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Issue No. 152 - Wednesday, 20th June 2007
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Nature Watch: 'The Sky at Night' and a couple of birds

I could not resist taking this photo of the Moon and Saturn so close together on Monday evening. If you have good eyesight and look closely, the rings of Saturn are just visible in the shot (in the 7 o'clock to 1 o'clock position). I could have gone in much closer to Saturn by photographing through the telescope but wanted to capture both bodies in the same field of view.

Writing about the telescope above just jogged my memory, taking me back to 1969, when I was a 15 year old boy. I have been interested in astronomy for a very long time, since before my early high school days and in 1969 I decided that I would like to take photos through my 'Charles Frank' telescope but did not know how to go about it.
'I know, I'll write and ask Patrick Moore,' I thought - being an avid watcher of 'The Sky at Night'. (I still am to this day.)

Sir Patrick Moore, who has since been knighted, is a very nice man and is one of the few famous people I actually like so much that I would go out of my way to watch him! Below the photo is the reply I received all those years ago, typed on Sir Patrick's now world renowned manual typewriter and obviously not long after he moved to his now famous house in Selsey.

Sir Patrick did go on to help, putting me in touch with expert, Commander Henry Hatfield at his solar observatory, whose very technical response totally baffled a 15 year old schoolboy. I believe that neither men realized that they were communicating with one so young and inexperienced. I still have that 'Charles Frank' Newtonian 4 inch reflector telescope (exactly the same as the one Brian May of both 'Queen' and 'The Sky at Night' keeps, for the same reason - nostalgia) to this day and I keep Sir Patrick's reply in my box of most treasured possessions. I can almost imagine the great man' s voice, speaking this first response.

Being that age, the hormones soon kicked in and I went through that obnoxious teenager phase, developing acne, rebelling against my parents and dumping astronomy temporarily in favour of girls and loud rock music. How I wish now that we had kept in touch over the years!

The Moon and the planet, Saturn in one frame. Ref: DSC_1046

Now for the birds. Don't get too excited. They are pretty but not that exotic or glamorous!

I took these two photos - the top one of a goldfinch and the bottom, a robin - on Sunday morning whilst drinking my Sunday morning tea at the White Lion, Wilton.

A goldfinch, by the riverbank at the White Lion. Ref: DSC_1014

This robin has become a regular in the White Lion beer garden. Ref: DSC_1008

Bands in the Park

The Metz Big Band provided entertainment at the bandstand on Sunday. Several people turned out to see them and thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon in the Caroline Symonds Gardens by the river. Just to remind you, there is a band booked to play each Sunday afternoon throughout the summer months from 2 pm until 4 pm. There is no charge for this entertainment, however collections are made for various charities.

On Sunday 24th June the Lydbrook Silver Band will be performing for you.

Ref: DSC_1021

Ref: DSC_7932

Click the centre of the image, left to listen to the Metz Big Band playing their arrangements of 'A Day in the Life of a Fool' and 'Blue Skies.'

Ref: DSC_7938

Ref: DSC_7940


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