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Issue No. 88 [Back Issues]
22nd March 2006

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A Snapshot of Herefordshire's Heritage

Museums across the County are teaming up to put on a joint exhibition to mark Museums and Galleries Month. The exhibition 'Making Connections' is bringing together Herefordshire Council's Heritage Services, English Heritage, the National Trust and independent museums run entirely by volunteers. The exhibition runs from Friday, 17th March to Tuesday, 18th April at the Market House Heritage Centre, Ross-on-Wye.

'Making Connections' has been organized by the Herefordshire Museums Forum, which is an independent group which enables museums to share information, resources and experiences. Each partaking museum has its own panel of images, information and history and will give visitors an insight into the County's fascinating and varied heritage, from the Bronze Age to the Second World War and beyond.

'Making Connections' will give visitors a vivid and comprehensive snapshot of the County's heritage and allow them to explore the many individual and dedicated heritage sites that Herefordshire has to offer," said Virginia Mayes-Wright, Herefordshire's Museum Development Officer and exhibition co-ordinator. 'Each museum will be represented at the exhibition. It's a great way to allow people to see the breadth and variety of collections that exist in the County and highlight all the different museums and heritage centres we have on our doorstep,' she added.

Pictured below are various museum curators at the launch of the exhibition on Friday, 17th March. Left to right are Bob Bradbury, Rosemary Rigby, Enid Bradbury, Ken Reeves, Virginia Mayes-Write - Museum Development Officer, Mary Powell and Brian Holley.

Ref: DSC_7275

Virginia Mayes-Write - Museum Development Officer. Ref: DSC_7284

Brian Holley of Weobley Museum. Ref: DSC_7279

Bob and Enid Bradbury of Butcher Row Museum, Ledbury. Ref: DSC_7293

Ken Reeves of Kington Museum. Ref: DSC_7296

Rosemary Rigby of the Violette Szabo Museum, Wormelow. Ref: DSC_7301

Everyday Vocabulary

Maybe it is because I don't get out much - or at least that I do not watch television much but on Saturday evening last, I watched a film. I think it was called 'Twenty Eight Days Later', though I would not swear to it. Anyway, it is the 'swearing' in the film that is the point of my article. I realize that most 'swear' words are no longer taboo on television these days but I was amazed that the 'c' word was used at least a dozen times in this particular film.

Like anybody else, I don't exactly say, 'bother!' if I accidentally hit my thumb with a hammer and my dog has acquired the nickname, 'FALSH', which is an acronym made up of several words I once called him when he wouldn't stop barking. (The 'L' is for 'little') Most once-upon-a-time 'taboo' words have found their way into everyday television vocabulary and I accept this. I must admit though that use of the 'c' word still shocks me when used by the media!

My personal opinion is that, of all the words in the English language the 'c' word should remain absolutely taboo! This is not because I am a prude over it's true definition. I don't think I have ever used it in that sense, though I have been know to refer to my dad's sister as an 'aunt'. It is just that once all of the strong expletives have become part of our everyday language, they will become ineffective as a true expression of one's feelings. What word is there going to be left to adequately describe that white van driver who has just mounted the pavement and hit your elbow with his wing mirror as you were walking along the narrow part of High Street?

Rugby - Ross Continue Winning

On a bitterly cold day in Hereford, Ross ground out another away win against a Greyhound side that had been unbeaten in 2006. With a bitter wind blowing across the racecourse, it was always going to be a day where the side who made the least mistakes would prosper.

With home advantage and an unbeaten record in 2006, Greyhound started strongest, using their big forwards to drive hard into the Ross defence. If it wasn't for the strong tackling from Tara Barnett, TC Leach and Tim Hanks, Greyhound could have easily been a couple of scores up after fifteen minutes. However as they have all season, the Ross defence held firm and slowly began to get themselves into the game.

With twenty minutes gone the game was still scoreless and with Kevin Healy and Matt Redman starting to drive hard into the Greyhound defence, Ross began to get into the game. With a strong wind at their backs Chris Gage started to push Ross forward with some huge kicks and Tony Clements and Tim Hanks got their lineout working. Now camped in the Greyhound half the pressure finally provided dividends as Greyhound strayed offside in their twenty two, Chris Gage converted and giving Ross a 3-0 lead.

Ross were now playing with more confidence. Halfbacks Simon Gwynne and Gareth Holdsworth started to get their back line moving with Adam Clements starting to look dangerous every time he got the ball. With thirty minutes gone Ross increased their lead further. After some good work up front from Dave Mince and Tara Barnett, the ball was moved wide quickly. Hugh Bellamy and Wayne Bishop combined well to get through the Greyhound defence and set up a ruck five metres out. With the Greyhound defence at sixes and sevens, Gavin Oates gathered the ball from the back of the ruck and with Matt Redman in close attendance, crashed over to score. Chris Gage converted, giving an half time score of Ross 10 Greyhound 0.

With the strong wind now with Greyhound, the question was, was a 10-0 lead sufficient? Greyhound quickly looked to use the wind advantage by putting boot to ball, however Ross were now controlling possession well. Driving quickly from the base of the ruck, scrum half Simon Gwynne was controlling his forwards well and as an eight, the whole forward pack took their turn to pick and drive. This was energy sapping for the Greyhound forwards. When they did get the ball, they did not look as dynamic as they had in the first half. First winger Wayne Bishop nearly broke through then Alistair Rees, after some good distribution from Hugh Bellamy.

With Dan Weston and Baz Parker counterattacking from poor kicking from the Greyhound outside half, it now looked as if Ross would add to their lead. From some quick ruck ball, Simon Gwynne moved the ball quickly to the right. Quick hands from Adam Clements and Hugh Bellamy set Jack Ancram free. He outpaced his winger chipping the ball on, however the Greyhound fullback retrieved the ball and kicked it safe.

Greyhound launched one last assault with time running out and in the final moments of the game scored, giving a final score of 10-7.

Ross's next fixture is a league match against Gloucester All Blues on Saturday 25th March.

Paul Haley


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