Granfather was 18 years old and his brother was 22. My Dad was born in Chile in 1904 and I was born in Chile in 1931. My wife and I emigrated to the USA in 1956. We live in Oceanside,California, 39 miles north of San Diego.

I correspond with Molly Stock, my aunt, in Ross at 13 Grange Park. I told her about your lovely site wyenot.Com. and sent her a copy of the picture of Saint Mary.

We should be visiting sometime, I don't know when yet, but I'll look you up.

Name: Andy Clarke Location:   Date: 29 May 2004

Comment: your pictures of Copse Cross Street are in fact pictures of High Street. Andy

Reply: Thank you for pointing out the 'error of my ways' (pun intended). It took four years for somebody to notice that and point it out. I have now corrected the page by replacing the original 'photographs' with some I took last year, a few yards further down the street, just past the point where 'High Street' actually becomes 'Copse Cross Street'.

Name: Pat Yager Location: Unknown Date: 23 April 2004

Comment: Wow! What a superb job you've done to let people know about the beauty of the Wye Valley and Ross-on-Wye! I've just spent the last 2-1/2 hours on your website! Your photography is beautiful! Thanks for letting us in on the majesty of the area! We might see you in August when we come to visit!

Gratefully, Pat Yager

Name: Bill Convery Location: Winchester Date: 13 April 2004

Comment: Alan, Good morning. It was nice meeting you at Ross market Easter Saturday. We stayed at The Royal Hotel and will never again be able to look at the standard 'photo of Ross without saying "Look, that's our hotel room"! Our long weekend break was truly wonderful and we will, most certainly, be returning. Your advice on the best pub, The Hope, was gratefully received as the wine and food were excellent and very good value for money although, for some really authentic local atmosphere, the Man of Ross took some beating. Keep up the good work on your website; it really does show all that is good concerning the Wye Valley and surrounding areas. Look forward to seeing you again, perhaps next year.


Name: Marian Walter Location: Australia Date: 31 March 2004

Comment: Alan, I grew up in Ross-on-Wye and moved to Australia in 1964. I sat tonight and wept buckets over your beautiful pictures. It was a nostalgia trip par excellence. My daughter is coming over to Britain in a months time and will be visiting Ross. I'm showing her all your pictures so that she can appreciate just how magnificent was the small town I grew up in. Thank you so much for a brilliant web-site.

Marian Walter

Name: Bill Convery Location: Winchester Date: 30 March 2004

Comment: My companion and I are visiting Ross over the Easter weekend. I have found your site to be, probably, the most informative and user friendly 'town' site I have come across and that includes my own home town site of Winchester. If all that is on your site is truly representative of Ross' attractions then we will have been well served. Full marks.

Bill Convery

Name: Carolyn Woodley Location: Channel Islands Date: 19 February 2004

Comment: Thank you, thank you , thank you. I am originally from Ross on Wye, infact until 1989 I had lived for 18 years in Glewstone, my family still live their. But now I live in the Channel Islands. I have managed to show my little boy (thanks to you) all the places that I used to go to when I was still living at home.
Thanks again,
Carolyn Woodley

Name: Louise Bolton Location: Unknown Date: 10 February 2004

Comment: This is a great site. I am looking forward to coming to your area in March. I am staying at an old priory at Symonds Yat. I especially liked the information on the walk nearby Fawley. Thank you.
Louise Bolton

Name: Sean Prosser Location: Sydney, Australia Date: 4 February 2004

Comment: What a great site, i left Ross a few years back, although my family and friends are still there. The site is great and you can clearly see the blood sweat and tears you must have put in to it! I will keep this web site in my favourites and the times i get a little home sick i can remind myself of the great Ross-On-Wye. If people are looking at this site and are thinking of a short visit, you should!
Sean Prosser
Sydney Australia

Name: Kathryn Location: Michigan, USA Date: 25 January 2004

Comment: Alright...(deep breath) I know that you requested "no abusive" letters...(another deep breath) But who in hell is Lloyd from Cardiff?? And to what "lacking information" might he possibly be referring?? Admittedly, that sleaze level here at your site is minimal, but that's what makes it feel like Heaven to the rest of us.
Your love and devotion to this town shines throughout every page. Wyenot will be my homepage as long as it remains here, online.

Name: Margaret and Don Location: Lea, Ross-on-Wye Date: 19 January 2004

Comment: Thank you for creating and maintaining so well, the site is a credit to you, and is the best town web site that we have seen.
We visit your site often and really enjoy the photographs that you take of the town. We have friends from Ross who now live overseas and they really get so much pleasure in keeping up with news and events from Ross through your web site.

Name: Lloyd Location: Cardiff Date: 3 January 2004

Comment: My name's Lloyd and I live in Cardiff. I came across your website on Google because me and family thought we'd visit Ross on a day out but its hard to find any real useful information. Potential visitors want to know what and where are the attractions and things to do? I have yet to find a website with the information, however your website does include some spectacular views of Ross which I admire. All your website needs is that final touch of information to make it brilliant.

Reply: Dear Lloyd, Thank you for your comments. Sorry you could not find what you were after but I notice from my server log that you looked at less than 1% of the whole web site. At the time of writing, my site is not given any support whatsoever from anybody, I fund the whole thing personally and spend an average of 30 hours per week of my own time working on it, for no financial gain whatsoever. If this is not good enought, I'm sorry. Yours sincerely, Alan

Name: Jim rourke Location: Local Date: 1 January 2004

Comment: hi alan,just a quick note to wish you and yours a happy new year and to thank you for the pleasure your web site has given me this year. cheers.

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