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Issue No. 131 - 24th January 2007
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Aerial Symonds Yat

Thank you to Derek Williams of E & I Williams for the the great aerial photographs shown below. Derek was given a flight in a microlight aircraft recently, piloted by his friend, Mark Taylor and he took his camera up with him.

The top photo shows Yat Rock which is famous for its spectacular views from a completely different perspective. This is a popular spot for bird watchers on the lookout for local peregrine falcons.

Below that is a great shot of the Doward valley, near to King Arthur's cave, which was cut out by a huge glacier during the last ice age.

Also included are photos of Whitchurch school and of the Biblins Bridge, an interesting, 'Indiana Jones' type footbridge across the Wye at the Doward. I have also included a photo of this from ground level which was taken in July 2005 for comparison.

Biblins Bridge from ground level. Ref: DSC_5082


Thank You

Hi Alan,
I'm thinking of moving to Ross with my partner and just wanted to sing your praises. You've made it very easy to choose Ross simply because of the amount of information you provide. So if you ever feel it's a thankless task, I'm thanking you now.
Regards, Nick Daly


Dear Alan

I have just read your news article on otters and I thought I would send you my own experience with these fabulous mammals. I love Ross and Herefordshire, and I fairly regularly camp on a site near Kings Caple and Hoarwithy and have done so since my dad took me there when I was about seven years of age. I am now almost 39 so you can see I love the area. I have always had a major interest in watching wildlife and taking photographs of wildlife and it's not uncommon to see me dressed up as a tree when I go out in the countryside nature reserves.

What I would like to share with you happened approximately five years ago, in late July at a campsite (well more of a farmers field really) when I was camping right on the banks of the Wye.

My girlfriend and kids had gone into the tent and were asleep approximately 22:00hrs and I always perch myself on the banks of the Wye at the waters edge - my favourite place close to the wildlife. So there I was, camping stove next to me and just drinking a freshly brewed coffee when to the right of me something caught my eye. I turned to the spot and it was a small wake in the river, heading towards me, about 25 feet away. I was mesmerized and could not work out what it was. So remaining perfectly still I waited for the wake to get nearer and to my total surprise it was an otter. It then left the water onto my bank and walked up to approximately 15 feet of me. Then, to my total amazement I noticed another otter in the river approximately fifteen feet away from the ground based otter.

As the otter on the ground approached me, he stopped approximately 10 feet away and looked at me. I do not believe he knew of my existence until that point. He stayed perfectly still until his mate in the river gave out a call, at which he ran back into the water. They let out another call, which I believe would have been an alarm call. They both dived and I never saw them again.

It was totally amazing and a great privilege to see these beautiful creatures as I had never seen otters there before. To see one at dusk, just about ten feet away is something I would never have dreamed would happen that night or any other night. It is a memory that I shall never ever forget.

The place is also great for kingfishers and one day soon I want to take my 800mm lens and hopefully photograph a few.

Well sorry if I waffled on a bit but reading your story inspired me to tell you about my great experience. I just thought you may be interested in this in case you wanted to try to get some photographs yourself.

Thank you for your time.

All the best,

Malc Goode

No - thank you, Malc! It is nice to hear of your experience and it would be nice to meet up when you are next in the area. You can show me your otter spotting location and I will show you exactly where I have seen them in the past. I am still trying to photograph that otter on land, locally. I was nearly successful once but was disturbed by people whilst I was ducking down, watching an otter climb out of the water. I managed a 'near miss' type shot - quite a good close-up of its head but have not yet caught one completely on dry land.

Otters are very timid creatures, so if you let me know when you are coming, I will dig out my camoflauge gear and largest lens.

High Water at Goodrich

To make a change from showing Ross under water, I took this photo of high water levels on the Wye at Goodrich on Friday afternoon. The full impact of the rain had not quite reached the area at the time and the river was still rising.

Ref: DSC_2670


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