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Issue No. 69 [Back Issues]
8th November 2005

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Topical Photography


Above: A quiz in aid of Children in Need took place at the Larruperz Centre on Sunday, 6th November. Pictured before the start are: Mike Davies, Jill Davies, Jane Johnston, Ian Poole, June Pearce, Brian Marshall, Hannah Poole, Grace Poole, Emma Davies, Bev Hall, Holly Glover, Kevin Sale and Sharon Heaven.

Below: Children at St. Joseph's Primary School, Ross filled shoe boxes at home with presents and wrapped them to send to various children. 105 parcels were collected by organizers from the charity, Samaritan's Purse, for distribution to needy children around the world.

Bottom: Although I feel for him after hearing his story, having only heard the one side, I have deliberately obscured the names mentioned on the placard of Mr. David Hobbs of Devon, during his one man protest in Ross-on-Wye last Wednesday.



Viewer Figures for October 2005

As expected, holiday planning visitors to are easing off a little for the winter period but surprisingly, the 'Accommodation' page was still the second most visited page on the site during October, so the web site is still pulling tourists into the area, even at this late stage in the season.

Both unique visitors to the site and pages viewed during the month of October more than doubled over figures for the same period last year, with page views showing an increase of 245%.

Annual renewals by those who so far support the web site with advertising pages remain at 100%. This proves to me that the advertising must be working for them.

The main visitor figures for between 1st and 31st October 2005:

October average daily page views: 2,266.
October maximum daily page views: 3,992.

Hits: 408,242.
Unique human visitors: 20,604.
Number of pages viewed by above visitors: 70,259.
Data downloaded (bandwidth used): 6,299,929 Kbytes. (6.29 GBytes)

The top ten most visited pages on over the same period, highest to lowest were:

Home Page
Site Map
Photographic Street Map
The Saracen's Head Advertising Page

What's On?

October Unique Visitor figures for the web site over the past five years:

October 2001: 177
October 2002: 1,036
October 2003: 3,367
October 2004: 9,824
October 2005: 20,604

The Hits and Page View figures for the month of October over the same period are many times higher.

The main visitor statistics for 2005 from 1st January to 31st October are as follows:

Hits: 3,820,610
Unique human visitors: 175,890
Number of pages viewed by above visitors: 637,301
Data downloaded (bandwidth used): 50,998,755 Kbytes. (50.9 GBytes)

Thank you for your visit and I hope you were able to find what you were looking for!

Herefordshire v West Midlands Bowls

On Saturday evening, the very nice people of the West Midlands Short Mat Bowls Association told Wyenot News that they were playing Herefordshire in the Inter County Game and specially asked me to come along and photograph the team for the weekly news. As they were playing Herefordshire, our home county, I thought it only polite to photograph the Herefordshire team as well.

The final score was West Midlands 23 points (203 shots) Herefordshire 13 points (157 shots). Well done West Midlands!

Ref: DSC_2126

Ref: DSC_2130

Letter from America?

Following a note about genealogy enquiries I recently placed on the 'Contact' page of and Wyenot News, I received the following letter, which I found extremely amusing. ('Quite' amusing, if you do happen to be an American reader.)

Thank you, Steve. The 'Rattled My Bones' bit (plus your I.P. address) gave you away!
Note to readers: 'Rattled My Bones' was a song I once wrote about Americanisms.


my name is gareth evans davies, and I live in Milwaukee, Tennessee,

I just wondered if you could trace my great great great grandad for me; as you say, the winter months do seem to be the genealogy season.

My research so far leads me to a man of that name "doing the washing up at symonds yat" - or it may be that he was just "washed ashore having been chucked overboard from Simons' Yacht" - it was never clear, and the people at the home have trouble with the Lithuanian accent anyway, not to mention the Lithuanians themselves, but that's another story.

He married a local girl , or "colleen" as I believe you call them there in Scotland, whose name was Anne Throppy (miss), and he begat two sons, one daughter, and a sheep.

The daughter was a bit of a loose woman, which was odd as she often came home tight, and the sons were a solitary pair, and were reluctant to mix with the local lasses, preferring instead to roam the pastures, armed with oversize wellington boots and bridles, where they gradually went woolly headed, and somewhat short sighted. "poor wee lambs". the locals would say, though I was never quite sure to whom they were referring.

Eventually the daughter married a local chap, a butcher - well, he was really a carpenter, but his work left a bit to be desired - in fact, quite a lot of bits.

After that there came the great war - well, it wasn't THAT good - and they emigrated to London, and thence to America by way of asia - they had a very poor sense of direction.

After that some of the children showed strange generic defects, and it all gets a bit woolly from then on, so if you can help, I would be most grateful.

Speaking as an american, (if it doesn't rattle your bones,) I am very impressed by your site, and next time I am in france I will come and visit, so

auf wiedershine'

Readers' Photographs

Thank you to regular Wyenot News reader, Julie Andrews for sending in this photograph taken at her local bonfire night in the village of St. Weonard's, Herefordshire.

Important: [Please read these terms and conditions before downloading any photograph]

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