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Issue No. 127 - 27th December 2006
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Prize Giving at John Kyrle High School

John Kyrle High School held its Annual Prize Giving evening on Wednesday, 20th December. During the evening, guests enjoyed two musical items. 'Jazzy Christmas' by Jurgen Schmidt was performed by a Woodwind Trio made up of Jessica Bricknell on clarinet, Jessica Sugden on clarinet and Emma Sugden on alto saxophone. A flute solo, 'Twinkle Toes' by Jim Parker was performed by Rachel Jennings.

The address was given by Paul Bishton, Dean of Education Partnerships at the University of Wolverhampton, who has over 35 years experience of working in education.

Photographs of all students receiving prizes that I managed to catch during the evening can be seen by visiting the photo gallery. The gallery photos are totally unedited for screen viewing, so may appear darker than any resulting print and you may have to shift your head sideways to view some. I am also afraid that I missed one or two shots due to the quick succession of prizes and my slow reactions. My apologies to those prize winners whose moment I did not capture.

Head Teacher, Nigel Griffiths' speech and a list of 2006 Prize Winners can be seen below the photographs.

A group of happy prize winners after the event. Ref: DSC_1620

Anna Price, who was surprised by being given the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Award. Ref: DSC_1497

JKHS Head, Nigel Griffiths. Ref: DSC_1495

Flautist, Rachel Jennings. Ref: DSC_1502

The JKHS Woodwind Trio. Ref: DSC_1501

Ladies and gentlemen, special guest, and, most importantly, students, I am delighted to stand here and present my 7th Prize Giving speech reflecting upon the most outstanding year in John Kyrle’s history.

The year 2005-06 was one of incredibly high level of success for the school and our students. It is this that we are here to celebrate tonight: individual achievement in examinations, sport, music, drama; awards for contributions to team success and active participation in the wider community.

There are many ways to assess school effectiveness and whichever measure you choose to use the achievement of these students tonight is remarkable.

  • Standards, progress and value added measures saw us top the school league tables at all levels.
  • A unique measure of school success we use is foreign travel. There are students here tonight who have been on school trips to Paris, Betzdorf, Conde, skiing to Austria, a food technology trip to Italy, Moscow, New York, Uganda and South Africa. In all of these places they have been excellent ambassadors for their families, their communities and their school.

Every major event involving the school since 2000 has had the students here tonight at the very heart:

  • You welcomed the Queen in 2003 and were part of the lesson she observed.
  • You met Ofsted inspectors in 2004 and 2005 leading to our “Very Good” and then “Outstanding grading.”
  • Some of you were in the side winning the Brynley Jones rugby cup.
  • You have taken part in Bugs Malone, Guys and Dolls, Dracula Spectacular, Frankenstein’s Aunt, and Much Ado about Nothing.
  • All of our music concerts have involved you singing and/or playing.
  • The Art wall mural was painted by you.
  • Our first X-factor winner is also numbered amongst you.

You have also all sat through my assemblies on Thunderbirds and Fatty the Goldfish – a high point for you all, I know!

Many of you have returned recently from University and I thought it would be useful to update you on how the school has progressed since you left us:

The new Sixth form have been fantastic. With Mrs Vinall supporting them they have already raised over £3k for various charities including local cancer charities and Barrs Court hydrotherapy pool.

The school has been working hard to become one of only a small number of secondary schools in the country to achieve 3 specialisms. We will formally announce the results just after Christmas.

We have secured the funding for a new Astro-Turf facility on site. This should be built from the Spring Term.

Student here will know that teachers play a vital role in their success and we are very lucky at this school to have many outstanding teachers one of whom, sadly is retiring this term after over 25 years service. Mrs Rose is in the audience and I know she doesn’t like a fuss being made so we are going to make a fuss and Mr Boyd is going to fight his way through the crowd to give her these flowers on our behalf.

We also want to celebrate another significant individual achievement tonight for someone who doesn’t know about it. The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Award is a UK-wide, inclusive Award, which recognizes and celebrates innate qualities such as courage in overcoming adverse circumstances. Anna Price overcame the debilitating condition ME and is now studying for success in Year 11. Her recovery has been all the more remarkable as she has thrown herself with vigour into the demands of the D of E scheme. An inspirational young lady to whom we would like to present this award.

I would also like to commend the local community for their support. Many of them are here tonight: church groups, primary school partners, volunteer groups and those from local businesses who never tire of me ringing them asking for money for one project or another! Many look forward to it as the highlight of their week.

I have been very lucky in my headship to be surrounded by excellent staff and also by excellent students. You all rate as amongst the best of the best. In the future I don’t want you to aim for success. You’ve achieved this with us. Now your words and actions should make a difference as you aim and strive, not for success, but for significance.

In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, a former American President: … “Imagine mighty things, even though there is a risk of failure rather, than be amongst those grey souls who know neither victory nor defeat.

Class of 05-06 we commend and salute you.

Prize Winners 2006

Photo Galleries Updated

Due to a recent computer software problem I have been unable to produce full photo galleries for some recently covered events. This problem has now been solved and so pictures of the Teachers TV Comic Relief event, JKHS Prize Giving, JKHS Christmas Fayre and the Christmas Carnival are available to view from the photo gallery page.

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