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Issue No. 85 [Back Issues]
28th February 2006

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Video Experiment Week Two

Thank you very much to all who took part in last week's video playback test. I received literally hundreds of reply emails and only one person who replied clicked the 'unable to view' option. I guess that means that the experiment was a resounding success!

This week, I would like to try another experiment, to see if the video plays if embedded within the web site page. I like photography but, although I have video cameras, I am not really that keen on filming moving pictures as such, so have rarely done so in the past. This week, after much searching, I have dug out some footage I took on the day Ross Town Centre flooded - December 8th 2000. (This is something of a topical subject at the moment.)

Here is a small clip from that footage, which will open in a separate window. It may take a moment for the video to start, even with broadband. Please bear in mind that I hand held the camera, so it is quite shaky, and that I have drastically reduced video quality to get the file size down to a little over 5Mb in order to reduce bandwidth used whilst still in the testing stage. This is particularly noticeable when looking at the flood water.

If you have time, I would appreciate knowing if the embedded video clip plays OK on other computers. It does work for me in the office. It also works well on my wireless laptop computer, even when situated quite a long way from the router and through two brick walls. It even plays whilst monitoring the office security cameras at the same time.

Please click here if the video clip played ok -

Please click here if you were unable to view the clip.

Topical Photography

Ref: DSC_6721

Above: Wishing Andras Weinhardt a long and happy retirement! Andras started Meader's Hungarian Restaurant in Ross on Shrove Tuesday 1985 and is retiring on Shrove Tuesday 2006. Andras is pictured above at Meader's with Sandra Morgan (left) and Rachael Hopcraft.

Below: Traffic chaos following an accident on the M50 on Friday morning, 24th February. When I first met up with the jam, lorry drivers had resigned themselves to 'chilling out', drinking tea and reading magazines in their cabs. Luckily, I was heading in the other direction and returned two hours later to take the photograph below, from the Greytree bridge..

Ref: DSC_6587

Ref: DSC_6602

Above: Rebox celebrate their Rural anniversary at the Noah's Ark, Tudorville on Friday, 24th February with a 'Green Santa'. The rural collection of blue recycling boxes has been a huge success and a new vehicle is being purchased as well as collections changing from fortnightly to weekly in rural areas.

Below: Valentine's Day Ross Gazette prize-winner, Douglas David is presented with his bouquet of flowers at Like's Florist by Dawn Davies on Thursday, 23rd February.

Ref: DSC_6558

Older People Find a Voice in Herefordshire

Age Concern Herefordshire & Worcestershire is carrying out a study to explore how older people in Herefordshire can raise their concerns and be heard about the services they receive. As well as contacting organization's across the county, three geographical areas are being targeted for an in-depth review: Hereford City, Ross-on-Wye and Orleton and Leintwardine in North Herefordshire.

Magda Praill, Chief Executive Officer of Age Concern Herefordshire & Worcestershire, says 'many older people in Herefordshire are isolated because they live at a distance from towns or they have a disability or English is not their first language. We want to look at ways of giving them the opportunity to speak out. We are particularly keen to hear from older people who do not belong to groups, and who may feel that no-one is there to listen to their views.'

The Project Co-ordinators, Mary Fielding and Judith Ellis, are keen to hear from anyone aged over 50 who is interested in completing a short survey form. They want to know what the barriers are for older people to get involved and what the best ways are for older people to tell service planners what they need.

The Co-ordinators will test their initial findings with the individuals and organizations who have responded and present their final report and recommendations in May. The study is funded by Herefordshire Infrastructure Consortium from Change Up funding for Herefordshire.

Anyone who would like to put their view forward for the study can contact: Older People's Voices c/o Age Concern Herefordshire & Worcestershire, 6 Sansome Street, Worcester WR1 1UH. Tel: 01905-726652.

Tina's Leaving Party

Tina enjoyed her leaving party at the Hope & Anchor very much. Thank you to all those who came along! I was of course, right about her post party state and have to admit to suffering something of a hangover myself the next day, although I was sober enough to get her into bed, albeit fully clothed and kissed as a punt.

Thanks Ben and Zena for the lift home afterwards and for your friendship over the past couple of years. That friendship will long continue and we wish you both every success for the future. We will support you in every way possible!

Tina made many friends during her time at the Hope & Anchor and would like to invite them all, new and old to come and visit her at the White Lion soon.

Below Tina can be seen singing at the party with Andy Margret. Well done, Andy - great performance!

Ref: DSC_6608


Important: [Please read these terms and conditions before downloading any photograph]

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