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Issue No. 94 - 3rd May 2006
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Grammar School Reunion

Ten years after the last 'Class of '67' reunion, former pupils of Ross Grammar School, Cheryl Compton and Frances Gill organized another get-together for old boys and girls, who are now aged fifty. The event took place on Saturday evening, 29th April in the bar of the Larruperz Centre, which was at one time the school's hall and science block.

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Interesting Local Places - Broome Farm

Having visited Broome Farm several times over the past few weeks and found it a very interesting and friendly place, I thought it might be nice to show some of the photos I took whilst there.

Several events take place every year at the farm, such as a Wassail on 12th Night and a festival during the summer but Broome Farm is certainly worth a visit at any time of year. Had I been a cider drinker, which unfortunately I am not, I could have tasted some of the home produced Ross-on-Wye ciders and perries available whilst visiting the Cider Barn. I stuck to operating the camera though and left the cider tasting to Tina.

Pictured below are some of the Alpacas which roam the farm as well as some views inside the Cider Barn.

If you would like to visit Broome Farm, it is just a short distance along the A49, which runs from Ross-on-Wye to Hereford, on the right, at Peterstow.

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Really appreciate your experiments and move into the movies. Problem is there is only one of you (sorry two, Tina) and you are trying to do a hell of a lot. For us expats we love the local news, don't spread yourself too thin.


PS No snow, we had a better winter than you and already playing golf in shorts!!! Warmest winter on record in our part of Canada

Thank you for your views, Pete. Regarding the 'spreading myself too thin', I guess you are noting the lack of much in the way of news last week. That was not really a case of spreading too thin but more a case of nothing happening in town to report. (Or, at least, nothing that I was aware of.) It is a bit like that this week also - today is Bank Holiday Monday and there is absolutely nothing going on that I am aware of.

I am pleased to hear about your weather there in Canada, assuming warm is what you want. I wore shorts here over the Easter Holiday actually but that was more a case of I couldn't find any clean jeans to wear.

Who is Tina? Well at least, that is the way it seems just lately. She is working at the White Lion all the hours God sends during the busy period and I am hoping she will send me a photo soon so that I can remember what she looks like.

To be fair, we have met up in the local café a couple of times over the past week before going shopping and a few hours each night in bed but that is about the sum of our seeing one another lately. Tina reads Wyenot News the same way everybody else does lately, I'm afraid - on the web. I miss her help as I have to confess that publishing the news is feeling more and more like a thankless chore of late! Thank Heavens for people like yourself, who do appreciate the time and effort that goes into it! To most local folk, it is just another one of those things that is always there, as if by magic.

I also miss Tina's presence because, like my father before me, I am something of an eccentric type with no dress sense and she's the one who advises me against attending events such as the Mayor's Ball in shorts, odd socks, sandals and a woolly hat.


Can you help me? I am trying to locate a lady who i understand teaches Buddhism and lives in or around Ross on Wye,

Philippe Boucheron

Rugby - Ross' Cup Hopes Dashed - Lydney XV 18 Ross RFC 0

With a successful unbeaten league season behind them Ross were confident that they could add the Forest Cup to their achievements for the first time, however a strong a well drilled Lydney outfit did just enough to shut Ross out and take the cup after an elongated game. The air ambulance was called as Ross winger Dan Weston sustained a neck injury with the game 52 minutes old.

Lydney secured the kick off and immediately the Lydney outside half drilled the ball deep into the Ross twenty two, giving Ross the throw in 15 metres from their own line. Tim Hanks secured Ross's first line out and Chris Gage cleared into the wind up towards Ross' 10 metre line. Again Lydney secured their ball, with their 10 drilling the ball deep into Ross territory. This was to prove a feature of the half as Ross found it difficult to break out of their own half. From the Ross throw in Lydney disrupted Ross possession and were subsequently penalized for not rolling away in the tackle. Lydney converted giving them a 3-0 lead. The restart mirrored the start of the game. Andy Hunt kicked off, Gavin Oates and Kevan Healy attacked the catcher but Lydney got the ball away to their 10, who again drilled the ball deep into the Ross twenty two. Lydney again disrupted the Ross line out and has a result, forced a Lydney throw only 5 yards out. Lydney secured the ball, setting up a catch and drive. Ross tried desperately to defend their line but Lydney crashed over to score, giving them an 8-0 lead after 12 minutes. Ross worked hard for the rest of the half to gain some possession and territory. After some good work from Tony Clements and Tara Barnett, Simon Gwynne moved the ball up the short side to Wayne Bishop. He cut outside his winger, feeding Flos Morgan, who cut inside the last line of defence. Unfortunately his offload to Tim Hanks went to ground and one of the few try scoring chances went begging. Ross' attack may not half been top notch but their defence was. Time and again, Lydney had quality ball in the Ross twenty two but on each occasion they were scythed down by Ross defenders, with Mike Davies, Andy Hunt and Adam Clements putting in some crunching hits. This stout defending ensured Lydney did not add to their score and at half time Ross turned around 8-0 down.

The second half however was a different story. The Ross players immediately responded to the half time team talk. Gavin Oates secured the kick off, making some hard yards. With quick ball to Dave Mince then Kevan Healy, Ross found themselves deep in Lydney territory. This enabled the Ross back line to find their feet. First Andy Hunt cut inside his man then Adam Clements cut outside his marker. Ross were now looking dangerous playing their typical high tempo game. It seemed a try was imminent, however it seems rugby can be a cruel game. Tim Hanks took a Ross line out, Dave Mince ran hard into the Lydney defence, quick ball set up an overlap, however Andy Hunt's miss pass was intercepted by the Lydney centre, who ran the 65 metres unchallenged to score. What looked like a Ross score and 8-7 was now 15-0 to Lydney. Ross refused to lie down and were immediately back in the Lydney half. The Ross pack were now hitting rucks hard and creating quick ball. After some good work from Tara Barnett, Simon Gwynne moved the ball blind to Hugh Bellamy. He chipped the ball through for his winger, Wayne Bishop but the ball bounced into touch. With the half 12 minutes old, a clash between Chris Gage and Dan Weston, who had been chasing back from a Lydney kick led to a lengthy injury break as the collision left Dan Weston unconscious on the floor. Although he did come round, Dan was complaining of neck injury and the air ambulance was called. Dan was later released from hospital with the all clear. The break did not seem to have disrupted Ross as they piled on the pressure. Holes were now appearing in Lydneys defence. First Kevan Healy broke clear from the base of a ruck, then Dave Mince repeated the feat minutes later. However, the score did not come. Ross rang the changes, looking for that spark with Matt Redman, Ali Rees,Wayne Williams and Nick Rawlings entering the fray. With the subs hungry for work, Ross continued to look like scoring. First Chris Gage went close wide out on the left, then Adam Clements burst through a gap in the midfield but his pass went to ground. With the clock ticking down Lydney converted a penalty from one of their rare forays into the Ross half, giving a final score of 18-0.

After a successful season Ross were confident of securing victory. However, after a subdued first half they had left themselves too much to do.

Ross would like to thanks players, officials and supporters for a great season and look forward to a repeat performance in 2006/7.
Paul Haley

The Wyenot News Office

In a shed, in a garden lived a hermit. Not a horrible dirty shed, full of half empty paint cans, worms and the smell of turpentine but a plushly furnished shed, where daylight and darkness can pass unnoticed as the weekly news for Ross-on-Wye is prepared within.

I just thought some readers out there might like to see the luxury headquarters of and Wyenot News. Air conditioned during the winter and super heated during the summer, it is the ideal place to forget that there are people out there in the real world leading quite normal lives.

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