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Issue No. 135 - 21st February 2007
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Meet Ken, the Medieval Pie Man

Simple Simon met a pie man going to the fayre. Said Simple Simon to the pie man, 'Let me taste your wares.' If you would also like to try the pie man's delicious wares, why not go along to Ross Market on Thursday 22nd February, where roving pie man Ken Woodes will be donating 20% of the profits from the sale of his pies to St. Michael's Hospice. At Christmas, Ken sold mince pies and mulled wine for £1.00 a time, giving all of the profits to St. Michael's, one of Herefordshire's most invaluable charities.

Ken's pies are made using his own medieval recipe at a small bakery in Staunton, Gloucestershire. He trades at medieval re-enactments at Tewkesbury and Berkley and is performing his own re-enactment at the Hop Pocket Craft Fair at Bishops Frome.

Ref: DSC_4266

An apology - Saturday was not a good day!

I need to make an apology for received but unpublished news this week as my computer totally crashed on Saturday and I lost all of my emails.

Saturday just was not a good day here in general - that is, until the evening, when Tina and I went to the Prince of Wales to relax and I have to admit to using many words from the 'Anglo Saxon Dictionary of Invective' - directed specifically at 'PC World' that day.

It all began last Tuesday, when my computer - the new one I bought last December because I was having trouble with the original - crashed for absolutely no reason whatsoever - suddenly - displaying the Blue Screen of Death. It was not even doing any serious processing, or running anything other than text editing programmes at the time. It was a sudden failure due to a corrupt factory set hard disc. To cut a long story short, with some knowledge from a past life (when I had one), I managed to get it running again but it happened four more times that same day at random intervals, and having already spent three days preparing last week's news, I only just managed to get it published very late at night, when most sensible people were cosy in their beds, backing up every change I made instantly, for fear of losing it.

The problem kept reoccurring and by Friday evening, I thought, 'unprintable expletive! Perhaps I had better investigate more fully'. I ran the DOS utility 'chkdsk /f' to check this hard disc. I left this scanning and walked to the Rowing Club for the 'Zebras' gig. On arriving home at around 1:30 am, I thought I would check the machine before bed and the disc checking utility had hung at 84% complete. There was absolutely nothing I could do but pull the plug to get out of it. The hard disc, containing all my main programmes and email had died completely!

Luckily, I keep all my photographic and web site data on a network drive, and backed up in two other places but I still had to format the main hard disc and reinstall all the software. Other than a photographing the 'Pie Man' in town on Saturday morning and nipping into a shop to buy my sister, Marilyn a birthday card on the way back home, reinstalling the software took the whole of the day, plus of course, I lost all my emails and sent in news items as they were on the 'c:' drive for speed of access.

I was very much not a happy bunny on Saturday. Several people had sent in news items during the week and I lost the lotl. I have retrieved some of them from those people I could immediately remember but my apologies if you are one of those who sent something in which I have lost completely. Please resend and I will publish next week, if it's not too late.

On the amusing side - well it is amusing to me, on reflection: I don't know if you have installed Windows XP from scratch but when you do, the installation process comes up with a box where you have to fill in the computer's name and description. I named the computer 'WyenotNews1' as it was before but, out of sheer frustration and anger, in the 'description' box I typed in the first sentence which came to mind: 'f---ing piece of PC World sh-t'. Without really thinking about all of the places that information might show up.

Now - every time I log off from the network, the computer gives me a choice of two great options: ' Would you like to switch user or would you like to turn off this f---ing piece of PC World sh-t?'

I can't wait until next time I have to register something from PC World on-line!

On the positive side - I was able to rebuild the system by installing just the operating system, so the computer is now clean, without all the cruddy programs that PC World decide you must have with your new computer - which run in the background until you take them out in 'msconfig' and then uninstall them. The machine now runs at virtually double the speed it did when it was brand new, just two months ago!

'Underwired' at the Prince

Following a daytime experience of which I needed to hit the 'delete from brain without sending to the recycle bin' key, Saturday evening found Tina and I at the Prince of Wales to watch 'Underwired' - an all female band. As usual at the now regular Prince of Wales, Saturday live music nights, we had a great time. It was Tina's turn to drink as she had worked while I was at the Zebras' gig the night before but even on orange juice, I enjoyed the evening.

The band were excellent and played some great music which was 'enhanced' (not sure it that is quite the right term) at one stage by audience participation. I'm not sure I have ever heard such 'interesting' backing vocals as those provided during 'Mustang Sally' but the showmanship was great. I was right by the PA speaker, taking the photos below at the time. Ouch!

Jay Hill, the landlord of the Prince joined in at one stage with, 'All Right Now'. Jay has a good singing voice and it proved to be a good evening of entertainment all round. When 'Underwired' return to town again, I recommend going to see them!

Next week at the Prince, Little Sister will be performing. Tina and I will probably manage to get to the gig but we will be late due to an afternoon family commitment in Bromsgrove (Happy 74th Birthday to Tina's dad!) but I did see them briefly on New Year's Eve at the White Lion, where everybody enjoyed their performance of classic rock covers. The following Saturday, 3rd March, the Zebras will be back. I'm sure that most of you know that I quite like the Zebras. I shall be leaving the car at home that night!

Underwired. Ref: DSC_4275

Backing vocals for Mustang Sally. Ref: DSC_4289

Ref: DSC_4293

. Ref: DSC_4296

Jay Hill sings 'All Right Now'. Ref: DSC_4304

Tina and Tigger. Ref: DSC_4308


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