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Issue No. 57 [Back Issues]
16th August 2005

This Week - [An Evening of Bach and Mozart at St. Mary's]
[Vivaldi and Purcell - Herefordshire Council Community Forums]
[50th Birthday - Diamond Wedding - Spam - Arts Day - Letters - For Sale
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Bernice Wood

Happy 50th Birthday!


Bernice Wood

Whose age became invalid as a
National Lottery ticket number

13th August 2005

Left: Essex Girl, Bernice, when she attended Monteagle Junior School in Dagenham.

Below, and just to add that extra embarrassment factor; Bernice in flared jeans and platform shoes, at my parent's garden in Westrow Drive, Barking, Essex, during those hippy, 'Dagenham Roundhouse, 'Village Blues Club' days.

Congratulations to Nancy and Brychan!

Below: Congratulations to Nancy and Brychan Sims, who celebrated their Diamond wedding anniversary on Saturday, 13th August with a dinner party at the Chasedale Hotel, Walford Road.

After meeting in Pay Accounts, at RAF Malvern and a brief courtship of six months, Brychan Sims and Nancy Hill were married at the Malvern Register Office on Friday, the 13th August 1945. Originally, Brychan was to be posted to Okinawa, Japan, but following the bombing of Hiroshima this was cancelled. Instead, he was sent to Liverpool on the 15th August, the official end of World War II, while it was decided what to do with him. Eventually, he was sent to Burma for fifteen months, returning to his "new" bride in November 1946.

Their two children Ann and David were born in 1947 and 1951 respectively. In April this year, Mr and Mrs Sims became great-grandparents, when Ann's daughter, Rebecca, gave birth to baby William. Pictured below, all four generations attended the Diamond Wedding Anniversary celebrations on Saturday, sixty years to the day that Brychan and Nancy were married.

Brychan and Nancy on Saturday. Ref: DSC_7691

Nancy and Brychan Sims at Brynmawr Railway Station, the day after their wedding.

Four generations of Brychan and Nancy's family. Ref: DSC_7706

Spam Spam Spam Spam

Over the past five years, '' has grown in popularity beyond anything I initially imagined. On Tuesday last, when I published the weekly news for 9th August, the web site had 30,281 'hits' and of those, 741 unique visitors viewed 4,400 pages of the web site. The average viewer on that day looked at 5.93 pages. And all of this was just on that one day!

To say that the site is successful is a vast understatement. However, having a successful 'dot com' domain can also bring its problems! The image below shows a screen print of part of my email program, with 1,012 automatically deleted emails, received over a period of less than 24 hours. Junk email (spam) received as a direct result of my running is a big problem! For every one genuine email, I receive a hundred junk mails, every single day of the year and this causes problems because I just do not have the time to look at all of the mail received manually and as a result, a lot of my genuine emails get automatically deleted without my seeing them.

I do try my very best to reply to all received genuine mail, so if I have not replied to you, it is not intentional and most likely the reason is because your mail got caught up with the spam and automatically deleted before I saw it. I do have certain 'rules' set up in my AntiSpam software to try to make sure that genuine mail gets through and the best way to contact me is by clicking the email link on the web site's 'contact' page and do not change the subject line.

I absolutely detest the senders of this spam! They are well aware that people do not wish to see the mindless junk they try to inflict, without caring who receives it. The senders are constantly attempting new ways of getting past junk mail filters - just to upset and annoy, it would seem. The fact that whenever the junk mail is offering something for sale, the price is virtually always expressed in American Dollars speaks volumes to me about the average IQ of the senders.

The best way to deal with junk email is to get a good spam filter with a self learning facility, such as Norton Internet Security and, once you are reasonably happy that the software has learned which mail is junk and which is not, delete the mail in the 'AntiSpam' folder of your email program without looking at it. If you as much as just glance at 'HTML' junk mail whilst connected to the internet, it registers a 'hit' on the web server it came from and so the sender knows that somebody received it.

Although it is sometimes tempting, never reply to junk email - even in anger, as this confirms that your email address is live!

Never click a 'remove me' link as, although you might get removed from that particular mailing list, (if you are lucky) again this confirms that your email address is live and you will definitely get added to thousands of others.

If everybody in the world with an email address just totally ignored junk mail, deleting it without opening it, nobody would waste their time sending it.

Arts Day at the Market House

Further to the publicity sent out over the past four months, Ross-in-Bloom and the Chamber of Commerce would like to remind everybody about the Arts Day they will be holding this Bank Holiday Weekend.

Following the success of the event in May, Arts Day on Sunday 28th August, will start at 10 am and continue until 4 pm at the Market Place in Ross. Once again there will be stalls and entertainment throughout. Many of the stalls booked for the May event will be setting up again, with some added extras.

There is still room for both charities and individuals to book a space at £5 a pitch. These can be arranged by telephoning 01989 563056 before 8.30 pm or calling in at Halcyon Daze or the Heritage Centre.

Traders are being encouraged to open for the day and to put out a table at no charge. However, those who are unable to do so due to lack of pavement space can set up a pitch by arrangement.

Later this year the Chamber of Commerce are joining forces with Ross-in-Bloom to have a Sunday open day throughout the town. It is hoped to make this a full afternoon with stalls and festive entertainment on Sunday, 27th November.

Following the very successful Ross-in-Bloom Fun Living History Day, it is hoped to get stall holders and traders, as well as shoppers, to dress up for the day in Festive costume. Further details can be obtained from the Heritage Centre. It is hoped that the event will run from 1 pm to 6 pm with events taking place at the Market House and about town.

Market House Arts Day held last May. DSC_3015


From a satisfied visitor to Ross

Dear Alan,

I can confirm (as an official Tourist!) that Ross is a lovely, friendly Town. We stopped on Carnival day for an early stop/break and were very impressed.

When we arrived we popped into Morrisonís for fuel and onto the car park next to the swimming pool. Although Morrisonís offered a two hour parking time we felt we might go over this limit. We walked up the hill to the market square and spotted excellent Butchers opposite a kitchen shop! All the meat was identified to local farms; I walked out after spending £20 on a beef roast joint and sausages for our dinner the next day. We can confirm that this was some of the tastiest meat cooked. (Apologies to vegans) We ventured into the church and spent some time looking around. Finally found the Wetherspoons (Post Office) and had some breakfast, walked some more before returning to the car. The street maps dotted around were really useful, as was the low traffic. Due to not knowing how long it would take to arrive at St Davidís we ventured on before the Carnival started. On our return we stopped at Hereford but this just confirmed that we should return to this undiscovered area for a holiday. Hope that your photography went well will visit the site further to keep in touch.

Take care and keep up the good work.


Thank you for that, Paul. Although you missed the actual Carnival Parade, you can see what it was like by looking at last week's edition of Wyenot News. I am pleased you enjoyed your stop in Ross and hope you will visit the area again.

For Sale

Takamine Semi-Acoustic Guitar and tailor made Flight Case.

Bought directly from the factory in Japan, this instrument is not available in Europe.

Collect from: Ross-on-Wye Town.

Bargain at £150.00

Postage and packing extra, if required.

Telephone: 01989 769293

Important: [Please read these terms and conditions before downloading any photograph]

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