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Issue No. 152 - Wednesday, 20th June 2007
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Going French at St. Weonard's

Last week Children at St. Weonard's Primary School held a ‘French Week’.

The children made stained glass windows, flags, buntings, French bread and croissants.

On Friday afternoon the children presented their work to parents at an event which was followed by a ‘French Café’ where the children tasted French cheese, bread and croissants.

Keeping you up-to-date: 'Is Wyenot working for you now?'

Since publishing my 'Plea for help' article six months ago, a little before last Christmas and in order to keep Wyenot afloat, financial matters have improved slightly. What really helped was increasing the cost of advertising to £90.00 per annum.

Whilst I am in town or at an event, I often get asked, 'How are things going now? Are you making some money for yourself now?' These are questions I find very difficult to answer on the spot as I do not like to talk about it and tend to just shrug it off. I usually just answer, 'Yes - much better now thanks'.

Regarding upping my advertising costs, support from Ross Rural in this respect has been an overwhelming success. Most rural businesses have told me that I should have increased my prices even more. Many more businesses both in town and rural have also come onboard with advertising since I upped the cost. I have had two people not renew due to my increased charge and these have both been in-town businesses - the businesses of people who do not have access to the internet themselves and just do not realize how many people look for things and read the news on-line.

I shall not be increasing the price of advertising further as the new price is working. I am however considering placing small block advertisements on 'Wyenot News', which advertisers may purchase on a weekly basis - minimum period four weeks. The kind you see in other newspapers and magazines: just a square block advertising Fred Bloggs' Electrical Services etc.

'Wyenot News' itself is what makes Wyenot as a whole one of the most popular local news and community web sites in the world. It does not however make me any money for me personally in its own right. All the work which you see in every weekly edition of 'Wyenot News' has been provided without generating any income for Wyenot as a whole. I keep 'Wyenot News' running just to keep the main Tourism and Local Business Information part of Wyenot popular, with visitor figures at the high end of the major rankings. This works. Wyenot brings thousands of visitors to the local area every year!

A few smaller ads in the news to generate a monthly income will help make all the hours of hard work involved; taking the photos, writing or editing and publishing the articles more worthwhile.

The answer to the big question is: Yes, thank you. Things financial have improved a lot but I still have a very long way to go in order to catch up with the past seven years worth of financial loss. The future is still bright and 'Wyenot News' is definitely the way ahead!

If you would like to advertise with a block advertisement on 'Wyenot News', the cost is £2.50 per week with a minimum 4 weeks without links to an advertising page or £20.00 per month for a picture or text box add linked to either an advertising page on Wyenot or to your own web site.

Leane Duberley, Bespoke Ladies Tailor, Opens Shop in Ross

Joyce Thomas MBE-DL performs the opening ceremony.
Ref: DSC_7889

Successful fashion designer and bespoke ladies tailor, Leane Duberley, with Mrs. Joyce Thomas MBE-DL officiating, opened the doors of her new shop to the public on Saturday 16th June. Leane grew up in Ross-on-Wye and upon leaving school attended Hereford College of Art and Design Technology. She spent twelve years in the rag trade and studied at Cheltenham for her BA hons degree in fashion design technology.

Upon completion of her degree in 2000, Leane set up her own business which she ran from a studio in her Forest of Dean home. During this period, Leane has built up a good client base and an excellent reputation for a friendly and professional tailoring service. We went along to a preview of what Leane has to offer on Friday 15th June and the results of her work are stunning!

One of the dresses on display was designed and made for the UK editor of Faerie Magazine to wear to the first UK Faerie Ball. Leane is to travel to Philadelphia with her later in the year.

Brides to be who want a unique dress for their special day would be well advised to pay Leane a visit.

Leane also designs casual wear and will make alterations. The shop is open from Monday to Saturday, although Wednesdays are for private appointments only.

In the following photographs some examples of Leane's fine craftsmanship can be seen.

Joyce Thomas and Leane by some of Leane's creations, including the beautiful Faerie dress. Ref: DSC_7881

Ref: DSC_7847

Ref: DSC_7837

Ref: DSC_7834

Leane and assistant Charlotte Brown. Ref: DSC_7859

A beautifully created wedding dress. Ref: DSC_7851

Ref: DSC_7883


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