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Issue No. 44 [Back Issues]
10th May 2005

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Stolen from the Hope & Anchor

At some time between closing time on Friday evening, 6th May and opening time the following morning, patio tables and chairs, worth approximately £300 were stolen from outside the Conservatory Restaurant at the Hope & Anchor public house. Pictured below is the one remaining table and two chairs from the set. The chairs taken were exactly the same as those pictured below, however the tables were for four rather than two places, so are double the length of the one in the photograph.

Any information regarding the theft would be appreciated. Please telephone Ben Nelsey at the Hope & Anchor on 01989 563003.

Topical Photography This Week

Ref: DSC_2070

Above: as part of their citizenship work, all students from years seven to thirteen at John Kyrle High School had the opportunity to take part in the school's mock election on Thursday, 5th May. Assemblies and 'tutor' periods gave the opportunity for pupils to discuss the political parties and issues in Herefordshire. Two polling stations in the school were set up to register voters and issue ballot papers. The exercise raised lots of lively discussions between students about politics and the political process. And the result...... Paul Keetch 43% Virginia Taylor 23% Brian Lunt 16% Tom Calver 11%.

Below: Carlos Felices presents a cheque for £2426 to Gillian Rampling, grandmother of William Brandt, who suffers from cerebral palsy. The money, raised by Carlos and his wife, Maria by holding a special dinner, raffle and auction at the Castle Lodge Hotel was to purchase a sporting wheelchair for William.

Ref: DSC_2044

Sport - Ross Services Under 10s Football

Pictured below, Ross Services Under 10s Football Club having just arrived at the 'Mighty 8' in Ross in style. The team had just beaten Kington Town 3 - 1 in Hereford and were driven back to Ross 'Mighty 8' in two Limousines.

Ross Under 10s should be congratulated on winning both the cup and League Double two years running.

Ref: DSC_2302

Sport - Ross Rugby Club's Annual President's Game

Ross rugby club rounded off this season with their annual 'President's game on Saturday 7th May. The Club's President, Dave Cook had selected his side from Forest of Dean clubs, with players from Cinderford, Drybrook, Bream, Berry Hill and Lydney.

Both sides decided to run the ball at every opportunity, which proved to be a telling factor in the result, with Joe Gittins Jones from Cinderford & Lee Osbourne from Berry Hill showing their superior class.

Ross were not totally over powered and showed some good touches, with Gavin Oats & Simon Gwynne in competitive mood. The final score was 27 - 12 to the President's team. The game was well controlled by Paul Chandler (Toucan) from Gloucester Referees Society. Paul stayed long into the evening, leading the players in the traditional rendition of rugby songs.

On Saturday 14th may Ross RFC will be holding its 'Awards' evening, at the 'Drop Inn' in Station Street. The A.G.M will be held on the 14th June, beginning at 9 pm.


The President's Team before the match. Ref: DSC_2146

The President's Team battle it out with Ross RFC on Saturday afternoon. Ref: DSC_2173

Your Letters

Can anybody tell me where to get some of whatever Joe is drinking - or Jane for that matter?

Hello, my name is Joe, and I work in a United States famous outdoor outfitter store called REI ( Recreational Equipment Incorporated) and I am 60 years old, … no small feat, that … just you try living to 60! Anyway, I had a completely different upbringing than you, I think … I lived in the North Cascades, in a small town called Twisp, in the state of Washington.

For some reason I was attracted to your web site … just because it sounded full of life … And hell if I know if that sounds like some fag commie thing, but I am just a country person. Old, I guess, and probably had too much wine, or otherwise you would never read this … Well, I was cold after fishing for Kokanee (land locked salmon, and they are delicious! My Japanese wife knows how to cook … butterfly the meat (take out the spinal cord) and fry on the meat side for 30 seconds, then turn on the skin side, and fry in the melted butter for 8 minutes,, … I could get all of Iraq to surrender to that fish.

Joe ‘Richter Scale’ Richter (a distant relative … wayyy distant)


Well I am not sure who you are (but I have been to Ross-On-Wye once and know there is a Book Fair there every year. Just how did you and your little dog show up on the "image search" I just did on hydrogen bombs? All I can say is it was nice to see you - a normal, healthy happy HUMAN BEING in the midst of all this HELL on Earth. I don't know why I feel compelled to "look up" these things - it's been since the invasion of Iraq and me becoming sort of "political" and joining "Stop The War" and going on all the marches, etc and learning more and more about the Arms Trade (and all the billions they make dealing in death) and all kinds of horrible things.

So I look up about these things and now I [who used to be a kind of "Ken Clarke Tory Wet" (and I still like him!)] write letters to George Galloway newly elected "Respect" MP hoping that he will continue his "Stop The War" message now that he is back in The House Of Commons. And people don't like to hear me going on about all these things - they wish I and the other "lefties" (as I'm now considered to be) would just shut up and go away & just do our shopping and other "normal things" and it's not easy why do I do it - well, seeing your image just now reminded me - I do it for people like you! I want you to live happy, loving and healthy lives - I don't want you to even know about the horrors of "The War Industry." I just want to keep you and the rest of England all safe and happy!

Just thought I'd let you know!!


I know how the dog image came up in your search, Jane. Photos of dogs and my childhood scientific experiments with sodium chlorate being mentioned on two different pages of the same web site. My favourite search for bringing up on Google however - an actual 'Googlewhack' no less is, 'pomicultural truffles'.

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