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Issue No. 124 - 6th December 2006
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Rocking at the Barrel

Local rock band, the Zebras gave a great performance of rock covers ranging from the '60s / '70s to recent classic rock songs to a packed Barrel Inn on Saturday evening.

When I left home to walk to the event on Saturday, I nearly did not go. Life has been proving difficult just lately, I felt totally worn out and depressed. Tina had been working 14 hour shifts most of the week so I had been alone and when I reached half way there, I felt so tired from photographing various Father Christmases, Christmas blings and I just felt so generally miserable that I very nearly turned around and went back home to bed.

I am so glad I did not. The evening was brilliant!

As Tina said to me later in the evening, When you get to that stage, when you really don't want to go out any more, that is when you should.' She was right! The place was packed with friends from the past and the evening replaced the November Potters Bar party, which I was unable to hold this year incidentally as I no longer frequent the venue. Tina managed to come along after work and well - it was just a great evening all round.

The Zebras are playing again at the Prince of Wales on Friday, 29th December. Unfortunately Tina cannot go to that one either as she will be working but I'm going to go along and indulge myself with a beer or six.

Calling all Potters Bar frequenters and anybody else out there who wants to come... The Zebras are without any shadow of a doubt the best rock band for miles around. Let's make the Prince of Wales gig this year's big Christmas event!

Ref: DSC_0222

Ref: DSC_0223

Ref: DSC_0340

Father Christmas Takes a Coffee Break at Ross Hospital

A coffee morning was held at Ross Community Hospital on Saturday 2nd December. The event was organized by the League of Friends and there were various stalls selling home-made produce and refreshments.

In the photograph below are Michael Winch, Cicely Symmonds, Jean Jones, Cynthia Griffiths, Jill Ursell, Teddy Beech-Thomas, Margaret Hewitt and Father Christmas.

Ref: DSC_0058


Hello Alan,

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your website. My wife and I stayed at the Radcliffe Guest House in Autumn 2005 for a few nights and before visiting the area we did some research on the internet. As a result I came across your site and have bookmarked it to return to on approximately a weekly basis. It's great to see how enthusiastic you are to promote your lovely town.

We live in a town of approximately the same size as Ross, Faversham in Kent and although the town and various organizations and media have their own websites, there is nothing to compare with

We are hoping to return to the Ross area next summer for a longer break, so keep up the good work.


Alan Trent

Thank you for those kind words, Alan. It is nice to know that it is appreciated. Nick and Sue at Radcliffe Guest House are nice people and I am sure you will have a good return trip.


Hello Alan

CARDS FOR GOOD CAUSES SHOP AT THE HERITAGE CENTRE I have been back from holiday a few days (having left Mary to hold the fort) and have seen the piece in Wyenot News about the card shop - many thanks for all the publicity you have given us this season, I am sure it has paid off. I hope your son continues to improve.


Anne Jones

No problem, Anne. It's a pleasure and for good causes!


Dear Alan,

I was very interested in the pictures of the ghostly appearances in Goodrich Castle. My family and I visited Goodrich Castle at Easter of this year. While I was in the dungeon I tried on four different occasions to try and take a picture. On each occasion the camera battery went dead. I moved a few paces up the steps outside and the Camera came to life. The battery was fully charged that morning and I had only taken a few pictures before these incidents. The camera has never done this before or since.

When we left the castle I mentioned this top the lady in the English Heritage booth who informed us of your web site and the pictures of Ghostly apparitions. She wrote down the web site and I have only just found this note. I would be very interested if you have any further information regarding and other strange incidents in this area.


Brynn Grant

Thanks for sharing your experience, Brynn.

I have reproduced the ghostly photo of Goodrich Castle dungeon below for the benefit of those who have not seen it before as a few years have passed since I took it. For those who don't already know, this was one shot of many I took in the dungeon in February 2003 and is the only one which picked up the white, misty haze.

I have written a couple of 'ghostly?' articles, which can be read in the back issues of Wyenot News - 'Things that Go Bump In The Night' and 'Enter the Twilight Zone at the White Lion'. I do not go out looking for ghostly opportunities. Indeed I am very sceptical and rarely experience them but those I have experienced, seem to be gradually convincing me that there is 'more between Heaven and Earth...'.

Strangely enough, something very weird happened to me in the Barrel Inn, Ross on Saturday evening. It was totally unexpected and I would be very interested to hear from anybody who has experienced similar.

I had been there for the evening to watch and photograph my friend, Paul Randell's rock band (some pics are in this week's news) and at the end of the evening, I went to get rid of some excess beer before going home, as you do. When I came out of the loo, I went to walk back into the bar and the door opened for me before I got there. I went to say 'thank you' to the person who had opened it for me but there was nobody there. I walked through the door and it closed behind me - all by itself. I absolutely swear that this is true and that I had not drunk too much beer!

Next day, I went to process the photos I had taken and, for the first time ever, in seven years of photographing local events, I was unable to open five photos in the middle of a group of over 100 photos I took that night. The files were totally corrupted. This may not be connected in any way with the door incident but I can think of no other logical explanation. The image files were so corrupt in fact that they nearly brought down my entire computer network and security system. I had the Devil's own job even deleting them.


Ref: P2235211

All Bubbly Over Fizzy Drinks Cans

Children from Herefordshire Schools have been getting all bubbly about fizzy drinks cans for three years now. During this time many primary school children have become committed can collectors, competing with each other to see which primary school could collect the greatest number of drinks cans in order to help the environment and to win the coveted Alupro silver trophy.

The recycling scheme has been organized by EnviroAbility, a charitable company that specializes in recycling, based at the Ryefield, Centre Ross-on-Wye. One of the Directors of the company, Norman Bricknell said that within six weeks of the cans being collected they had been sorted, crushed, sent to Newport, recycled and were back on the shop shelves again. Norman added that although this scheme had gone well, this was to be the final year of the competition. The number of drinks cans being sold on school premises was falling. This is largely due to the success of a number of healthy eating schemes, such as Jamie Oliver and his Feed Me Better School Dinners campaign.

The school that collected the highest number of drinks cans during 2005 & 2006 was Broadlands Primary School in Hereford. The school will now get to keep the trophy for good. Well done to all the pupils at Broadlands Primary School and all of the other children who were involved in the scheme.

Ref: DSC_0067

Botanical Art Exhibition

An exhibition of botanical art is currently being displayed in Ross Heritage Centre and runs from 5th December until 6th January 2007.

This Season of Fruits Christmas exhibition was produced by the W.E.A, the Workers Educational Association who hold botanical illustration classes in Ross-on-Wye. The group are all amateur artists and would welcome new members.

Ref: DSC_0380

For Sale

Peavey mark 3, 150 watt bass amp


Peterson Bassmaster PWT 300 speaker cab with a 10" top and
15" bottom speaker.


Telephone Steve
07971 535 064



Ross-on-Wye 12 Dursley 8

If you were Christmas shopping you missed a titanic battle on Saturday, as Dursley travelled to Ross at the top of the table and were looking to extend their unbeaten record this season. Both sides threw everything at each other with commitment, skill and big hits that would not be out of place on the international stage. After a pulsating eighty minutes of Rugby Ross emerged victorious and now stand aloft at the top of the table.

From the off you could see that both sides knew what was at stake, with neither pack of forwards taking a backward step. Ross were the first to gain a territorial advantage with half backs Tom Gainsford and Simon Gwynnne looking to send centres Adam Clements and Huw Bellamy into the Dursley midfield. As Ross looked for the early breakthrough, the Dursley defence held firm and it was from turnover ball that Dursley took the lead. A breakout from their centre led the Ross defence to infringe and after 10 minutes Dursley took a 3-0 lead. This advantage seemed to buoy the Dursley attack and through their outside backs they set about testing the Ross defence. However, some sound tackling from Alistair Rees, Wayne Bishop and Chay Brine snuffed out these forays into the Ross twenty two. The ferocity of the Ross tackling was forcing mistakes from Dursley and Ross were able to play themselves back into the game. After establishing a foothold in the Dursley half Ross scored their opening try of the game. From a defensive ruck the Dursley fly half looked to clear his lines, but his kick was charged down by Tom Gainsford and Simon Gwynne. The ball rebounded over the Dursley line and Tom Gainsford won the race to score, giving Ross a 5-3 lead which they held at half time.

The half time break seemed to have benefited Ross more than Dursley as they camped themselves in the Dursley twenty two. As a group of forwards, they took their turn to carry the ball deep into the Dursley defence, recycling ball after ball as they searched for that defensive lapse. However, Dursley continued to hold firm and in the heavy conditions mistakes seemed to surface just as it appeared Ross were bound to score.

As the game entered the last 10 minutes the score remained at 5-3. With all the pressure and territory, Ross had been unable to add to their lead and the game was in the balance. After over half an hour of defending, Dursley began to get some field position and forced a Ross lineout on their 5 yard line. Ross did secure the ball but were only able to clear to their twenty two. From the ensuing lineout, Dursley set up a maul and edged closer and closer to the Ross line. On three occasions a Dursley forward lunged for the line, looking for that winning score but the Ross pack threw their bodies in the way. However, with two minutes remaining Dursley did crash over giving them what seemed to be the winning score and putting them 8-5 in the lead. Everyone bar the Ross players thought the game was over. The restart was over kicked which led to a Dursley scrum. On half way, their number eight burst away from the scrum but a double tackle from Richard Russell and Tom Gainsford saw him knock the ball on. Ross had a scrum but this was the final play of the game and they were still 60 yards from the Dursley try line. The scrum was solid. Tom Gainsford moved the ball right to Simon Gwynne, who fed Adam Clements who dummied his opposite number and cut through the defence. He was tackled on the twenty two but was able to offload the ball to Huw Bellamy. He drew a couple of defenders before offloading to Chay Brine, who outstripped the Dursley defence to score. Alistair Rees converted, the ref blew for full time and the crowd went mad. Durlsey were gobsmacked that Ross had come back from the dead to win 12-8. The Gwalia man of the match was the Ross pack who were Tara Barnett, Wayne Williams, Nick Rawlings, Matt Redman, Matt Jones, Dave Mince, Gavin Oates, Richard Russell and Mike Davies, who all played themselves to a standstill.

Ross have a league match next Saturday, 9th December against Tredworth. Kick off is at 2:30 pm at Ross Sports Ground.

Ross-on-Wye Weather Station Readings

Ross-on-Wye Weather Station is located by the tennis courts and bowling green at 'Crossfields' and is one of the important stations around the country which regularly sends data to the Meteorological Office. This is why Ross-on-Wye is sometimes mentioned on the BBC weather reports. It is currently still a manually monitored station and readings are taken twice per day by husband and wife team, June and Rex Swallow.

Figures for week commencing Monday, 27th November 2006
n Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Sunshine (hours) 3.1 4.9 2.3 0.8 0 4.0 2.6
Rainfall (mm) 9.6 0.2 Trace 1.7 Trace 14.5 4.6
Rainfall (inches) .38 .01 Trace .07 Trace .57 .18
Maximum Temperature (C) 14 12 13 14 14 11 10
Maximum Temperature (F) 57 54 55 57 57 52 50
Minimum Temperature (C) 9 9 5 9 10 8 7
Minimum Temperature (F) 48 48 41 48 50 46 45
Soil Temperature at 10cm Depth (F) 48 48 44 47 49 46 46
Soil Temperature at 30cm Depth (F) 49 50 48 50 50 50 50

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