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Issue No. 132 - 31st January 2007
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Cinderella and the Really Ugly Sisters!

Goodrich Primary School's Parents Teachers and Friends Association and staff put on three fine performances of Cinderella at the Godric Hall Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. This was the Association's third annual pantomime performance.

Headteacher, Tony Griffiths played the part of 'Buttons' and Cinderella herself was played by Goodrich School Special Support Assistant, Emma.

Parents played all other parts in the humorous version of the Cinderella story, having made their own costumes and made / painted the scenery.

The Goodrich School PTFA would like to thank everyone for their invaluable help and support. In particular, the members of the Goodrich Arts Society, who gave so generously of their time, effort expertise and costumes. To Iris Price of The Larruperz Centre Costume Department, Richard and Fiona Swithenbank of Jollys of Goodrich and to everyone else who helped in hundreds of ways to bring the pantomime to the stage.

The full cast of the pantomime. Ref: DSC_2949

Ugly Sisters, Listeria and Salmonella. Ref: DSC_2931

Cinderella. Ref: DSC_2934

Cinderella and Buttons. Ref: DSC_2936

Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother. Ref: DSC_2946

Connolly's Darts Team Takes Flight to Burnham-on-Sea

Congratulations to the darts team at Connolly's who have qualified to play in the South West of England Regional Finals. The finals are to be played at Home Farm Holiday Park at Burnham-on-Sea on Saturday 3rd February and the team have a coach load of supporters going along to cheer them on.

Four hundred and ninety eight teams initially entered into the contest, which has now come down to the last fifty teams, of which Connolly's team is one. They hope to do well enough to qualify for the National Finals due to take place in the near future. We wish them every success.

Proprietor of Connolly's, Jack Leahy is delighted with this result and has kindly sponsored the team and provided them with new shirts bearing the players' names.

In the photograph below, taken on Monday evening at Connolly's are: Alec McCreedy, John Meek, Owen James (Captain), Graham Hall, Phil Harris. Ian McCulloch, Rena Russell, Jack Leahy, Billy Carn, Andy Darker.

Ref: DSC_3156

Criminal Damage Incident in Broad Street

Ross-on-Wye police have released a CCTV image of a man they are trying to identify in connection with an incident in December, in which a car was damaged.

Two men were seen jumping on the roof of a Vauxhall Corsa in Broad Street, Ross at around 2.13 am on December 9, 2006.

Police enquiries have revealed this CCTV image of a man who was in Broad Street at around the same time and may be connected with the incident.

Officers are keen to hear from anyone who may recognize the man concerned - anyone with information should call PC Mike Evans at Ross Police Station on 08457 444888.

Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111. Around 1,500 of damage was caused to the roof of the car.

Cyclist injured on B4222 near Aston Crews

Police are appealing for witnesses after a man was left with serious injuries when he came off his bicycle while travelling along the B4222 between Aston Crews and Aston Ingham in south Herefordshire.

The 64-year-old was injured as he negotiated a downhill bend while making his way towards Aston Ingham, at approximately 7.27 am on Tuesday, 30th January. He suffered a head injury and a broken hip and was treated at the scene by an ambulance crew, before being taken to hospital where he is described as being in a comfortable condition.

Police also attended and have begun an investigation into why the cyclist came off his bicycle, which had only minor damage from the incident.

Officers are keen to speak to anyone who may have seen the cyclist as he made his way along the road that morning. They are asked to contact PC Chris Fry at the Hereford Roads Policing Team on 08457 444888.

Council gives Go-ahead for Recreational Area in Goodrich

Herefordshire Council Main Planning Committee have given the go ahead for a 2 acre site of rough ground behind Goodrich School, in the middle of Goodrich Village, to be used as a recreational area.

The scheme had been delayed for 6 months due to concerns about the power lines that run above the site but these fears were removed when Central Networks agreed to put the lines underground as part of their "Going Underground" initiative in the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The project to do this work is set up as the charity "Goodrich Greenspace". This is being funded by voluntary contributions and grants, with funds of 12,500 already pledged. The Parish Council will pay the legal fees for leasing the site and take on long term running costs.

The Plans are for an open green space in the middle of the village, bringing benefits for all sections of the community. Landscaping of the sloping site will allow easy access paths, with seating giving views over the school to Coppett Hill, play areas for children, the planting of trees around the edges of the site and a wildflower meadow.

It is hoped to start work in the Spring with most of the works being finished by the end of the year.

The original plan for the Council owned site was for 2 luxury houses overlooking the school - this was in early 2005 The Village strongly opposed this and supported by our late County Councillor Ruth Lincoln, was able to overturn this and get the County Council to agree that the Parish Council should take over and manage the site for the benefit of all the Village.

The village then got organized. The Parish Council delegated the action to a representative Committee drawn from across the village with members from all ages and sections of the community to run a consultation process, to find out what the community wanted and get some preliminary plans together.

A grant from the Valley AONB Sustainable Development Funding (SDF) allowed the village to employ a landscape architect to draw up plans and to help with the consultation process. Invested 1250 - more than matched by the village input.

Consultation involved questionnaires sent to all houses, a window display in the local shop showing possible plans and an open morning at the village school which adjoins the site - assisted throughout by a Herefordshire Voluntary Action specialist in the consultation process (Amelia Hughes).

At the open morning the project team presented different ideas on boards round the school hall and asked people to put stickers on the options that they liked and add their views (positive or negative) on post-it notes.

Results from the open morning were analysed and a final costed plan was drawn up. With this final plan drawn up and approval given by the parish Council and at a public meeting. The application for planning permission and the Project hit its first major hurdle. Two days before the Planning hearing in June 2006- an objection from Central Networks because of the risk that kite flyers might electrocute themselves on the power lines running across the site. This issue had been raised with Central Networks 9 months previously and they appeared to have no problem - however it was now back to the drawing board.

However, it all came good in the end - Central Networks are going to fund the undergrounding of the line - which was gong to have cost the Village 25,000. This was a cost that the Village could not realistically have hoped to raise.

Central Networks are putting money into a scheme for undergrounding power lines in the AONBs within their area from 2008. This site is to be used as a pilot later this year.

The case went to Herefordshire Main Planning Committee last week and got the go ahead.

The whole development is being funded by grants and charitable contributions with the Parish Council funding the legal costs associated with the drawing up of the lease for the site. Once the site has been developed, the Parish Council will take on responsibility for managing it and will underwrite the running costs which will be less than 5 per household per year.

The original organizers are now set up as a charity, 'Goodrich Greenspace', with all residents and those interested in the site being able to be members.

Work is planned to take place over this year - some planting can't be done till the autumn and it also depends on getting funding in place - the Project has again received help from the AONB (a grant of 7400) and have already got pledges of over 5000 from local people. A local business man has offered to do the landscaping, which is a major cost on this sloping site.

To achieve the full plans that we have for the site, there will be need further grants- where there have already been firm indications that the Project is likely to get support - but it has been necessary to wait for planning permission before applying. In addition there will be the need for further local contributions and to run fund raising events.

The Project aims to get the landscaping done by late Spring , the play area finished by the Summer holidays and finish most of the planting next winter.

Features of the development of the site

  • Improved paths across the site, helping to link up different parts of the Village, A new bridge will allow a gentler gradient for those walking across the site. Provision of seating to take advantage of the views over Coppett Hill
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Wildflower meadow area
  • A flat area for kicking a ball about or future village events
  • Development of the stream area and a bridge
  • Small children's' play area

Paths will be at gradients to allow disabled access

Helping EnviroAbility by selling on eBay

The online auction site 'eBay' has now started to enable private donors to support the Ross based organization, EnviroAbility, to support people from disadvantaged groups, the local community and the environment.

EnviroAbility has received their first donation from a private online seller using eBay to sell an item. The seller pledged a percentage of the sale price of the item to promote the organizations work further. The anonymous donor, based in Lancashire, said on eBay, 'I am donating 10% of the final sale price to a great charity called EnviroAbility...'

Martin Neicho of EnviroAbility said, 'We only recently set the account up with eBay and Missionfish. We think that this is a great idea. Anyone can shop 'til they drop and help a deserving cause. More importantly, people can guarantee that their hard-spent money will go to the right place.' He added, 'A big thank you to Linda Bruce, our IT volunteer, who is helping us by updating our website with new news articles and pictures. This work enables eBay sellers who wish to support us, see up-to-date the sort of work EnviroAbility and the local community in Ross do.'

Anyone using eBay to sell their goods can give between 10% and 100% of the final sale price from whatever they sell to good causes. In addition, if the item sells, eBay will match this generosity and donate the same percentage of the final value fee as the seller donates. Please call Martin at EnviroAbility on 01989 760919 if you would like further details or visit our website at

Linda Bruce updating the EnviroAbility web site. Ref: DSC_3119


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