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Issue No. 85 [Back Issues]
28th February 2006

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Hydrotherapy for your Dog

A new hydrotherapy pool was officially opened at Chase View Veterinary Practice on Saturday, 25th February for pets suffering from ailments such as arthritis. Pictured below, Alphie the Bloodhound, Sam the Border Terrier cross and Charlie the English Springer Spaniel can be seen taking advantage of the new facilities.

The Hydrotherapy Pool is a separate venture from the veterinary practice and it is hoped that other practices will refer dogs to the pool.

Ref: DSC_6630

Ref: DSC_6658

Ref: DSC_6684

Microsoft Help Please?

Please help! Does anybody out there know how to turn off that annoying 'autoplay' screen in Windows XP which pops up whenever you plug something such as a CD, external hard drive, flash card etc. and asks, 'Would you like to play this device in Media Player? Print the pictures etc. etc...

There is a kind of 'expletive deleted off and leave me alone' option but no matter how many times I select it and tell it to remember my choice, it makes no difference as the data on my external devices changes constantly.

I keep all of my photography backed up on external hard drives as a fire and theft precaution and just plug them in when backing up but, whenever I do plug them in, that 'helpful' autoplay window drives me to distraction. I have unsuccessfully hunted high and low for the way to uninstall it. My firewall successfully managed to stop it temporarily, but then I needed to install 'XP Service Pack 2' just to get an update for one programme and that was the end of that temporary reprieve. Big mistake - I have been switching off 'helpful' utilities and unwanted security precautions which interfere with my network ever since!

Please, is there anybody out there who knows how to kill off 'autoplay' permanently - other than with a small thermonuclear device? If there is, would you please email me with the answer before I end up repeatedly banging my head on the wall of the 'Microsoft Ward' at the local lunatic asylum.

Thank you in anticipation.


If anybody from Microsoft does happen to read this. Please would you try to make a less 'helpful' version of your operating system for UK users in future. Most British people are able to make their own decisions!

Stunning spectacular new production at the Blake Theatre, Monmouth

The critically acclaimed X-entricity Theatre are coming to the Blake Theatre on the 3rd and 4th of March to perform what can only be described as a phenomenal production of Frank Wildhorn and Leslie Bricusse's 'Jekyll and Hyde the Musical'.

X-entricity has been in existence for five years and has lead the way in musical theatre in Herefordshire. Following the Ross-on-Wye run of Jekyll and Hyde, in January this year it was said, "Everyone wondered if it was possible to match last year's superb production of Les Miserables by X-entricity. The answer is an emphatic YES! Jekyll and Hyde is now leaving people wondering if it's possible for X-entricity to get any better!'

Set in Victorian London, Dr Henry Jekyll, a well-respected and brilliant practitioner is searching for a chemical that can separate good and evil in people's lives - hence ridding the world of evil and curing mental illness. This driving passion has been fuelled following the death of his father. Finding opposition at every turn and unable to find a willing volunteer to try his formula out on, Jekyll realizes he must make himself the subject of the experiment. The results are catastrophic, tragic and heartbreaking. Journey back with us to 1888 if you will and witness the consequences. And as for Mr Hyde - well he's just around the corner and waiting . . .

'Jekyll and Hyde the musical' is theatre at its best - high drama, spectacular colourful scenes, intense characters; a gripping story line and the music is hauntingly emotive.

The cast are extremely talented and drawn from 4 counties. X-entricity exists to provide an outlet for particularly gifted young performers up to the age of 25 and they have a tremendous reputation for excellence. They boast a powerfully strong chorus. Niki Chesham and EJ Martin share the tragic role of Lucy, who falls in love with Dr Jekyll yet becomes entrapped with the evil Mr Hyde. Daisy Campey and Jennifer Allen share the role of Jekyll's fiancé Emma. However the title role of Jekyll and Hyde is played with astonishing skill. Gareth Wigg is superb in the part shifting from one character to the next without any need of make up or special affect. It is quite something to witness.

This production cannot be missed. X-entricity is a company who have to be seen to be believed. Tickets cost £8:00 and £6:00 and are now on sale at the Blake Theatre box office on 01600 719401 - email: For further information on the production itself please contact the show's artistic director - Jo Roach on 01531 822788. email:


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