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Issue No. 148 - Wednesday, 23rd May 2007
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Matt Launches Lamer Productions

During Matt's recent enforced time of not being able to work due to a long term sickness, he needed something to occupy his mind and so spent the time working on his home computer.

Matt has always been keen on developing computer programs and having already written quite a bit of software, he has built himself a web site to allow his programs to be downloaded. This is hopefully only the beginning as Matt intends in the future to set up a small business and market his projects.

Even the web site itself is something special. Although it may look to the viewer like any other web site. Lamer Productions dot com has been completely built by Matt from scratch using pure 'html' code and without the aid of the usual web design software that most web designers use. The web pages are also served from a home built web server in his bedroom rather than from the usual ISP provided sources.

So far, there are five utilities on Matt's site available for free download as well as web tools, which can be used if you have your own site.

The latest addition to Matt's site for download is 'LP-Text', a program which allows you to send text messages from your home computer to any mobile phone. There is also a version of this program available which allows you to text a mobile phone from the Lamer Productions web site.

If you are wondering why, 'Lamer Productions'? Matt has been known as 'Lord Lamer' while playing internet games for the last five or six years. For further information, visit

Matt Wood checks his home web server is functioning correctly from the Wyenot News office. Ref: DSC_7110


As I have mentioned before, I have been having trouble with not receiving emails, which I know have been sent, and I have been trying to get to the bottom of this problem.

The Wyenot domain is hosted by and this, I have discovered is the root cause of the problem. have recently started charging £1.66 per month for 'catch all email forwarding' which was a free service when I started using them initially. As I have four domains for wyenot, that would have meant an extra £6.64 plus VAT per month just to receive thousands of spam emails per day, so I cancelled the service.

This service might, on the surface seem OK. However. It was the way that went about introducing it that really made me mad. They sent an email, which actually went to my junk mail, informing me that they had introduced this as a new service with a month's free trial, and that, unless I went to the admin page for all of my domains individually and cancelled it, the extra money would be automatically deducted from my bank account. When I purchased my domains, this service was part of what I paid for. To me, this seems an extremely devious way of obtaining business. I have cancelled the 'catch all email forwarding' service as a matter of principle.

It is therefore very important that if you have an email address for either Wyenot News or Wyenot at either .com or in your address book that you change it to . This information is already on the Wyenot contact page and, once these new contact details have fully propagated, the problem should be solved.

Please note that if I have issued you with an '' email address, this is still fine. This is an entirely separate service which I have paid for since the very beginning of Wyenot and will continue to do so.

I thoroughly recommend Google Mail. Having been using it for a month now, I think it is an excellent service!

Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.


Circus fun at Linton Village hall

The third annual Linton Activity Day was held at Linton Village hall on Saturday. The event is held to raise funds for the village hall, which is operated as a self funding charity.

During the day, adults and children from Linton enjoyed Latin, Bhangra and jive dancing. Circus skills were taught by Thomas Trilby and a remote control car rally took place. Local teachers, Janet Moutrie and Debbie Young provided various exercise classes and the day finished with an evening quiz. Tea and home-baked cakes were on sale during the day.

Pictured below, Thomas Trilby teaches plate spinning while Pat Squires, Janet Moutrie, Shirley Powell and Shirley Eastwwod take care of the refreshments.

Ref: DSC_7063

Ref: DSC_7055

Ref: DSC_7066

The Sixth Ross Grammar School Reunion

The sixth consecutive reunion of the late forties/early fifties Ross Grammar School intake pupils, took place at the Ross Conservative Club on Saturday evening, 19th May and there were 50 Old Rossians present.

Unfortunately the group had lost two of their previous members, as Richard Ely and Bob Colburn had passed on since last year's event. Also the group were without their old Chemistry teacher, Frank Drabble, who had attended all of the previous five reunions, but sadly passed away on the 14th May. The group would like to send their sympathies to his wife, Mary who is also an Old Rossian.

'Despite these sad events, we believed that they would all have wanted us to enjoy the evening and as far as I am aware everyone did' said organizer, Jerry Lions. 'Our buffet meal was ably provided by Beryl Downing and our thanks go to her for that.'

There were some newcomers at the reunion this year, mostly in the higher age bracket and the photos on display, although mostly old news to previous attendees, were found to be very interesting by those who had not seen them before.

The organizer of the last six events, Jerry Lyons, has expressed a desire for someone else to take over his job and it is not definite as yet, if there will be a reunion next year but Mr. Lyons hopes that somebody will take his place and that there will be another reunion.

Ref: DSC_7068

In the photo above, listed in order of surname are: Jean Barker, Cicely Barter, John Bevan, Janet Brookes, Hilary Bunting, Karen Christopher, Olive Colburn, Reg Cooke, John Corbett, Ann Cornwall, Tony Dawson, June Dobson, Sheila Dobson, Colin Foden, Mavis Graham, Geraldine Grigg, Derek Gutteridge, Margaret James, Pansy James, Eileen Johnson, Dudley Jones, Margaret Keyte, Heather Lerego, Jerry Lyons, Sylvia Matthews, Margaret Morgan, Sam Phillips, Gordon Powell, Sheila Powell, Doreen Preece, Joan Preece, Lou Probert, Peggy Pugh, Brenda Robbins, Brenda Roberts, Joyce Roberts, Martha Ann Roberts, John Rogers, Bill Ruscoe, June Ryeland, Margaret Smith, Janet Turner, Mary Voss, John Watkins, Pamela Webb, Val Whistance, Hazel Whitefield, Gill Williams and Enid Young.

Clicking the small picture below will open a large version of the 1930 Ross Grammar School photograph, which Jerry Lyons was recently given.

John Kyrle pupils turn professional

Pupils studying for their French GCSE examination have been busy providing a translation service for French visitors in Ross. Ten pupils in year 11 have prepared an A4 presentation in French about the town and its attractions and the finished leaflets can be seen in the market house in Ross.

Mary Sinclair Powell in charge at the market house was delighted to receive the presentations and has prepared a colour version to be read in situ and black and white versions which can be taken away in return for a small donation.

A Belgian visitor to the market house was so impressed with the standard of work that she came to speak to the group personally in order to praise the students for their excellent work.

Mrs. Hughes, Head of Modern Languages, said how pleased she was with the response from the market house staff and that John Kyrle pupils would now be starting to work on Spanish and German versions of the town.

If any other tourist attractions or hotel and bed and breakfast proprietors would like a copy of the leaflets, then please telephone Mrs. Hughes at school: 01989 764358.

Deputy Headteacher Dave Boyd, Headteacher Nigel Griffiths, Natalie Collins, Mary Sinclair Powell,
Becky Waldis, Cariad Morgan, Jessica Bricknell and Head of Languages Christine Hughes.

A Baby Friendly Guide to Ross for Breast Feeding Awareness Week

Local parents have welcomed the publication of a new guide to local places that welcomes breast feeding families and those with young children. The Ross on Wye branch of The National Childbirth Trust has produced this publication to help families visiting the area or who may have moved here to know where they can take their children and be assured of a welcoming and helpful environment.

The guide includes 20 establishments, mainly those within the town centre, which offer food and drink and research was undertaken by members of the branch who are themselves all local parents. It was produced in response to parents' concerns about where they were welcome to go whilst breast feeding or with young children.

Paula Hickey who undertook some of this research said "Parents who are visiting our town or are new to the area need to know where they can go with their children and feel welcome. The establishments featured in this guide are helping to promote Ross on Wye as a great place to visit and showing a real commitment to families".

Sam Punn, Chair of the branch adds "Breast feeding offers babies a healthy and nutritious start in life and even better, is free and convenient! Formula milk can cost families over 450 a year, and it's great to see local businesses enabling mums to feed their babies wherever they are".

The guide is free, thanks to sponsorship from Little Chic and is being distributed from the Tourist Information Office.

Sarah and Pippa Davies, Val Harding,checkout manager, Liz Price with Emily and Daniel, a mum who helped with survey, Emma Roberts, guide sponsor pictured at Morrisons on Sunday. Morrisons was one of the 20 local establishments
approved by the guide. Ref: DSC_7107

A summer date for your diary

Peterstow Village Fete will be taking place on Saturday, 21st July on the Common at Peterstow. There'll be various stalls at the event, including plants, produce, cakes, bric a brac, fruit; and games such as skittles, golf, and the coconut shy.

In addition the organizers hope to have the Morris Dancers and a display of vintage vehicles for visitors to enjoy. The usual refreshments such as tea and beer will be available and there will be live music as well.

Entrance to the event, which begins at 2 pm is free.

Peterstow Village Fate in 2006. Ref: DSC_3446


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