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Issue No. 113 - 20th September 2006
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Dr. Hartshorn Retirement 'Thank You'

A special 'Thank You' presentation took place at the Town Council Chambers on Monday, 18th September to mark the retirement of Dr. Clive Hartshorn. The Mayor of Ross-on-Wye, Councillor Phil Cutter presented a cheque for £900.00 to Dr. Hartshorn on behalf of patients at Alton Street Surgery. Dr. Hartshorn had completed over thirty years as a local GP

Local High School teachers, Paul Deneen and Gwynneth Gill had co-ordinated the collection and presentation and they paid tribute to Dr. Hartshorn's professionalism, dedication, commitment and kindness and wished him well for his retirement. They also took the opportunity of thanking everyone who had made a contribution towards the collection and to the Nationwide Building Society staff for their help and assistance.

In the photo, at Monday's cheque presentation are John Greer, Roz Hartshorn, Gwyneth Gill, Phil Cutter, Dr. Clive Hartshorn, Sheila Russell. Celia Glover, Sylvia Greer and Paul Deneen.


Goodrich Primary School on TV

Staff and pupils of Goodrich Primary School were filmed on Tuesday, 12th September by 'Teacher's TV', which is available to view on the Freeview channels and also on-line. The film being made is about healthy school lunches, for which Goodrich Primary is renowned. Pictured below are Teacher's TV Sound engineer, Oliver Rotchell, Cameraman, Chris Polding filming Emily Watson, James Greene, Nichola Burns and Nellie Owens.

Also pictured below are Jessica Brain-Smith, Scott Brooks-Thornett and Rachel Chaimberlain by a new bridge over the school's eco-pond, which was built by parents during the school's summer break.



Poetry at Ross Library

Lovers of lyrics, odes and sonnets met at Ross Library on Thursday, 14th September for an evening with the lively and exciting poet, John Siddeque. John brought insight, humour and emotion to his exploration of different ways of looking at poetry. His infectious love and knowledge of poetry of all kinds helped the large Ross audience to decide what to read next and he also revealed some of his own favourite poems.

'People have generally been taught with the wrong approach to poetry. They believe they are not clever enough to read it,' said John. 'Poets could help broaden poetry's appeal by concentrating on making their work clearer, not clever. I like telling the truth about things.'

In the photo below, John can be seen on Thursday with librarian Anne-Marie Dossett (left) and Brenda Read-Brown who is Herefordshire's Reader and Literature Development Officer.


Resonant Frequency by Ian Pauley

A room, institutional and unforgiving. The walls are painted in two-tone pallid colours. Not the sort of place you would want to visit voluntarily. There is, however, something not quite right as everything is just a little distorted. The room contains a table and two chairs. Into this room are brought three people.

In the first act we meet Mother and hear her story and how she came to be in the ice cream parlour at the end of the pier. She has no idea where she is or why she is there. In the second act we meet Toni Vittorio the Italian owner of the ice cream parlour at the end of the pier. As with Mother, Toni can only guess where he is. In the last act we meet Boffin. Boffin knows exactly where he is and why he is there. He has designed a machine... a special machine.

Questioning the three are a series of Hosts. It goes without saying that each character has a special story to tell. The qualities that underpin this play are the sense of mystery and maintenance of tension, which last right up to the last line of dialogue.

Resonant Frequency will be performed at the Phoenix Theatre nightly from Saturday 30th September to Saturday 7th October inclusive. Tickets cost £6.00 and are available from the Phoenix Theatre Box Office or Ross Heritage Centre. For further info, please call 01989 564570 (10:30 - 12:30) or 01432 260675 (10:30 - 16:30).


The Backney Memorial Story by Nigel Heins

Following the information supplied by Nigel Heins of the Hereford Times, which was published in the 23 August edition of Wyenot News in response to a letter from Phil Wheeldon, I am pleased to say that Nigel has now been able to send a higher resolution copy of his article, which appeared in the Hereford Times on 5th August 2004 about the sad story of Harry St. Hellier Evans, who died whilst saving his son. Phil Wheeldon asked for information on the lone memorial cross at Backney and Nigel's article covers the story in detail.

Thank you to both Nigel Heins and to the Hereford Times for allowing reproduction on Wyenot News and for going to the trouble of sorting out a higher resolution copy. Due to a difference in our computer software, I have still had to print the article and scan again, so reproduction quality here is still not as good as the original sent in but it is now readable.

Ross RFC Seconds or an advertisement for Sheila's Wheels?

When Old Cryptonians turned up at Ross Sports Centre on Saturday afternoon and saw fifteen Rugby Players warming up in bright pink shirts they must have thought someone was having a laugh. However, the new look Ross Rugby Seconds, as pretty as they looked meant business and went on to win 20 points to ten.

Continued . . .


Ross Rugby Club 2nd XV Vs Old Cryptonians - Saturday, 16th September 2006.

The Ross Captain, Slim Sadler gathered the boys together on Saturday and gave them some encouraging words which inspired them to a great performance. The game started slowly, with basic errors on both sides but you could tell from the start Ross forwards were going to dominate. With Paul Phipps and David Cook propping and Andrew Lovering hooking, backed up by Slim and Neil Ward, Paul Haywood and James Windridge flanking with Richard Russell at No 8 they were putting in some awesome scrummages, which allowed the backs to run at the Old Crypts time after time.

The first Try for Ross was a brilliant solo effort. South African Baz Parker picked up in his own 22 and ran the full length of the pitch, riding three tackles on the way to score. The ever-reliable boot of Owen James converted to make it seven nil.

Shortly afterwards, the Ross backs were caught napping and were punished when Old Crypts took a quick penalty using the scissor move and went over the Ross line to score. They missed the conversion. Ross forwards were soon back on the trail however, with some dogged performances from Haywood, Ward and Russell. With a mighty push forward Ross forced the Old Crypts to make mistakes and were awarded a penalty for their efforts. This was successfully converted with a beautifully struck effort from James to make the half time score 10 -5.

The second half was again dominated by Ross but Ross could have scored a lot more freely than they did due to fundamental errors. Against the run of play Old Crypts somehow managed to get over the Ross try line to level the score 10 - 10 but again they missed the conversion. From then on Ross didn't look back, spending a lot of time in the oppositions half. Any chance Old Crypts had of breaking through the Ross defence was broken with some big tackles from Matt Taylor and Marcus Russell.

An injury to Paul Heywood saw the introduction of the awesome Donkey Davies and his presence alone lifted the confidence of the team. It was his breakaway that set Baz Parker up to score in the corner for his second try of the game. With Ross now in full flow, with good driving forwards play and some excellent handling from the Ross Backs, it was no surprise when Ross scored another try. Donkey broke through again to set up Baz Parker, who scored his hat trick, making it 20 points to 10.

Some special mention must be made of Andrew Lovering playing his first game in four years and young Sam Griffiths at scrum half, who unfortunately for Ross is leaving to go to University. All in all it was a great team effort with man of the match going to the South African Baz Parker for his hat trick of tries.

Ross Rugby Club would like to thank Jo at the Drop In for the kind donation of their beautiful pink shirts. Just remember folks Pink Rules OK!

Rugby 1st Team - Cainscross 7 Ross-on-Wye 40

The phrase 'a game of two halves' must have been coined with the Ross / Cainscross encounter in mind. During a whirlwind first half on Saturday, Ross blew Cainscross away with a great example of fast well executed rugby and by half time this Junior Vase Cup match was over as a contest. Cainscross rallied in the second half, however Ross were comfortable 40-7 winners at the final whistle.

Ross were ahead within two minutes of the kick off. The ball was turned over in midfield and was quickly moved to the right where Alistair Rees cut inside the Cainscross defence to score. Chris Gage converted and Ross were 7-0 up. Ross were certainly quicker in thought and deed, winning quick ball and constantly probing the Cainscross defence. On the rare occasions that Cainscross had the ball, the Ross blue and white defensive wall was quickly up to snuff out any thoughts Cainscross had of attacking.

Ross's second score came on the quarter hour mark. Again quick ruck ball had sucked in the Cainscross defence and created space out wide where Gavin Oates took the scoring pass, taking Ross 12-0 to the good. With Ross in total control the only way Cainscross could stem the tide was through infringing and Chris Gage punished them three times during the half taking Ross 21-0 ahead after twenty minutes. The second quarter went the way of the first, the Ross forwards were now in complete control and with Andy Hunt delivering quick quality ball to Chay Brine, the tries continued to come. First Craig Creed went over on the left closely following by a Chris Gage try then as the half came to a close Huw Bellamy concluded a point a minute, taking Ross 40-0 up at half time.

With such a lead Ross took the foot off the pedal in the second half as Cainscross tried to salvage something from the game. However the Ross defence was breached only once and Ross ran out comfortable winners 40-7.

Ross return to league action next Saturday, playing away at Westbury-on-Severn with a 3pm kick off.

Paul Haley

Have you lost this dog?

This dog was seen wandering in Hill Street at around 1.45 PM on Sunday, 17th September and later in Broad Street. It was seen walking past the finders' (Sean and Rachel) house in Kyrle Street several times later in the afternoon and it also took a wander through the Red Meadow Car Park. When it passed Sean and Rachel's house for the fourth time Rachel managed to entice it in with some ham and reported the find to the Police who suggested taking it to the station in Ross, where they have kennels.

'Apart from being ravenous, he seemed quite healthy and very friendly,' said Sean. 'We had a few games with the dog before feeding and watering him and taking him to the Police station.'

The dog is male, appears to be a Beagle cross, and had the number '17' tattooed in it's right ear, and the word 'RHOS' in it's left ear.

As of today, Tuesday at 8:50 pm, the dog is in kennels but has not been claimed, so if you are looking for your lost dog, please contact the local dog warden.

Wyenot Visitor Figures August 2006

I'm late again publishing last month's visitor figures. Sorry about that but it is difficult keeping up with everything at the moment.

On the average day in August, 1,119 people viewed 4,963 pages of The most visited pages were the 'Home' page, followed as expected during the tourist season by 'Accommodation', followed by 'Wyenot News'.

It was another very busy month due to people seeking accommodation but I am expecting this type of visitor to drop off for the next few months. As always during the autumn and winter months, visitors to the web site looking for holiday information fall, leaving the regular readers of the weekly news to clock the figures up.

Statistics that the server log does not show:
Due to lack of time, I don't get much inclination to cook for myself and during August, I ate at the Cantilupe Cafe 21 times; at Morrisons a further 6 times and I have kept the Maltesers factory in business! They may need to make redundancies during the October as local news declines during this period. I also ate one Kebab and one Singapore Chow Mein from various takeaway establishments. Not forgetting one beautiful Sunday lunch with Joyce - for which I am extremely grateful, one meal out on Russell's 21st birthday, several lots of sandwiches from the WRVS shop at Cheltenham General Hospital and a few buffet lunches whilst photographing events. I did cook some toast on one occasion (I was dining with Tina at the time)!

Visitor Statistics for during August 2006
Monthly Statistics for August 2006
Total Hits 892128
Total Files 706182
Total Pages 153862
Total Visits 34714
Total KBytes 15968582
. Avg Max
Hits per Hour 1199 11624
Hits per Day 28778 44270
Files per Day 22780 35929
Pages per Day 4963 14774
Visits per Day 1119 1358
Kbytes per Day 515116 768517

Visitor Statistics Summary for - September 2005 to August 2006
Summary by Month
Month Daily Avg Monthly Totals
Hits Files Pages Visits Sites Kbytes Visits Pages Files Hits
Aug 2006 28778 22780 4963 1119 17584 15968582 34714 153862 706182 892128
Jul 2006 25677 19874 4184 1207 16417 13344869 37431 129709 616097 795988
Jun 2006 19385 15425 3553 1125 14490 10682790 33758 106609 462750 581559
May 2006 21853 17167 3630 1107 16949 13243955 34317 112540 532178 677473
Apr 2006 22491 16166 5296 1090 16598 10710776 32716 158896 484989 674748
Mar 2006 18788 14528 3248 1216 16047 9596156 37711 100692 450398 582446
Feb 2006 17666 13701 3061 862 13167 8001155 24150 85728 383645 494670
Jan 2006 16527 13053 2625 833 13130 8522052 25823 81379 404645 512345
Dec 2005 11496 8966 2106 609 9303 5664908 18906 65313 277954 356376
Nov 2005 13735 11058 2600 676 12704 6635494 20285 78005 331768 412053
Oct 2005 13169 10600 2266 664 11072 6299929 20604 70259 328602 408242
Sep 2005 18902 12930 4762 649 10854 6795827 19475 142888 387913 567068
Totals 115466493 339890 1285880 5367121 6955096

Ross-on-Wye Weather Station Readings

Ross-on-Wye Weather Station is located by the tennis courts and bowling green at 'Crossfields' and is one of the important stations around the country which regularly sends data to the Meteorological Office. This is why Ross-on-Wye is sometimes mentioned on the BBC weather reports. It is currently still a manually monitored station and readings are taken twice per day by husband and wife team, June and Rex Swallow.

Figures for week commencing Monday, 11th September 2006
n Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Sunshine (hours) 7.3 5.3 5.5 0 3.6 0 4.0
Rainfall (mm) 0 0 5.4 4.9 Trace 0.1 0
Rainfall (inches) 0 0 .21 .19 Trace Trace 0
Maximum Temperature (C) 26 24 22 19 20 19 21
Maximum Temperature (F) 79 75 72 66 68 66 70
Minimum Temperature (C) 11 15 17 15 12 11 11
Minimum Temperature (F) 52 59 63 59 54 52 52
Soil Temperature at 10cm Depth (F) 62 65 66 64 61 59 61
Soil Temperature at 30cm Depth (F) 65 66 66 66 65 64 64

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