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Issue No. 55 [Back Issues]
2nd August 2005

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[Ross Businesses in Bloom - Quakers' Open Day - Buggy Route]
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Ross Businesses in Bloom

It was nice to see some of the shops in town taking part by wearing period costume on Ross in Bloom Day. Below are photographs of three shops I noticed whilst walking around the town. Wyedean Wholefoods, Halcyon Daze and the Town Barber. I am sure many others took part but I just did not see them.

Jane Johnston and friends at Wyedean Wholefoods. DSC_6014

Jo Ashman at Halcyon Daze. Ref: DSC_6012

Debbie Thomas and Friends at the Town Barber Shop. DSC_6084

Ross Quakers' Open Day

To coincide with Ross in Bloom Judging Day, Ross Quakers held an Open Day at their Brampton Street Friends Meeting House. Inside the historic building, they held an interesting exhibition of original Quakers Bonnets and various other items of historical interest. There was also an exhibition of artwork by Rose Hurst, who sadly died recently, at the age of forty one. Rose, who died of cancer, raised money for charity by producing the works, to be sold, from her sick bed.

Photographed below, Quakers, Julia Richardson, Jane Turnbull and Eileen Kemp wear historical Quakers uniform in the Brampton Street Meeting House. Later on in the day, they joined the rest of the historical dressers at the Market House.

More photographs of the Quakers are available in the gallery.


Ref: DSC_6094

Ross Buggy Route

Pictured below, the Ross Group of the Ramblers' Association in association with the Ryefield Centre Leisure Link met on Sunday Morning, 31st July to walk the proposed 'Buggy Walk'.

Full story below . . .

Ref: DSC_6551

The Ross Group of the Ramblers' Association is in the early stages of planning and implementing a circular route around and through Ross that will be accessible to wheelchairs, electrically powered invalid vehicles, pushchairs and buggies. The route will be about four miles in length with numerous entry and exit points for those who do not wish to complete the full distance.

The Ramblers have been active with the Ryefield Centre Leisure Link organization for some time and the two groups have organized walks for members of the Ryefield centre and other local organizations. However there has always been a problem. Wheelchair users could not join the walks as the terrain was unsuitable.

Lesley Ward, of the Ramblers and Alison Fletcher, of Leisure Link had the idea that a "wheelchair friendly" route around Ross would be of great benefit. This concept developed so that users of pushchairs and electrically powered wheelchairs could also use it. Lesley and Alison devised a route and members of the Ramblers' Committee did a preliminary survey in order to find the problems preventing wheelchair users completing the circuit. The Ramblers' Committee approved the plan and a small subcommittee was given the task of making the idea a reality.

A preliminary meeting with Alison Fletcher and County Councillor, Mrs Joyce Davies and Town Councillor, and former Mayor of Ross, John Davies was held. The Councillors gave their enthusiastic support to the project. Among the points discussed were ideas for possible funding as well as suggestions for involving other local organizations in the planning and implementing of the project. These ideas are being followed up.

On Sunday 31st July the Ramblers' took a walk round the Buggy Route with members of the Ryefield Centre Leisure Link. The walk began at 10:00 am, from The Bandstand.

The intention is to make this a true community project. So if any individual or organization would be interested in becoming involved, with ideas for the route, improvements so far not thought of or for possible sources of funding please contact Lesley Ward on 01989 768461.

Ross Buggy Route - What is is?
A circular route, of about four miles, around and through the town of Ross-on-Wye that will be suitable for users of wheelchairs, (both electrically powered and manually propelled), and by pushchairs and buggies. There will be numerous entry and exit points so that part, or all, of the route may be completed.

Who's idea was it?
The idea came from the walks organized by the Ross-on-Wye Group of the Ramblers' Association, with the Ryefield Centre Leisure Link organization. These walks, for clients of the Ryefield Centre, were not accessible by users of wheelchairs. Discussions between Lesley Ward, of Ross Ramblers, and Alison Fletcher, of Leisure Link, concluded that a "Wheelchair friendly" circular route would be a good idea. This then developed into a route suitable for pushchairs, buggies and electrically powered wheelchairs.

How will it be realized?
The Ross Ramblers Committee discussed the idea and set up a subcommittee to look more deeply into the idea. The subcommittee (Lesley Ward, Thelma Phillips, Derek Williams and Sam Phillips) did a preliminary survey of the route and took photographs of places where there would be a problem for wheelchair users. These included the lack of dropped kerbs, very uneven surfaces, steps and anti-cycle hoops. It should be noted at this point that all the route is in existence and the project will involve "joining up" existing paths by eliminating the features that make passage by a wheelchair impossible at present, such as the items mentioned above. The subcommittee then discussed the idea with Alison Fletcher and two local Councillors, Mrs Joyce Davies (County Councillor) and Mr John Davies (Town Councillor and former Mayor of Ross). The councillors were very supportive. Informally this enlarged "Committee" decided to call itself "The Ross Buggy Route Steering Group".

How much will it cost and how will it be paid for?
Neither question can be fully answered at this time. The Steering Group suggested several sources of possible funding all of which are being followed up. Until a proper survey of the route is completed an accurate cost cannot be provided though none of the improvements should be prohibitively expensive.

When will the route be ready?
Again, it is difficult to give definite answer this question. One of the possible sources of funding requires that a proposal is submitted no later than 3rd October 2005 and work must start before 31st December 2005. Assuming this timetable is satisfied, then it is possible that the route could be ready in early 2006. However, depending on the cost, it may be that the route can only be prepared a little at a time by eliminating the obstacles one or two at a time.

What happens next?
The project will be publicized in the local press and other interested parties will be invited to get involved. The route will be surveyed more "professionally" and funding requests will be prepared and submitted.

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