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Issue No. 142 - 11th April 2007
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The Zebras at the Prince of Wales

The Zebras gave a terrific performance at the Prince of Wales on Saturday evening, despite the fact that poor old John Brown, the drummer had injured his foot. Tina joined in with vocals on 'Come up and see me (make me smile)' and-all-in all it was a great evening all round.

The Dagenham Roundhouse crew, who really know their stuff, filmed a part of the set and 'H' (Harold) Curren later wrote to me, commenting on how much he particularly enjoyed the Nirvana song, 'Come as you are'. They would have stayed to the end but they had a long drive back to Essex via Bristol for the following day.

Paul, my favourite 'Nirvana' song is, 'All Apologies'. You should do that - it's easy - unfortunately though it's in D flat, so you have to either grow another set of fingers or tune the guitar down!

Next Saturday at the Prince, Simon Blight will be entertaining with his guitar and vocals and wide range of covers.

Ref: DSC_5922

Ref: DSC_5925

Easter Draws

Over the past few weeks, visitors to the 'Tudorville Chippy', Audrey's Fish Bar have been buying raffle tickets in the hope of winning one of two prizes, a giant Easter egg and an enormous chocolate Easter bunny, each weighing in at around two kilos. The draw was held on Saturday 7th April and the lucky prize winners have been informed of their good fortune.

Proprietors, Sharon and Graham hold a raffle each year in aid of the Royal National Mission for Deep Sea Fishermen and this year are pleased to announce that their raffle raised a total of £408 for the charity.

Another Easter draw was held at the White Lion on Sunday 8th April This draw raised £110, which boosted the cash raised for Macmillan Cancer Support so far to £1,370 Landlord and landlady Dave and Jacqui Newman would like to thank everybody for their kind support in their efforts to help this charity.

Ref: DSC_4572

Traidcraft Coffee Morning at The Friends' Meeting House

The Ross Quakers are firm believers in fair trade throughout the world and on the first Saturday of each month a Traidcraft coffee morning is held at The Friends' Meeting House, Brampton Street to raise funds to help this cause. Saturday 7th April was no exception and I went along to take a photograph of the event.

In the photograph are Hannah Thacker, Margaret Thacker, Margaret Staples, Gillian Smith, Sally Mason, Julia Richardson, Peter Thacker, and Norman Richardson.

Ref: DSC_5830

Readers' Photos

Thank you to Julie Andrews for this beautiful photo of a kingfisher.

Julie said, 'I was on your patch the other day. I saw very little but heard a lot about. I tried bit further north - up stream today. I saw my first sand martins ( 30 ) and swallows of the year at Backney Bridge. It was much warmer and I didn't even need me wellies on. I Also had a nice pose from this Kingfisher.'

All that glisters is not gold - A warning about fake rings

Police are warning the public not to fall for a potential scam involving the exchange of supposedly gold rings for cash.

Numerous reports have been received about people being approached by a number of individuals who claim they need money to buy petrol for their car but, rather than simply asking to be loaned or given cash outright, they offer to hand over gold rings in exchange. When the unsuspecting victims later take their 'gold' rings for a valuation, they learn that they are in fact made out of brass and practically worthless.

'It may be a cliché, but it really is true: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is,' said a Herefordshire Police spokesman. 'The offenders are duping their victims by making them think they are getting the upper hand and being given a good deal, when in fact they are handing over money in exchange for almost worthless rubbish. The best advice is to politely decline the exchange and walk away.'

Exchanges are known to have taken place in city and town centres across Herefordshire, at roadsides and at a petrol station. Police investigating the incidents have made several arrests. One man has been cautioned for fraud-related offences while another man is currently on police bail pending further enquiries.

A small number of brass rings were seized when the arrests were made.

JKHS Students Visit to the Isle of Arran

In last week's issue of Wyenot News we published three photographs of a group of A level biology and geology students from the John Kyrle High School who visited the Isle of Arran in March as part of their course work. The photographs were taken for Wyenot News by one of the biology students, Kirsty Priest who told us a little more about their trip.

The students were up each day for an early breakfast, spending the first part of their visit in the classroom. There they learned about the timing of tides and recognizing tides and being briefed about the work they would be doing. They were then taken out and shown around the places that they would be working, measuring seaweed and various limpets.

After a couple of days the students were to conduct their own investigations into the population of the different species of marine life in various habitats.

The Isle of Arran is rich in fossils, one of which is a giant millipede that measures approximately two metres in length. Several years ago there was some dispute as to whether or not this amazing fossil should be removed and exhibited in a museum . An attempt to remove the fossil, however, failed as it began to crack, so it remains on the island.

The last day of the trip involved a walk around the island and all of the students found the trip a very interesting experience.

Ref: P3250004

Just thought this was a nice photo . . .

Ref: DSC_5902


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