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Issue No. 124 - 6th December 2006
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Morgan Sports Cars at the Royal

Members of 'Taffmog', the South Wales centre of the Morgan Sports Car Club held their Christmas Weekend meeting at the Royal Hotel in Ross between Friday 1st and Sunday 3rd December. Seventy eight members of the club came to Ross-on-Wye for the special event, which was organized by Keith Glover of Bailey Lane End.

The Royal Hotel was an impressive sight on Sunday morning with thirty six Morgan Sports Cars ranging fro 1972 to 2006 vintage parked outside. Despite very heavy rain showers, many drivers braved the weather and left for the arranged Sunday excursion to Eastnor Castle with the top off.

George Williams from Hereford. Ref: DSC_0341

Organizer, Keith Glover at the Royal Hotel. Ref: DSC_0347

Don and Annie Knight from Aylesbury visited Ross for the weekend. Ref: DSC_0356

Town Band Visits Ross Garden Store

Ross Town Band played Christmas carols for customers visiting Ross Garden Store on Saturday afternoon, creating a Christmas atmosphere for those shopping for Christmas trees and presents.

This was the first of two performances by the band, so if you missed them on Saturday you will have another chance to enjoy carols at the store on Sunday, 17th December. Ross Choral Society will also be providing Christmas entertainment at the store with two performances, details of which can be found on the 'What's On?' page of Wyenot News.

Ross Town Band on Saturday. Ref: DSC_0082

Joyce Thomas, Janet Auty, Bob Stephenson, Alison Stephenson and Alex Thomson enjoying the carols on Saturday.
Ref: DSC_0078

Choosing a Christmas Tree. Ref: DSC_0075

Quakers Helping the Homeless

During November the children from Ross Quaker Meeting have been learning about homelessness. At their first meeting on the subject they gathered large cardboard boxes and newspapers and constructed a 'cardboard city' in the garden. A couple of benches were used as extra beds, while some of the children curled up in boxes using newspapers and dust sheets as 'blankets'.

When they were all cold (less than half an hour later) they were taken into the Meeting House and given a hot drink while they talked about the needs of people who had no homes and were forced to live on the streets with only things they could gather for protection. The children's ages ranged from three to teenagers, and for the small ones this was a new concept and much talked about afterwards.

On the day before the Advent Market they went on to have a 'Making & Baking Day' when a large banner declaring "QUAKER HOMELESS ACTION" was produced, cards were cut up for gift tags and biscuits were baked. The adults of the meeting contributed craft and gift items for sale and Christmas cards were purchased from the Whitechapel Mission, a Methodist charity caring for homeless people. At the market the children were in the market place - sampling the goods from their own and other stalls, and puzzling about how much change to give to customers.

By the end of the morning 70.30 was raised for Quaker Homeless Action. This was supplemented by another sale at a coffee morning in the Meeting House on Saturday 2nd December. As one of their regular appeals, Quakers locally are collecting money for Quaker Homeless Action during November and December. This charity, set up in 1967 is run by volunteers (not all of whom are Quakers) and funded almost entirely by Quaker Meetings throughout Britain. It seeks to address the problem of homelessness, mainly in London where it is a very big problem.

Until this year an 'Open Christmas' has been held, but for various reasons this has not been possible this year and volunteers are using this as an opportunity to reflect on the best ways to help to meet the needs of those suffering in this way. Homeless people are indeed homeless all the time, and not just at Christmas. As for the children who were involved in this project, they have had an experience to remember and to reflect upon at this time of the year when we are remembering another homeless family who had to resort to giving birth in a stable.

Ross Quakers Jane Turnball and Julia Richardson with children, Cathie and Charlie Thornley, Henry and Isobel Wadge,
Rose Addison and Emily Barbow. Ref: DSC_9814

A 'Traidcraft' coffee morning was held at The Friends Meeting House, Ross-on-Wye on Saturday 2nd December. Traidcraft was established in 1979 as a Christian response to fight poverty through trade. Through helping people to help themselves it is hoped to break the cycle of poverty and despair.

Poor people have skills and abilities, but often lack opportunities. Through helping them to gain a fair share of the benefits of trade they can have a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. Traidcraft seeks to promote fair trade in this country by selling the products of thousands of craft workers and farmers across 30 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In addition they offer support to them through training, consultancy and information, enabling people to grow their businesses. They also campaign to influence the policies of governments and big businesses.

In the early days sales in this country were mainly through volunteers in Church organizations who ran small stalls, selling the products to members of their congregations and others. It was always the aim that this would develop so that mainstream shops and supermarkets would become involved and in 1992 the Fairtrade Foundation was launched and they launched the Fairtrade logo. Now it is possible to buy not just tea and coffee, but biscuits, breakfast cereals, fruit, flowers and many other products in shops and supermarkets everywhere. There are, however, still Traidcraft volunteers - now called "fair traders" who run stalls and events in Churches and elsewhere.

Here in Ross there are two regular events. On the first Saturday of the month from 10 am - 12 noon there is a coffee morning at the Friends Meeting House, Brampton Street, and on the last Saturday a similar event at Christ Church Edde Cross Street. Here you will be able to browse and buy products, pick up information, order from catalogues and meet friendly people whilst sampling a cup of fairly-traded tea or coffee.

Ref: DSC_0067

Christmas Menus 2006

Are you looking for somewhere to enjoy a Christmas Meal with your family or for somewhere to hold your annual company Christmas Dinner?

Over the coming weeks, Wyenot News will be making menus from local restaurants available to view on-line or print.

Click the links below to view menus available so far in a separate window (close window when finished). Links are placed in order of when received. This article will be repeated with a different 'Winter' photo weekly until Christmas:

[White Lion Christmas Menu] * [The Bridge at Wilton Christmas Menu]

[Pengethley Manor Menu - 'Murder at the Manor' 8th December]

[The Castle Lodge Hotel] * [The Chasedale Hotel] * [Wilton Court Mulberry Restaurant]

[The Saracen's Head] * [The King's Head] * [The Prince of Wales]

[The Inn on the Wye]

If you advertise with and would like your restaurant's Christmas menu available to view on-line here, please post a copy to:
Wyenot News, 1, Hillview Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. HR9 7EY.

This is a free service - available only to restaurants / pubs which are currently advertised on!

Alms Houses, Ross-on-Wye. Ref: DSC_7301 25th December 2004.

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