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Issue No. 53 [Back Issues]
19th July 2005

This Week - [Whitchurch Carnival]
[Majorettes Advertising Raffle - Reading Voyage - Walford School Story Competition - The Playtex Moonwalk]
[Potters Bar 2005 - Support from Australia - Chestnuts' Table Sale - Goodrich Summer Singsong]
[Topical Photography - Ross-on-Wye from an Unusual Angle - Nature Watch]

Potters Bar Reunion 2005

Following the success of last year's Potters Bar Reunion, 26th November 2005 will provide another opportunity for you to be sworn at and generally abused by belligerent ex 'Potters Bar' bar staff, whilst catching up with old friends in the original building, with original music from the juke box.

It may seem early mentioning this event in July but I want to allow enough time for the news to propagate. It was good to see so many of you there last year! The event was a huge success but there were a few that would have liked to have come but did not find out about it until afterwards. I would like to make sure that as many people as possible can attend the 2005 event, so if you see this and know an ex-Potters Bar regular who does not have access to the internet, please pass the information on.

Thanks and hope to see you there! More information will follow, with regular articles and embarrassing photographs as the event approaches.


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Support offer from Australia

This week, Sean, an ex-pat from Ross-on-Wye and regular viewer of and Wyenot News wrote to me and one of the things he wrote was,

'I really do wish I could support your web site in some small way. Have you considered some kind of credit card payment system? You never know there may be people like me around the globe who would like to donate towards the upkeep of'

Thank you very much for the kind thought, Sean! Unfortunately, the cost of setting up a reliable system to receive credit card donations and payments would cost me more in bank charges than I would gain. I realize that there are companies around such as 'Paypal' but to be honest, I don't trust their security as I constantly receive fraudulent emails from people trying to obtain Paypal account details. is by far the most time consuming part of my business and is by far the least profitable aspect of it. In fact, for the past five years, although it has helped tremendously towards the prosperity of Ross-on-Wye by attracting many visitors to the area, the site has, so far run at a huge personal financial loss. I do however see a bright future. Local interest has picked up greatly over the past year! More people are beginning to realize the value of advertising on the site. So far, absolutely all those who advertised last year have renewed again this year. Provided I can hang in there for a bit longer, I am sure that it will eventually begin to pay its way for me also. Somebody once said to me, 'Businesses which start slowly often prove to be the strongest and best in the long term.'

Thanks again for your kind offer, Sean. I am always grateful for help towards the running costs of the web site and it is good to hear from regular readers and from Ross-on-Wye ex-pats.

Table Sale at The Chestnuts

A table sale was held at The Chestnuts on Saturday, during which Ray Smith, Chairman of the home was presented with a cheque for £1,169 by Dorrie Blockley of the 'Friends of the Chestnuts'. The money will be used to pay for a bed and a Christmas dinner for residents of the home.

Friends of the Chestnuts disbanded recently and the cheque was the closing balance of the Friends' bank account. In the photograph are Frank Hammond, Dorrie Blockley, Aileen Howls, Rose Dean, Audrey Hammond and Ray Smith.

Ref: DSC_5423

Goodrich School Summer Singsong

Teachers and pupils of Goodrich Primary School held a Summer Concert on Thursday, 14th July. The whole school was involved and a collection of summer songs were enjoyed by parents, including songs from the Caribbean, songs by the Beach Boys and Summer Holiday.

All children made their own costumes, which included tie-dye tee shirts, garlands and grass skirts. Below, head teacher, Tony Griffiths goes surfing with Mille White, Ali Banks-Martin, Effie Seal, Scott Brooks-Thornett, James Greene and Jack Whitaker. Below, more of the children can be seen in their costumes.

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