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Issue No. 145 - 2nd May 2007
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This Week - [Had it happened on 'The Bill' . . . - Celebrating May Day on May Hill]
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Serena exhibits her stunning photography

Local photographer Serena Robinson is currently showing some of her stunning photography in the Dennis Potter Room at Ross Library. The exhibition began today, Tuesday 1st May and will be running for two weeks, finishing on Tuesday, 15th.

Serena has been taking photographs for 45 years but decided only comparatively recently to make photography her profession. Five years ago, she began photographing people's pets and now she is expanding into the field of wedding photography.

Having recently stepped back as much as possible from supplying the Ross Gazette with photographs myself (I will still be supplying occasionally but do not wish to be tied), Serena has also begun to help out with some news photography also, so you may well see us together at some events. I wish you a very successful career, Serena and look forward to seeing you become part of local 'paparazzi' at town events! We all know one another and get on like a house on fire. Welcome to the team!

I went along today for my own publication, to photograph Serena setting up her displays and her photographs really are worth a special visit!

If you have a wedding coming up or would like your pet photographed, Serena can be contacted on 01989 565993.

Ref: DSC_6501

Oh Dear, Chris is 50!

Congratulations to Chris Constable, who in nuclear terms, reached his half life
on Tuesday, 24th April 2007!

Chris was surprised by his wife, Sarah and 29 friends with a meal at the Bengal Lounge in Copse Cross Street on Saturday evening. Chris' evening then continued for several hours at the Prince of Wales and beyond.

Reports of your hangover had reached me by midday on Sunday, Chris. Paul and Sue told me - not that I want to tell tales or anything. Hope you had a great time and you can also blame Paul and Sue for requesting the photo!

Pictured below, Chris is enjoying his evening with Sarah at the Bengal Lounge as well as one of the two tables of friends.

Ref: DSC_6411

Ref: DSC_6413

Happy 18th Birthday Michelle!

Birthday Congratulations to Michelle Kiss, who was 18 on Saturday, 28th April 2007!

Michelle celebrated her 18th birthday with a family party at the Prince of Wales on Saturday. During the evening, Michelle was asked to give a speech but was rather lost for words. When asked if this was usual for Michelle, her father replied, 'No, never. She managed about thirty minutes for a sponsored silence at the school once.' Michelle managed to thank everybody for a lovely evening though and despite a couple of threats avoided being given the bumps!

Michelle can be seen below just prior to blowing out the candles on her surprise birthday cake and also with her proud parents, Christine and Nick.

Ref: DSC_6418

Ref: DSC_6425

A knight out at the Prince

Sorry - I could not resist that one. Chris Maily, our local knight in shining armour, was in Hereford on St. George's Day so he dropped into the Prince of Wales on Saturday evening to show his patriotism.

'Steady Eddie and the Boogie Men' had to cancel their Saturday performance at the Prince but they were soon replaced by Hereford band, 'Sofa'. The bit I heard sounded brilliant but I'm afraid I was shattered and could not cope with loud music this week. The Prince was my seventh photographic venue of the day. Having had only two hours sleep on Thursday/Friday and only six on Friday/Saturday, I sat in the garden with a beer for the latter part of Saturday evening while the world passed me by.

I had intended not to drink on Saturday but my first evening photos were in the Plough, where somebody insisted on buying me a drink, second was the Rugby Club and well - you know rugby players. I was bought another drink in the Prince (having only just bought myself one) and oops - my non-drinking evening had turned into a five or six pinter. Only tiredness and the cool evening air kept me relatively sober.

Tina was inside enjoying the music for much of the night and everybody told me the band was brilliant. The dance floor got busy as well but I took the usual photo of Tina dancing early in the scheme of things - before retiring for some peace and quiet. Tina should have dyed her hair purple to go with that 'Space 1999' outfit - or worn the leggings and hat as well, and stuck a flag of St. George on the front.

Next Saturday is Saturday Live Club at the prince with 'Back Alley Sally' and 'Cubra Libra'. That promises to be a great night! It's a bank holiday weekend as well so, God and the White Lion willing, we'll see you there, minus the car!

Note: Some of Jay and Amanda's Saturday music events have changed since I published last week's article. Please see the 'What's On?' page for full details.

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Ref: DSC_6414

Ref: DSC_6429

A Successful JKHS Spring Concert
by Sue Kirby

The Music Department at John Kyrle is a resounding success due to the dedication and hard work of the two main music teachers, Debra Blake and Hillary Petrie, although teachers and students alike all work hard to ensure the success of any concert they put on and what a varied treat of a programme was in store for us. Ben Abbott was the Compere and kept everyone amused with his repartee during the evening.

Continued . . .

The Spring Concert is the last concert of the school year, and for some of the students it is a bittersweet occasion as it is their final public performance with the school orchestra as many of them will be leaving at the end of this academic year.

The performance began with the training orchestra playing ‘Aztec Fire’. This orchestra seems to grow every concert. 'There are so many instruments now,' I was told by one of the music teachers, 'that the only orchestral instrument they do not have is an oboe'.

Then came an Oliver Bell trumpet Solo, ‘Espana’ followed by a delightful flute and clarinet duet, ’The Swan’, from Carnival of the Animals. Vicky Bailey who, incidentally, came 2nd in the JKHS X Factor contest this year, performed a lovely vocal solo, 'Thousand Miles', accompanied by Katie Rogers-Davies. This was followed by saxophonists: Oliver Bell, Emma Reith, Nichola Burton, Rebecca Howson and Edmund Evans, with their rendition of ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ and a flute solo by Rachel Jennings ‘Twinkle Toes'. The Year 11 GCSE group played ‘Intermission’ and Emma Hembry played the flute solo, ‘Buggy’ - a very catchy tune.

The excellent Year 11 rock band, consisting of Lee Clement, Dale Davidson, Mishcha Kopec and Phillip Wallace made their debut with ‘Controversial Minds’. This was a very complicated piece with lots of changes of tempo from rap to ballad and rock. The band have made a CD which took them a year to record.,I hope they do well with this.

The training orchestra then performed, ‘Bright Eyes’, featuring solos from year 12 leavers. ‘The Best of Queen’ followed with Alex Naylor on lead vocals and Emma Reith, Sara Kyle, Jessica Bricknell, Kelsey Smith, and Jade Davies providing backing.

The Second half of the concert began with the Senior Concert Band playing ‘Invicta’ and ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’. The Chamber Choir, directed by Ms Hazel performed ’Pie Jesu’ and the Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon Choir, a group of 30 to 35 musicians performed ‘Dance of the Hours’ from La Gioconda (to me it is Hello Mother Hello Father) then ‘Summer’, from the Victorian Kitchen Garden .

The school choir, made up of over 80 members sang three pieces; ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’ from the Vicar of Dibley, ‘A Whole New World’ from Aladdin, and ‘Wonderful Tonight’, All three pieces were a joy to listen to. An absolutely inspirational guitar solo , ‘Holy Thunderforce’ followed, played by Tony Mustow. This was sensational. The Senior Concert Band then returned with ‘March’ from Soirees Musicals, followed by my favourite of the night a ‘Salute to Louis Armstrong’ - a wonderful medley of his tunes including ‘When the Saints come Marching In, St Louis Blues, What a Wonderful World and Hello Dolly’

The final performance of the evening, ‘Zadok the Priest’ was given by the School Choir and Chamber Orchestra and this completed a very enjoyable evening. Congratulations to all who took part and helped to make it such a success.


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