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Issue No. 55 [Back Issues]
2nd August 2005

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Christopher James Wood

Happy 18th Birthday!

to a great son,

Chris Wood

Who came of age to legally do all the things he has already been doing for the past two years on

1st August 2005

Chris in a suit? No, he's not 'The Accused'. The photograph was taken at my family home in Essex, where formal dress is a requirement whilst partaking of the pool. His older brother, Matthew, being a rebel, decided to see if he could get away with removing his jacket.

Just to add that extra embarrassment factor; below, Chris can be seen at an earlier stage in his life, when he contracted a severe dose of the pox. I did try to warn him about those kindergarten girls and their contagious diseases, but would he listen!

Congratulations to

Lindsey and Gary Higgins

On the Occasion of their


Which took place at

Ross Registry Office


Saturday, 30th July 2005

Better Beef and Lamb

A 'Better Returns Evening', run by EBLEX (English Beef and Lamb Executive) was held at Bruton Farm, Linton on Monday, 25th July. The idea was to demonstrate to farmers the benefits of purchasing improved breeding stock, as this helps to provide good lean meat content, with the correct amount of fat for the consumer.

Pictured below, Farmer Edward Vines on the evening, with two of his rams.

Ref: DSC_5922

Granton House

Granton House, a late seventeenth century period property in the village of Goodrich has recently become a B&B establishment.

John and Liz Bloxham the owners have recently moved from a village just outside of Cambridge to start this venture. They have been visiting the area regularly over the past ten years or so, using the house as a holiday home and loved the area so much that they decided that a complete lifestyle change was called for.

John was previously involved with foreign governments in setting up the administration of top level internet domains. This work frequently took him overseas, mainly to the Caribbean. Meanwhile, Liz was nursing in a busy General Practice as the lead nurse. The couple have lived and worked overseas in Dubai in the mid 70's to 80's and met people from all over the globe, so are really looking forward to welcoming their guests to their beautiful home in this wonderful part of the country.


Ross in Bloom

Through the local press, I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who participated in one way or another, to the highly successful Living History Day last week.

As everyone is aware this was a day laid on by Ross-in-Bloom to entertain visitors to the town - in particular our guests, the Heart of England in Bloom Judges. Everyone seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves - whether it be as "actors" or as spectators. It was particularly lovely to see some of the traders taking part within their shops, despite having to work.

I will not start to thank anyone individually, as this then leads to problems if I forget to mention anyone. However I would like to say that Ross-in-Bloom could not have organized such a special event without the help and support of Iris Price and the Phoenix Theatre.

Iris provided, from her great wardrobe, nearly all of the costumes. She has worked very hard over the past months and we are eternally grateful for this. Neither would the day been able to go ahead without the help and support of the Phoenix Theatre. They supplied us with the use of their premises throughout the day - indeed throughout the past three months - for dressing, dress rehearsals, meetings and such like. In particular we are extremely grateful to Angela Mason who sat in the theatre and held the fort so we could all take part outside in the rain. As I said I cannot thank anyone else as individuals as I am sure to miss someone out. There were so many of you doing your various jobs throughout the day. So thank you all - you know who you are.

The Charities Market was once again a great success despite the cold and wet. I very much admired all of those stalwarts who were still there at 4 pm to welcome the judges. You all looked very cold but we are very grateful. I believe they all had a quite successful day with their fund raising efforts.

Mary Powell and two others (not yet confirmed) will be travelling to Stoke on Trent on Friday 2nd September to find out how we, the town, got on in the judging. We hope to match (if not improve on) our Silver Gilt award from the past 2 years. Mary also tells me the local judging is nearly completed and she should be able to let everyone know this week what their results are. They will not be published in the local press until all the letters have gone out as RiB do not think it fair that neighbours should know before the actual winners. There are still some ongoing results and some surprise results that will not be announced until the Presentation Evening in September.

The results from the National Competition entries should also be announced in Stoke (Ross has 4 entries this year) and the Herefordshire in Bloom results on 19th September in Hereford.

Thank you all again. A job well done on a day everyone should remember for many months to come. If anyone wishes to see other pictures of the day, they will be published on this week. If anyone still has their costume to hand, the Carnival Committee would welcome you to join in and walk with the procession. This takes place this Saturday, 6th August, and you need to be at the Ashburton at approximately midday.

Jacky Bedford Chairman, Ross-in-Bloom.

The Green Dragon Brookend Street

'Sir, I am trying to trace a pub called the Green Dragon Brookend Street? there in the year 1861 Any information would be very much appreciated sincerely Cyril Battell.

The above, which is reproduced exactly as it was received, is one of many emails I received during the course of this past week.

I would dearly love to be able to research the answers to such questions as the above but I am afraid I just do not have the time, so if any readers are able to help, please contact me and I will put you in touch. . . Ed.

Newent Onion Fayre

Hi, I wondered whether you would be able to make a mention on your website of our up and coming Newent Onion Fayre being held on 10th September and that it is being opened at 10 am by Hannah Stewart-Jones from ITV Central News. If you don't know, this is a traditional street fayre by Royal Charter and includes some great street entertainment, stalls, crafts, fairground rides and much much more. Its an ideal family day which is free to get into and has ample parking.

Many thanks, Charlotte Jones - Advertising & Publicity Officer.

Capsized Canoe

Dear Alan, I was one of the idiots you photographed capsizing their canoe outside the Hope and Anchor on Saturday 16th July! You mentioned that the photos would be up on the following Tuesday but I can't seem to find them. Are they on the site? If not, is there any chance you might be able to email me the highlights to forward to the other idiots!

Best wishes, Jamie Minoprio.

Sorry Jamie, I have to confess that the event completely slipped my mind when it came to updating the site that week. I hope that publishing them this week will remedy the situation.

For the benefit of other readers . . . I met Jamie at the Hope & Anchor, whilst waiting for Tina to finish work one Saturday and he asked me to take a photo of himself and his mates with his own camera. This I did before taking one with my own. The group paddled off into the sunset but one of the canoes capsized.

Sorry Jamie, I was walking away at the time and heard, rather than saw the actual capsize. I did manage to catch the bottom shot though, after the actual event, when you were recovering. I hope your camera did not get wet!

If it's any consolation, I capsized a canoe on the Wye some years ago - by Backney Bridge, in January! It was a little chilly, to say the least. 'That was a bit of a daft thing to do. Bother this dashed canoe,' I said, being one for moderation of language.

Ref: DSC_5436

Ref: DSC_5442

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