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Issue No. 88 [Back Issues]
22nd March 2006

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Size Matters at the Ross Gazette

Over the years many people have asked the question as to why the 'Ross Gazette' has remained in its broadsheet format rather than move with the times to a more easily manageable page size. That question is about to be answered with a new, smaller, more reader friendly size from the edition of 6th April.

Many traditionalists may well mourn the passing of the traditional broadsheet but the new 'Ross Gazette' will still contain all of your news and information and advertisers will be able to submit adverts of a standard size, in line with other papers.

The 'Ross Gazette' will still welcome your news stories, sports reports, local events and letters, are happy to a send photographer along for your photo opportunities and will continue to welcome suggestions for issues to investigate. In fact, the general content will remain unchanged. The paper will be easier to read. That's it!

Wyenot News would like to wish the 'Ross Gazette' well in this endeavour to give readers what they have asked for and hope that readers will continue to support their traditional Ross-on-Wye newspaper, which has been produced every week without fail since January, 2nd 1867.

Pictured below, staff at the 'Ross Gazette' show last week's issue of the traditional newspaper, along with a copy from the World War II years and a 'Ross Recorder', another of the Gazette's publications, which uses the same page size as the new look publication. Left to right they are Sue Johnson, Barbara Dix, Jo Scrivin, Chris Robertson - Editor and Sue Kirby. Pauline is unfortunately conspicuous by her absence but she was out of the office when I took the photograph. I will take another photo which includes Pauline on the 6th April.

Ref: DSC_7469

A Year at the White Lion

Happy Anniversary to Dave and Jacqui Newman of the White Lion at Wilton, who celebrated the end of their first year at this lovely riverside pub on Tuesday, 21st March. The congenial hosts, along with Jacqui's daughter Rhianne have made many friends during this time and have not only increased their local trade who regularly enjoy the range of beautifully kept real ales on offer, they also have regular visitors from outside of Ross who enjoy staying at the homely inn, looking forward to a great home-cooked breakfast.

Accommodation is being booked up fairly rapidly this season and Dave and Jacqui are looking forward to welcoming visitors to their beer and cider festival, to celebrate the summer solstice on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th June, where there will be live performances by folk and blues musicians.

Dave has also been instrumental in bringing the local otters to the attention of the public and many people visit the White Lion hoping to catch a glimpse of these beautiful creatures playing on the rocks outside of the beer garden.

Jacqui and Dave would like to thank their regular customers for their support during their first year in Ross-on-Wye and along with their team of friendly staff look forward to many more happy years at the White Lion.

Dave and Jacqui at the White Lion, Wilton. Ref: DSC_7480

Spring Cleaning for St. Joseph's

St. Joseph`s Roman Catholic Primary School in Ross organized a spring-clean with a difference this week when they managed to fill hundreds of bin-liners with second hand clothes and textiles. The donated goods will not only be recycled for people living in poverty in Eastern Europe and Asia but will earn 25 pence per kilo for school fund-raising.

The scheme, which has become popular with schools and nurseries across the country is run by East Midlands based charity "Bag2school". Schools can take part by requesting to be included in the scheme. Bags and leaflets explaining how the collection works are delivered a month before the collection date and everybody has a month to get busy clearing out and collecting. Pupils, parents and staff at St Joseph's collected three hundred and fifty bags. Out of those, over two hundred were collected single-handedly by Treena Wilcox and Pam Wheeler, a mother daughter, with son/grandson Dewi at the school. They live in the Forest of Dean and from Christmas onwards, they collected goods for recycling throughout their local community and through the church.

'Everyone has been really busy clearing out since Christmas and the 'Bag2school' scheme has been a really good incentive to Spring clean' said the school's Head, Maria Bord 'We were quite relieved to see the lorry arrive and take them away this week as the pile of bags has been growing by the day!'

Ref: DSC_7199

Have Your Say at the Lea

A community consultation took place in a marquee at Lea Primary School on Tuesday, 14th March where the those served by the school were able to have their say about the services they would like to see available in the Lea.

Whilst the adults discussed village matters, children were able to enjoy stories, songs, face painting and many other activities.

Pictured below at the event are Sarah Heeran, Ema McCloud, Iris Price, Joyce Thomas MBE DL, Stuart Simpkins, Steph Bayley of Greencroft Children's Centre, Hereford, Bethany and Nicky Rawlings, Sophie Simpkins, Connie Mcload, Annabel Heenan, Moana and Carol Graham.

Ref: DSC_7155

Reserve Your Stall at one of the Ross-in-Bloom Craft and Charity Markets

Ross-in-Bloom, supported by Ross Chamber of Commerce are holding Craft and Charity Markets again this year. Following the success of those held last year, use of the Market Place has again been organized for the spring and summer bank holidays. Markets will be held on Monday, 17th April, Monday 27th May and Sunday, 27th August.

Arts and Crafts people, together with Charities can reserve pitch space at any one or at all of these events. The charge is set at 5 per pitch as usual. However, for those who wish to pre-book and reserve space at several events there will be a scaled fee. For one event, 5; for two events, 8; for all three, 11. The fees must be prepaid with a completed booking form and there are regrettably no refunds for non-attendance.

No volunteers came forward to take over the work of Mary Powell for the entry into the Heart of England in Bloom this year. Therefore Ross-in-Bloom will not be entering the competition. This means there will probably be no charity market in July as this was always held to coincide with the event. On Monday 1st May there will be a special market for Charities Only. Herefordshire Guild of Craftsmen will be exhibiting and selling their wares in the Heritage Centre that week, so it will be unfair to have crafts people downstairs at the same time. Charities who wish to take part in this event will need to complete a booking form and return it with their fee. A single booking will cost 5 but charities can save if they wish to attend any of the above events as well. For anybody pre-booking for all four, the fee will be 15. Booking forms are available from Ross Heritage Centre or Halcyon Daze. Enquiries can also be made on 01989 563056 before 8 pm

Ross-in-Bloom look forward to seeing all their usual stall holders plus new ones. In the past these have proved to be very successful for all taking part and we look forward to seeing old and new faces at every event - especially those who come along to buy their gifts at bargain prices.


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