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Issue No. 116 - 11th October 2006
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Charity Meet for Bikers and Trikers

The South West Trikers and Bikers held their 'Footloose and Fancy 3' rally at Symonds Yat West at the weekend in order to raise funds towards their two favourite charities, the Proteus Syndrome Foundation and little Ashleigh Turley. Proteus Syndrome is the disease suffered by the 'Elephant Man' and the group are supporting a local sufferer of this affliction. Ashleigh Turley was a twin, however, her sibling died. During last year's event the bikers and trikers raised and donated money towards an incubator for very premature babies like Ashleigh and this year they hope that the money raised will be put towards her future, perhaps going towards a guide dog which she will need later on in life.

The bikers and trikers made us feel very welcome at this event and were keen to show off some of their interesting machines. The most colourful trike belongs to a man called 'Death', who despite his own disabilities turns up to many of the countrywide rallies in order to help those less fortunate than himself on his Iron Head '87 Harley Sports which has been adapted for the disabled rider. He is always adding different items to his trike and has won four awards this year, ranging from 'bad taste' to 'best bike'. Unfortunately the Hog Club do not appreciate his efforts.

After spending Saturday afternoon pitching tents and meeting and greeting each other a brilliant evening of live music was held, involving performances by three bands and a disco. The bands were Lump Hammer, First Offence and Family Joolz who all gave excellent performances. A raffle was drawn during the evening and winners of the best bike, the quirkiest bike and the furthest travelled biker, from Hull, all received trophies. There was also a 'Name the Bears' competition and several hundred pounds were raised during the course of the weekend.

The organizers of this event have not asked for publicity for themselves but we feel that they deserve a mention and they are as follows: Theresa, newly weds Kevin and Jacqui, Mike and Mexi, Rich and Sheila, Dave, Gary and Theresa, Bob, Den, Lee, Neil and Dee, Brian, Chris and Rach.

Rosie aka 'Life' rides pillion with 'Death' on the country's most photographed Harley Davidson. DSC_7082


If you like the idea of riding a trike, Lee's trike, pictured above, is for sale for £4,200.
It is a 1600 VW Phoenix. If you are interested, contact Lee on 01285 656749. DSC_7086

Some of the weekend's visitors show off their machines. DSC_7099

A few later arrivals. DSC_7107

A talented jewellery maker displays her wares. DSC_7110

The hard working organizers of the Footloose and Fancy 3 Rally. DSC_7185

Cards for Good Causes

Ross-on-Wye's Cards for Good Causes Charity Christmas card shop celebrates its 10th season this year. Shoppers from the Ross-on-Wye area can now buy Christmas cards from more than 25 national and local charities in one place.

Cards for Good Causes - which sells charity cards across the country - will be opening its Ross-on-Wye shop on Tuesday 31st October, at the Market House Heritage Centre. The Mayor of Ross-on-Wye, Councillor Phil Cutter, will open the shop and will be invited to cut the anniversary cake.

Ross-on-Wye charity Christmas card shop is one of a national network of shops. Last year the charities received more than 5 million from Cards for Good Causes for their Christmas card sales. Because Cards for Good Causes keeps its operating costs to an absolute minimum, charities receive at least 81p in every 1 from their card sales out of which they have to pay for the production and distribution of their cards and any VAT.

The shop, staffed by Herefordshire Voluntary Action volunteers, is open from 31st October to 10th December inclusive, Tuesday to Sunday, from 10.30 am to 1 pm, and 1.30 pm to 4 pm. Look out for the red triangular Santa sign!

Helping St. Michael's Hospice

Everybody knows somebody who has needed the facility offered by St. Michael's Hospice. This sums up the feelings felt by Residents of Reynolds Court, and the reason behind a recent Cheese and Wine Evening, which raised 600 for St. Michael's Hospice.

It started with a casual conversation about a friend of a former resident who only spent a short time in St Michael's care but the difference it made to him was obvious for all to see. Immediately plans were put into operation to raise money for St Michael's Volunteers came forward to do their bit, a raffle and 'Guess The Bear's Name' were organized and tickets printed for the Cheese & Wine evening. Donations came in thick and fast. The evening was a huge success with promises to repeat in the future.

Pictured below handing the cheque to Lyn Gummer of St. Michael's Hospice are Derek Cooper, Sheila Coates, Joyce Griffiths and Peggy Thorne.

Ref: DSC_6994.

Final Ross in Bloom Results

The final results of the Ross-in-Bloom Judging for 2006 are as follows: Winners of awards for Containers, Baskets and Planters are:
Commercial Premises:
Antique Tea Shop, Ashfield Agency, Car Care, Conservative Club, Corn Exchange, Escape, Field Fayre, Hale Jackson & Knight, High Street Seconds, Lucas Motorcycles, Man of Ross Gallery, NFU, Okell & Stewart, Perfect Measure, PGL, Phoenix Theatre, Quiff, Robin Lloyd Antiques, Ross Car centre, Ross Gazette, Ross Old Books, Spokes, the Maltings, the Priory, Throw a Wobbly, Truffles, Ursells, W James, Wildlife Trading Co, Herefordshire Council for their planters outside John Kyrle School and those at Swan House.
Hotels, Restaurants, Public Houses, Guest Houses:
Crown & Sceptre, Hope & Anchor, Horse & Jockey, King Charles, Kings Head, Natures Choice, Chase Hotel, Vine Tree Inn, Brookfield Guest House, Old Court House and Sunnymount.
Retired Individuals:
11 Goodrich Court, 2, 3, 9, 28 Cottage Park.
Private Houses:
10 Springfield Road, 9, 12, 24 Brampton Avenue, 5, 6, 13 Three Crosses Close, 18 Mayhill Road, 19, 36, 38 Three Crosses Road, 7 Brampton Street. Haynesley, Hilton & Wilcroft in Cawdor. Lily Cottage in Mount Pleasant. 2, 10, 34, 54 River View, 17, 21, Orchid Close, 4, 21, Honeysuckle Close, 3, 24, 26, 41 Vaga Crescent, 3, 35, 38, 44, Primrose Close, 3 Quarry Close, 3, 44, 46, 47, 68, 78, 93, 94 Verschoyle Gardens, 5 Oaklands. 7, 8, 10. 22, 26, 36, 37, 55, 56, 62, Nursery Road, 2 Brookend Court, 3 Old Market Close, 4 Prospect terrace, 45, 45A Edde Cross Street, 5 Cawdor Gardens, 54 High Street, 8 Brook House, 7, 9 Swan Court Edde Cross House & Malt House in Edde Cross Street, Fairview & Stock Meadow in Homs Road, Telford House in New Street. 1, 3 Woburn Close, 10, 4, Brookmead, 11, 19 Chatsworth Close, 11Rudhall Close, 12 Arundel Close, 12, 13, 16, 7, 8, 9 Oaktree Close, 12 Sandringham Close, 15,16,2, 4, 5, 7 Overross Farm, 16, 5 Berkeley Close, 2, 4 Rudhall Meadow, 27, 40, 52, Court Road, 3, 4 Checkley Close, 4 Blenheim Close, 5 Overross Close. 1, 2, 35, 8 Grammar School Close, 12 Beechwood Place, 14, 15, 24, 7 North Road, 4, 6 Millpond Street. Kiloran in Weston Grove, Pensolme in Ryefield Road. 1 Milton Terrace, 16 Blake Avenue, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 Lakeside, 24, 36 Gresleys, 44, 48. 50 Penyard Court, 6 Chaseside, 6 Merrivale Crescent, 60, 66, 68, 78, 80, 82, 84 Park Walk. Ashburton Gloucester Road, Ballard Lodge & High Trees in Eastfield Road, Dean Rise & The Cider House in Alton Street, Huntley, Merrivale Lane, Kingsdene, Merrivale Road, Mulberry Coach Lane, Stillwater Merrivale Farm, Woodville Alton Road. 1, 6 Woodmeadow Lane, 14 Copse Cross Street, 20, 21 The Vineyard, 20 Tudor Street, 27, 30 Purland, 39, 58, 67 Tudor Rise, 4 Churchill Place. Ashvale & Lodoroc Walford Road, Clarence Cottage & Fernwood Tudor Street, Fairview Okell Drive, Highbourne Ashfield Park Road, Stronmar Fernbank Road, The Graig Archenfield Crescent, Mayfair Firs Road, The Barclays Archenfield Road. 32, 62, 65, 84, 90 Roman Way, 37, 39, 65 Duxmere Drive, 7 Glevum Close, 9 Lincoln Close, Dyma Fe Glevum Close. Westfield's Brampton Road, 4 Wilton View, 5 Pencraig View, Trevone, Uplands, Sycamores all in First Avenue, Carlyn, Headlands, High Chaparell in Second Avenue, Ashview, Mon Abri, No 14, no 16, No 18 all in Third Avenue, Rossleigh, Rowan Bungalow Fourth Avenue, Theses, Ommadawn Fifth Avenue Little Heaven Sixth Avenue Close, Rosebank Sixth Avenue. (All Greytree area). 10, 13, 18, 9, 6 Parson Croft, 2, 8 The Close, 22A The Glebe. 9 Harefields. (All Hildersley area). 1 Corpus Christi, 1 Woodview Lane, 10 Corpus Christi Lane, 29 Crofts Lane, 2a Henry Street, 9 Church Close, Bramley & Laurel Cottage Woodview Lane, Churchill House & The Gate House, Church Street, Flat 2 Cantilupe Court.
Other Commercial etc Awards are as follows:
Bronze: Edinburgh Woollen Mill, Garden of Remembrance, Lorraine, Rogers Pantry, and Riverside Inn.
Silver: Broadmeadow Caravan Park, Garden Store, Robin Lloyd Antiques, Roseanna Gloucester Road, Radcliffe Guest House.
Silver Gilt: Crossfields, Man of Ross Inn, Linden House. Gold: Mill House, Royal Hotel, White House.
Honorary Gold: White Lion at Wilton and the Travellers Rest (unable to be judged with the others as they are out of the town area).
All certificates were sent out by post in August. Any omissions are purely unintentional.

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