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Issue No. 105 - 26th July 2006
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A Great Vintage Road Run!

Sixty entries of all types of vintage and classic cars, commercial vehicles and tractors took part on Sunday, 23rd July in the Border Counties Vintage Club 2nd Annual Road Run.

Starting from the Old Court Hotel, Symonds Yat West, the tour took a route through thirty miles of beautiful Herefordshire countryside, stopping midway at How Caple Grange Hotel for coffee and a well deserved break. Fifteen miles in an old tractor is no joke! The vehicles then continued on a circular route back to the Old Court Hotel, where a raffle was held and presentations were made in the hotel and the collection of vehicles were left on display for the afternoon in the Club's original 1975 Rally Field, courtesy of Mr. Bill Gee of Old Court Farm.

Winners of the 1st raffle prize of dinner for two, donated by The Old Court Hotel was won by Brynley and Kirsty Bodinham of Lydney. Winners of the 'Best Presented Club Vehicle' award were Peter and Heather Chester and their 1936 Riley Lynx Tourer. Mike and Yvonne Price took second place with their 1943 GPW Jeep and John Pursley third, with his 1954 Lanz Bulldog Tractor. Judges for the club awards were founder member, Derek Williams and newest junior member, Miss Stacey Williams.

Road Run Organizer and Membership Secretary, Colin Davies told Wyenot News, 'Although the morning started damp and very overcast, the sun came out later and everyone who took part enjoyed the glorious day.'

The club would like to pass on their thanks to Jono and Victoria at the Old Court Hotel and to Tim and family at How Caple Grange Hotel for making them all so welcome. They would also like to thank Edgar and Alice Ryder from Worcester, who entertained at both hotels with their hand turned street organ.

If you would like more details of Border Counties Vintage Club, you are welcome to contact Colin Davies at Colin's Tyrecare on 01989 768301 or on 01989 565461.

Organizers, Colin and Joan Davies of Colin's Tyrecare. DSC_3502

Jo Liddiard of English Bicknor with her Triumph TR3. DSC_3478

Barbara Leeson of St. Weonards with the 1936 Austin Cambridge belonging to she and her husband, Robert. DSC_3485



An Evening of Jazz at the Phoenix Theatre

Friday, 21st of July 2006 will be remembered by those fortunate enough to get seats as a great night of not only jazz but an evening of fabulous entertainment. Jack Baldus gave a virtuoso performance with his keyboards. He was more than ably supported by Josh Ingham on bass guitar and Dave Bevan on drums. All three put on amazing performances backed up with energy, enthusiasm and originality. A spokesman for The Phoenix Theatre told Wyenot News, 'Friday was a fantastic way to start off what we hope will be a showcase for the best local talent. We could not have wished for a better start'.

Those interested in keeping an eye out for the next evening should go to The Phoenix Theatre website or visit the Wyenot News 'What's On?' page.


Good Bye Mr Howard

Children at Lea Primary School said goodbye on Friday to Head Teacher, Colin Howard, who left to move on to another local school. A party was held for the popular head teacher during the afternoon of the last day of term, at which Colin was presented with gifts from pupils and staff members of the school.




Gemma and Wayne Wedding Photographs

On 1st July I was pleased to photograph the wedding of Wayne and Gemma Williams at Weston Under Penyard. Although I have covered a couple of weddings for people in the past, I am not a wedding photographer, neither am I keen to become one as I am not confident in this field and the stress gives me sleepless nights. I was actually there as a guest and photographed the day as a wedding present for the happy couple. They are my friends so I was relaxed about doing so.

I have however had people writing to me since via this web site and asking to see the proofs and asking for an order form. I never print my photos unless it is for a specific reason and I certainly cannot afford to print a second complete set on the basis that it might produce one or two orders. Wayne and Gemma have a full set, which I am sure local people can look at but for distant friends and family the photos can be seen here.

This gallery is not something I had planned on running. I had just not thought that people a long way off might want to order prints, so it is knocked up very quickly with no processing, just to do the job of making subject matter available. You will have to twist your neck to view the portrait photos and they are very compressed to get the data small enough for web viewing. It will however give geographically distant relatives and friends of the couple who wish to order copies a chance to see the subject matter, and prints are high quality.

Click here to view and if you pass reference numbers to either Gemma and Wayne or Glyn and Sue (Wayne's parents), I will print the whole order in one go and come to an arrangement with print costs for a bulk order.

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