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Issue No. 87 [Back Issues]
15th March 2006

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The other day I made a bit of a blunder. For the sake of comfort and feeling the need for some time in the living room rather than the office, I decided to install 'Outlook' on my wireless laptop computer so that I could download and read my email whilst vegging in front of the television. I therefore relocated my huge email file to the network hard drive and went ahead. Unfortunately, whilst setting up the programme on the laptop, given a choice of two email files (the Outlook default or the large one of my own) to overwrite, in a moment of stupidity, I chose the wrong file and overwrote six years' worth of emails with just the one 'Welcome to Outlook Express' email.

I do have a back-up of my old emails but unfortunately, you know how it is - I made it over a year ago and . . .

I must apologize to those who sent in email news items this week. I have tried to remember those people I could and asked for repeat copy but there are some I cannot remember.

I find reading and sorting my email extremely time consuming. Including the spam, no kidding - I currently receive 3,000 emails per day of which only about twenty or thirty are the real thing. Having a popular domain name can be a real pain in the rectal orifice at times as it attracts thousands of imbeciles who keep insisting that I need Viagra - they don't know me! As a result, I am always weeks behind with my replies to the genuine senders of mail and often, the genuine gets lost amongst the junk. If I have not replied to your mail, please send again if it was important.

I know I made a stupid mistake by overwriting the wrong file but the spam is a serious problem to me as well and I do miss lots of genuine mail as a result of attempting to kill off the junk. I have an email contact page on this web site here but that is not infallible, so if you email me and I do not respond, please telephone to make sure I actually received it.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused by these email problems.

Note: The web site, including Wyenot News are seriously backed up at several sources, very regularly and the main web server is located securely in a building in London's Docklands, so the site itself is almost certainly safe barring nuclear attack. Hopefully, the worst that can happen is it could go down for 24 hours or so whilst I have to upload it all again, as I had to do on one fine, sunny day back in 2003. A hard disc broke and in those pre local broadband days, once it was fixed, I had to re-upload the whole web site again, using FTP over a 56k telephone line. It took over twelve hours! 'That's a blasted nuisance,' I said!

Disabled Parking Spaces in Ross-on-Wye

Mrs. King and Amy by the 'removed' Disabled Parking sign in Broad Street.

Local mother, Mrs. King wrote to Wyenot News recently because she had tried to take her disabled daughter Amy, who amongst other disabilities suffers badly with her knees, shopping on Thursday, 9th March only to find all of the disabled parking bays full of vans. After asking one person if he could possibly move for her, she was told to go away - or words to that effect.

Mrs King told us, 'The bay at the top of Broad Street, next to Ross Books was being used by a van and a car with no disability badge. I asked a traffic warden if he could either get them to move or ticket them, but apparently there was nothing he could do as, a) the 'disabled' signs have been removed and, b) the new Traffic Order for Ross still has not been sorted out.'

Mrs. King rang the council to find out what on earth is going on and got put through to a very sympathetic lady who told her that this 'Traffic Order' should have been effective from November 14 last year but that it still hasn't been sorted out. Mrs. King was advised to speak to a gentleman called Andrew Lee Jones at the council. On speaking to Andrew Lee Jones, Mrs. King was told that the situation is nothing to do with the council - that vandals keep removing the disabled parking sign at the top of Broad Street.'

Mrs. King said, 'It seems to me there are two issues here. Firstly, why hasn't the council got it's act together yet over this new Traffic Act and secondly, why does someone keep removing the sign? Either way it is affecting people who need a bit of extra help in life just to do ordinary, everyday things such as shopping.

There does seem to be an urban myth regarding disabled parking (and motability cars, for that matter) and I would like to put that right via the local media. Disabled badges are only given out to people in receipt of benefits for disabled people. To get these benefits you need the support of your GP and other healthcare professionals to sign your application. Benefit is given for two reasons and in several tiers, depending upon your disability and how it affects you. To get a badge you need to get benefit for severe problems with mobility - this might mean having limb problems, breathing problems, heart problems etc.

Motability cars (which seem to provoke amazing degrees of jealousy for some reason) are in essence a contract or lease car. They are not free, or given to disabled people by the Government. People use the mobility part of their benefit to pay for a lease car. That's it. Nobody gripes if someone on jobseekers allowance uses their allowance to buy a car, so why people get so worked up about Motability cars I just don't know.

The driver of one car parked in a disabled bay yesterday told me that there "wasn't any parking for you lazy b******* in Ross any more. You'll have to walk like the rest of us."

That's the point really, isn't it? People with disabled badges can't "walk like the rest of us" and that's why society needs to give them a bit of a helping hand. Is it really too much to ask that someone who finds walking painful or makes them breathless or gives them an angina attack can actually park a bit closer to the shops? Thanks to the van and car drivers parked in the disabled bays Amy was in agony with her knees and had to go home without finishing her shopping - all she wanted was to buy a new pair of jeans.'

They have some wonderful signs in France next to disabled parking bays. They say (in French, obviously!) "If you want my space, then you can have my disability as well".'

Ross Labels donate rugby strip to Bridstow School

Through the generosity of Ross Labels at Overross, the rugby team at Bridstow Primary School have recently been the recipients of new shirts. Luke Conod of Ross Labels attended Bridstow Primary School on Thursday, 9th March to make a presentation of the dynamic new shirts to Paul Socket, Head Teacher of this very sporting local primary school.

Despite Bridstow School only having been constructed within the last ten years, the strong pupil numbers and expanding range of facilities at the school have necessitated an extension which is currently taking place at a rapid pace.

A range of fund-raising activities is planned over the coming weeks and if any former pupils, associates or friends of the school would like to make a donation to the building fund/buy a brick campaign, then their names will be recorded for posterity having contributed to their former alma mater. Any such donation may be made via Yvette Naylor, School Secretary, at Bridstow CE Primary School. Tel: 01989 562623.

In the photograph below, Luke Conod of Ross Labels can be seen presenting one of the rugby shirts to Paul Socket, Head Teacher at Bridstow Primary School during Assembly on Thursday, 9th March.

Ref: DSC_6992

Topical Photography - More World Book Day Events

Three of the schools in Ross-on-Wye held their World Book Day event on Friday of this week, 10th March so did not make itno last weeks edition. These were Ross Pre-school Playgroup, Brampton Abbots Primary and Bridstow Primary. In all three schools, children dressed as their favourite characters from books.

Ross Pre-school Playgroup. Ref: DSC_6997

Brampton Abbotts Primary school. Ref: DSC_7009

Bridstow primary School. Ref: DSC_7088

Important: [Please read these terms and conditions before downloading any photograph]

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