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Issue No. 138 - 14th March 2007
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Wye Street Under Water

The photos on this page were all taken from Wye Street, which was closed to traffic during the flooding - most traffic, that is. . .

Usually a river side picnic area. Ref: DSC_9265

Wilton, as seen from the Thomas Blake memorial Gardens. Ref: DSC_9261

From the Thomas Blake memorial Gardens. Ref: DSC_9260

A swan swims on the Riverside Inn beer garden. Ref: DSC_9275

This dog went swimming in the Caroline Symonds Gardens. Ref: DSC_9279

Wye Street. Ref: DSC_9293

Viewing the floods from the air. Ref: DSC_9272

Hearing Loss / Tinnitus Group Welcomed to Ryefield Centre

If you live in or around Ross-on-Wye and suffer with a hearing loss or tinnitus? If so, a new monthly support group to be held at the Ryefield Centre might be just what you need. The group has been formed to help sufferers to meet others and to receive professional support and information.

Deaf Direct are working with the centre to provide a space in which those with a hearing loss or tinnitus can chat and enjoy a cup of tea with home-made cake, safe in the knowledge that they can hear and are included. Deafness is a hidden disability. People donít always wear hearing aids and even if they do, you canít always see them. Tinnitus is equally so.

Did you know there are around 26,000 people with a hearing loss in Herefordshire and the number is growing every year? Jane Seligman who is 91 years of age lives near Ross but comes to the Hereford group when she can. She said: ďIím looking forward to a group in my local area where I can meet others and gain information more easily.Ē Most people now know someone in their family, at work, or socially that has some type of hearing loss or tinnitus. It can become harder to understand and talk to people, including family members and this can lead to people feeling isolated, left out and lonely.

Deaf Direct along with Primary Care Trust Small Schemes Funding, Herefordshire have recently started a number of new groups around the county. All of the groups are supported by the project worker, Katarina Blair, who ensures that everyone has access to good communication.

'We try to have a range of speakers and information available, not only on health / deafness related topics but also other subjects that people might miss out on due to their hearing loss.' said Katarina Blair, Hard of Hearing project worker. The new group is meeting at the Ryefield Centre on Monday 19th March from 2.30 PM until 4 PM and all are welcome.

If you are interested in this group or any of the other groups around Herefordshire, please contact Katarina at Deaf Direct on 01432 357741 or e-mail Deaf Direct also offers impartial free advice on any topic related to hearing loss from their centre in Hereford city centre. If you have a hearing loss, or know someone who does, then you are welcome to visit the centre between the hours of 9.30 am Ė 2.30 PM, Monday to Thursday at Kemble House, 37 Broad Street, Hereford, HR4 9AR.

Wanted - River Tales of Unsung Heroes and Close Shaves!

Now in it's second year, Age Concern Herefordshire & Worcestershire's unique River Tales project will end in November 2007. Over 500 people have taken part in reminiscence workshops and we are now recording video interviews to tell the story of the journey of four of Herefordshire's well-loved rivers as they flow through the county during a lifetime.

Among the raft of memories you have been sharing there have inevitably been some terribly sad ones of people drowning. Now we are asking for your help to counterbalance these with happier stories of near misses and rescue on the Wye, Frome, Arrow or Lugg in the county.

Did you have a close shave or help someone in distress? Perhaps you know of a tragedy averted by a heroic bystander? We want to include some of these heart-warming stories of happy escapes and unsung heroes on the River Tales DVD being published at the end of the year.

If you would like further information about the project or if you can help, please get in touch with Katya Coupland, the project manager at Field of Vision. The telephone number is 01568 760 545. Alternatively you may like to send and email to Broadband users can see a short trailer at . The project is generously funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and the European funded LEADER+.


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