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Issue No. 101 - 28th June 2006
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Cycling Silver Medallist Oli Visits JKHS

Current National Mountain Bike Champion, Olympian and Commonwealth Games Silver Medallist Oli Beckinsale visited John Kyrle High School on Tuesday 20th June. Oli's visit crowned a week of cycling related competitions and gave students at the school a chance to meet an inspirational figure from the cycling world.

Pictured below, Oli can be seen racing champion cyclists from John Kyrle School as well as signing autographs for athletic pupils of the school.



Touring the School Fetes

Pictured below at Lea Primary Fete Katherine Hennesy can be seen holding Chalkie, the 27 year old Tawny Eagle during a demonstration provided by the National Birds of Prey Centre on Saturday, 17th June.

Middle: Bridstow Fete was held on Saturday, 14th June and in the picture Rachael Knight, Jules King, Amy King and Rachel Bushell can be seen working hard on the cake stall. John (or should that be Joan) Price dressed in his outfit usually reserved for Tuesdays to take money from those attending. (Don't fancy yours much, Iris!)

Bottom: Walford Primary School Summer Fayer will be taking place at 1:00 pm on Friday, June 30th. Attractions will include, Beat the Goalie, Tractor Rides, Splat the Rat, Silent Auction, Bouncy Castle, Tombola, Hot dogs, Cakes, School Choir and Folk Dance performance and much more. There will be a Great Balloon Release at 3:30 pm. Below, Joe Guy, Josh Brett, James Reid, Niall Powell, Isobel Taylor, Abi Frankland, Daniel Pearce and Elen Stahl can be seen preparing for the event.





Brampton Abbotts Helping in Uganda

Brampton Abbotts Primary School has begun a new project with their 'link school', the Kisiki College in Uganda. By promising 100 per year Brampton Primary will be able to purchase necessary equipment for the Ugandan school and will be finding out what the school has purchased by setting up a regular correspondence with some of the children.

Members of JKHS visit Uganda every year and will be taking the donation with them, ensuring that the money goes directly to the school and to its pupils.

Pictured below Gareth Hughes from JKHS, Joseph Nabongho, visiting teacher from the Ugandan School and Lynn Potter, Head of Brampton Abbotts can be seen with local pupils, Jordan, Tom, Adam, Ebony Jade and Jade at a special 'Uganda' assembly last Monday.

Joseph Nabongho, Head of Maths at Kisiki College, Namatumba in Uganda has paid a two week visit to John Kyrle High School as part of their links with the school. He spent time in lessons at John Kyrle and visited some of the local primary schools to get a fuller understanding of British education and to share his experiences with the students. Mr Nabongho's message was the importance of maintaining the link with Kisiki College and how valuable it is to them. He said 'It is one way of promoting brotherhood in the world.'


A Treasure Hunt with a Difference

Ross the Hedgehog and his sister Apple are in big trouble. They have fallen foul of the Naughty Fairy who lives on Chase Hill. Ross has disappeared into a cloud of smoke and is drifting over the town. Apples prickles have withered and turned curly. Apple has asked the members of Ross Pre-school Playgroup to help her break the Naughty Fairy's spell.

The playgroup, assisted by the staff at Ross Heritage Centre and members of Ross-in-Bloom will be having some fun with a Treasure Hunt around the town during the summer holidays to help find Ross and restore Apples prickles. They would very much welcome the help of anyone who would like to take part in this mammoth and unusual task.

Participants will be given a list of clues and riddles to solve, leading them to various places around the town. On the way they will meet friends of Apple to help and guide them along the way. There will also be a list of treasure to bring back. All of this and possibly more will be taking place on Sunday 20th August, between 2pm and 5pm. The cost will be minimal at 2 but participants will need to bring along a bit more money in case they need to purchase any of their treasure when they have solved the clues.

This is a preliminary notice of the event and further details with the full story of how Ross and Apple fell foul of the Naughty fairy will be published nearer the time.

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