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Issue No. 145 - 2nd May 2007
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It was 1977 inside Museum On The Move

The 'Museum On The Move' came to town on Wednesday, 25th April and inside it was 1977 again. The museum was showing an exhibition of memorabilia from the Silver Jubilee year - the year Elvis died.

Pictured below are visitor, Ross Lion - Bernard Fowkes with museum curators, David Jarrett and Heather Goodwyn.

Ref: DSC_6277

Ref: DSC_0160

Concert to Raise Funds for Upton Bishop Church Tower

The church tower at St. John the Baptist Church, Upton Bishop is in need of restoration work. In order to raise funds for the restoration appeal, The Bishop's Palace, Hereford, will host a major musical event on Friday 18th May, at 7.30 pm This concert is The Royal College of Music Spring Residential Concert and will feature Lydia Bunn on viola, Elisse Kleiner on flute and Claire Jones playing harp, in a wonderful programme of classical music by Claude Debussy, (Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp) and Sir Arnold Bax, (Elegiac trio for Flute, Viola and Harp).

Lydia Bunn is a member of the Prince Consort Ensemble and has spent two years as Resident Artist at the Performing Arts Institute. She is interested in many different genres of music and past collaborations have included work with dancers, jazz musicians and Indian music.

Elisse Kleiner won the Melbourne Symphony's Young Artist's Award in 2002 and has performed solo on Radio National Australia. While studying at the Royal College of Music, she has twice been invited to perform at Australia House and in the last two seasons has toured with the Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestra.

Claire Jones is one of Wales's brightest talents. At 16 she performed as a soloist for Her Majesty the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh and has been widely recognized since winning the National Eisteddfod of Wales in 1999. In 2006 she was finalist in the 3rd International Harp contest, Lille and won the RCM Harp Competition.

Tickets on the door are 10 with concessions at 8.

If you would like a lift to this event, a 17 seater minibus will be leaving the Moody Cow, Upton Bishop at 6:30 PM Please direct all enquiries via 01989 780 321 or email

Elizabeth's gift to Ross Town Council

Elizabeth Powell of Leominster was recently left a china tea set by her aunty, Ailce Agnes Harris, nee Allison. The china, bearing a Ross coat of arms had been bought in Ross-on-Wye in 1912 and given to her Auntie Alice as an engagement present.

Thinking that the china would be better used by the people of Ross, Elizabeth asked Ross Town Council if they would like it as a gift. Ross Town Council gratefully accepted and on Wednesday, 18th April, Elizabeth travelled to Ross to present the gift to Mayor, Phil Cutter and Town Clerk, Denise Mason.

Both Elizabeth and the Town Council would like to find out in which Ross shop the china might have been originally purchased almost a century ago.

Elizabeth presents the china tea set to Mayor, Councillor Phil Cutter and Town Clerk, Denise Mason. Ref: DSC_6123

Elizabeth in Ross Council Chambers with the china tea set and photographs of Alice Agnes Harris. Ref: DSC_6136

Another successful year at Ross Heritage Centre

Ross Heritage Centre has been celebrating its 10th anniversary with a special exhibition showing examples of the many exhibitions that have been held over the years.

On the anniversary itself, invited guests representing all of those who had helped during the decade were able to witness the cutting of a very special cake. Mary Sinclair Powell, the senior Heritage Centre assistant, was helped to cut the cake by the previous Community Heritage Manager, Ian Standing.

Mary has also been able to announce yet another increase in visitor figures for the year to nearly 29,000, bringing the figures for the past ten years to nearly 235,000.

The exhibition was due to finish on Tuesday, 8th May but due to popular demand it is to be extended until Sunday, 20th May.

Herefordshire Nature Trust is planning a new project to restore ponds, including one on the town and country trail in Ross-on-Wye. To allow for consultation with the residents of the town, there will be a special exhibition in the Heritage Centre from Saturday, 28th April to Wednesday, 9th May. Members of the Trust will be on hand to answer questions and explain the details on Tuesday, 1st May. Further details can be obtained at the Heritage Centre or by telephoning 01432 356872.

June is Craft Month at the Heritage Centre this year. If anyone has an unusual craft they would like to display or demonstrate during this exhibition, please contact Sue Parker at the centre.

For further details on any of the exhibitions, events or activities at Ross Market House Heritage Centre, please feel free to telephone 01432 260675 between the opening hours of 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday and 10.30am to 4pm Sunday. The centre is closed for lunch between 1pm and 1.30pm daily, if there are no relief staff members available.

Ref: DSC_6105


Regular Wyenot News reader, Jean stopped me in the street on Saturday. 'Sorry Alan, I still can't see my house'.

Well Jean - anything for you. This is the closest I can do to where I think you live, so I hope your house is on this one. This photo covers as far west as I can go at the moment, heading towards Ross from Goodrich with houses in the picture. The shot before it, which I have not published was a close-up of Rehau at Hom Green.

The picture is not too bad and covers from Lincoln Hill on the west side to River View etc. on the east side of town so others might see their house from a different direction also - especially those living off Roman Way.

I think I'll just about let this rap up the aerial photos for now as I have covered most local areas. The photo downloads have proved to be extremely popular - with several thousand downloads over just the past two weeks. If I have still not covered the area in which you live - let me know and I'll try to cover it in the future.

Image One: Lincoln Hill
Click for a larger image in a separate window.
Click the guide image above to download the full size photo then scroll to your area of interest.

From helicopter aerial to television aerial

When I see a ladder or scaffolding, I can't resist the photo opportunity. Not the most exciting photos, I'm afraid but here is the view from some scaffolding behind the Maltings car park . . .

Ref: DSC_0162

Ref: DSC_0164


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