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Issue No. 142 - 11th April 2007
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This Week - [Ross from an unexpected helicopter flight - Filming the Dagenham Roundhouse Boys]
[Important Note - Aerial Ross - part one, Wilton - part two, Tudorville]
[Aerial Ross - part three, Ross Town - Lions Charity Walk - Aerial Ross - part four - gas pipeline]
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Over the past two months, people have been emailing me a news item or similar and then when I see them asking, 'why I have you not published my article/event'.

The reason is that I have not received their email. I can understand the odd email going astray but this has happened far too often, especially over recent weeks and I have begun to suspect one of two things: either somebody has been accessing my account or that my mail provider, 'Tiscali' is extremely unreliable.

To combat this; over the Easter weekend, I have changed my email system - setting up accounts with 'Googlemail'. Hopefully, all addresses you may have in your address book for 'Wyenot News' should become much more reliable from now on.

There are also other methods of contacting Tina or myself at 'Wyenot News' and these are all shown on my contact page.

Spam is a big problem for me - no exaggeration, I receive up to 3,000 junk mails per day as a result of spammers knowing about the '' internet domain and this has been a big problem but hopefully, the new system will ease that a lot.

Things I have learned as a result of investigating my email problem (just personal observation)

  • GoogleMail is brilliant! - it has an extremely efficient spam filter and you can set up pop mail so that you can download with an email client on your own computer, as well as keeping a copy on the 2 gig of webmail space.
  • Norton Internet Security is absolute poop. It is expensive and wants to take over your computer. I use AVG - there is a free version, which works just as well at detecting malicious email.
  • A combination of the two does everything that Norton can - for free and with a web back-up for your email, so even if you have to reformat your computer, you do not lose your email archive.

My email should, hopefully, now be more reliable, so if you have emailed Wyenot News and I have not responded, please try again. I am sorry for any inconvenience and have not deliberately been ignoring any mail.

Ross from a Helicopter: Part One - Wilton
(Parts one to four this week - more next week)

Our flight path took us just north of May Hill to Ross and we approached via Upton Bishop and Brampton Abbotts to Wilton, banking and turning left to put the White Lion Inn and Wilton Castle on my side of the aircraft.

I called the White Lion on the phone just before our approach. Having taken my headphone communicator off to use the mobile, I could not hear a thing but I knew it had been answered so I shouted into the mouthpiece to announce our approach. Jacqui Newman had fully understood and she can be seen waving from the garden (wearing white, nearest river, left). On the full size image, I can actually see it is you, Jacqui.

We then flew over Wilton Castle, turned and headed for the Doward, Symonds Yat and Goodrich, approaching Ross from the Tudorville end . . .

Continued . . .

Wilton. Ref: DSC_9806

The White Lion Inn. Hi Jacqui! Ref: DSC_9809

The White Lion Inn. Ref: DSC_9812

Wilton Castle - open to the public for the day. Ref: DSC_9814

Ross from a Helicopter: Part Two - Tudorville and Walford Road

Our approach to the town took us over the Vine Tree Inn and Vine Tree Park with the new 'Duplo Brick' housing estate on our side of Walford Road. I should not have worn a stripey tee shirt!

In the second photo, Betzdorf Walk, Purland, the back of the Tudorville Chippy and part of 'Lego Land' (Lincoln Hill Estate. The third photo takes in the whole of Lincoln Hill and more of Tudorville. Photo four shows Walford Road, Eastfield Avenue and Merrivale Crescent.

Vine Tree Park and the new estate. Ref: DSC_9757

Betzdorf Walk, Purland and Walford Road. I can see your house from here, Paul and Ali! Ref: DSC_9760

Lincoln Hill and Tudorville. Ref: DSC_9763

Walford Road and Eastfield Avenue. Ref: DSC_9764


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