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Issue No. 105 - 26th July 2006
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Peterstow Fete

Peterstow Village Fete took place on the Common in the centre of the village on Saturday 22nd July, sun beating down for most of the afternoon other than a brief flurry of rain shortly before the children's races. Live music for the event was provided by the Double Barrelled Band who, by common consensus, gave an outstanding performance. Light relief was provided part way through the afternoon by the surprise arrival of an Elvis Presley double, who with permission performed six or so classic Elvis numbers to thunderous applause.

Monies raised from the Fete are going towards the Peterstow Community Project.

The Double Barrelled Band. DSC_3443

Daniel, James and Helen Williams at the Skittle Alley. DSC_3446

Graham Brown, the recently married Nick Penfold and Pat Brown (chairman of Friends of Peterstow) at the busy Barbecue stall.

Terry and Di Wood and friend on Plants & Produce stall.

24 Hour Table Tennis Marathon for Acorns

A table tennis marathon was held at the White Lion, Wilton from 12 noon on Saturday 22nd until 12 noon on Sunday 23rd July. Several friends of the White Lion's table tennis club joined forces with the group and played a half hour shift each, continuing to take turns throughout the 24 hour session. There were some very weary but happy participants by the end of the marathon, having raised well in excess of £1000 to help Acorns Children's Hospice via sponsorship, a raffle and passing around buckets.


Tourism Money from Europe

A meeting took place at the Butterfly Zoo on Tuesday, 18th July. Those present were Philip Bradbourn OBE MEP for Herefordshire, Councillor John Jarvis member for Kerne Bridge, Lindsay Heyes & Edward Heyes owners of Butterfly Zoo. They met to investigate the possibility of European funding for a scheme to promote tourism in the Wye Valley and in particular in the Symonds Yat, Goodrich and Walford area. An unmanned information point for visitors at the location of the Butterfly Zoo is being proposed.

Philip Bradbourne said 'There are funds available, only until December when the money will be redirected towards Eastern European Member States, but a scheme such as this if linked to other schemes in the area could succeed if they have backing from the Advantage West Midlands.'

Councillor Jarvis said 'We have no time to spare we must gain publicity for this and ask any other local association or tourism group if they have a scheme that needs funding, for example a rationalization of signage.'

Anybody with any ideas please contact John Jarvis on 01600 891133.

Wyenot News Comment.

I have an idea, Councillor. Why not see if they will help fund this web site, which is already up, running and working extremely successfully for the whole of the Ross-on-Wye, Symonds Yat, and Goodrich, Walford and many other areas, bringing in thousands of tourists here every year. It would save me the worry of having to fund the whole thing out of my own pocket. Maybe then, Tina would not have to work a minimum 55 hours per week at the White Lion so that we can afford pay our own bills whilst bringing large amounts of tourism business to everybody else in the area.

Admittedly, If the 100% renewal rate for advertisers continues, by the end of 2006 tax year, I will have taken a little under £3,000 in advertising revenue from and Wyenot News. One very kind estate agent in Ross-on-Wye donated £200 to help as he was so impressed by this web site. He is a very nice man and did not want anything in return, not even a mention - there are not many nice people like that around. Oh, and I have already taken around £10 from selling a couple of photographic prints this year. If you double these figures, you will get some idea of what I have taken over the whole of the past six years. I have never received a single penny from any other source and this small income has paid less than 1% of the total running costs of what is almost certainly the whole region's biggest and most successful tourism resource.

You are very well aware of how successful is at attracting tourism, Councillor. You have an advertisement for your own accommodation establishment on Wyenot!

An unmanned information point for visitors at the location of the Butterfly Zoo is all very well but, surely people will have to be able to find and visit the Butterfly Zoo before they can use it.

Had I known what the meeting was about when I took the photo below, I would have suggested this to the nice Euro MP myself.


Topical Photography

'Performance Penguins' - an end of term production at Lea Primary School.

Leavers from Gorsley Goffs Primary School. They were all in fact very sad to leave the great primary school - remembering my own school days, 'twas I who made them cheer and look happy, for the photo.
Back row: Katy-Rose Cawthorne, Rupert Bodger, Josh Bailey, Charlie Ainge, Nina Scholey, Jack Winfer, Matt Davies, Katie Donalson, Ollie James.
Front row: Jenny Probyn, Adele Mason-Wenn, Luke Williams, Joe Butler, Sam Burford, Tom Reeves.



Nursery Graduation Day at Ashfield Park Primary

Nursery children at Ashfield Park Graduated on Friday, becoming school children. There were two graduation presentations at the school on Friday and I missed the first. Thanks to Des Cooke for supplying a photo from the morning ceremony.


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