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Issue No. 152 - Wednesday, 20th June 2007
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Dick Brice and Michael Kirby to perform for Macmillan

Over a decade ago Dick Brice, 'The Voice of the Forest' and virtuoso clarinettist, Michael Kirby gave their first charity concert. With such contrasting performances, Dick Brice was heard to comment, 'What a bizarre duo!'. Bizarre or not every subsequent performance has been a sell-out. It is three years since Dick and Michael last performed together at the Forest Church, Drybrook, which ended with a standing ovation. On Friday 27th July 2007, at Ross Baptist Church 7:30 pm, Messrs. Brice, Kirby and Boodle (accompanist to Michael) will join forces to raise funds for the Macmillan Cancer Support Appeal for the Charles Renton Unit. The total required is in the region of 2.5 million pounds. ALL the proceeds from this concert will be given to this fund. The artists are appearing without charge. The Macmillan Cancer Group is most grateful to all who have contributed to staging the concert.

Dick Brice will no doubt be his usual irrepressible self and regale the audience with songs, jokes, stories and asides, opening the concert with some of his requested compositions. Behind the humour of his poetry and songs, he often makes points about the changing nature of the world and man's place in it. Dick was born and brought up in the Forest of Dean and casts a critical eye over the changes he has seen. This is nowhere better summed up than in his song 'The Land Between Two Rivers'. This is the land where Dick Brice is completely at home.

Michael Kirby, the Ross born Clarinettist is principal clarinet in the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, Professor of Clarinet at the Academy of Orchestral Studies and also Professor of Clarinet at the Conservatoire de Tenerife. He excels in his playing and interpretation of works which evince many moods: introspection, romance, exuberance and tranquillity. He moves between these creating pictures of tone colours to suit every composition and does so with consummate ease. His programme will include Variations on a theme of Rigoletto (fiendishly difficult, rarely performed), the moving 'Trauma' by Wagner, Clarinet Sonata by Christopher Boodle, Variations on a theme of Paganini, Benny Goodman arrangements, Crusell and other well known works.

The success of this unique combination of talents is always greatly appreciated by a discerning audience and provides an evening of outstanding entertainment. There really is something for everyone. Christopher Boodle will be accompanying Michael Kirby. They have performed together on several occasions. Born in Gloucester, Christopher now concentrates mainly on composing for solo organ (three symphonies to date), playing and accompanying and duties as Director of the Stroud Festival, are included in a busy schedule.

Come along and enjoy this happy event. As the critics write - 'A wonderful concert not to be missed'. Concert at Ross Baptist Church, 7:30 pm, Friday 27th July 2007. Tickets are selling fast and cost £9.50. Advanced bookings: telephone 01989 564101 or visit Mervyn James, Market Place, Ross-on-Wye. Come along and join the event of the year.

Practise makes perfect: The first 'Plaetzedeckel' well done!

Emmerzhausen Kindergarten will will be celebrating its 35th birthday on Sunday 24th June, with a pick´n´mix programme of events beginning at 11 o'clock. Among other things there will be 'Westerwaelder specialities' such as 'Westerwaelder Plaetze' and waffles from served from the wood-fired oven.

Joerg Czerwionke and Marc Rosenkranz will be doing the baking this things on the big day and last weekend they practised baking waffles (see last week's edition of Wyenot News) and a few days ago Marc Rosenkranz baked his first "Westerwaelder Plaetze" and thinks, that he has done a great job.

For those who would like to try this at home, here is the recipe:
Ingredients: yeast, 1lb flour, 2 eggs, 5 - 6 large potatoes, salt, and milk for thinning the dough.

The potatoes must be mashed and mixed in a dish with the other ingredients. The milk is for thinning and only enough is required to allow the dough to space out well on the iron lid (see fist picture). After a short time of baking, turn the 'Plaetze'.

You can eat it with sugar, butter or nougat cream. Below are some photos of the "Plaetzedeckel":

Übung macht den Meister - erste "Plätzedeckel" sind gut gelungen

Am 24. Juni 2007 feiert der Kindergarten Emmerzhausen seinen 35. Geburtstag. Mit einem bunten Programm rund um den Kindergarten starten ab 11 Uhr die Feierlichkeiten (10.00 Uhr Gottesdienst in der Kapelle). Unter anderem soll es auch Westerwälder Spezialitäten wie "Westerwälder Plätze" oder Waffeln vom Holzofengrill geben. Jörg Czerwionke und ich werden an dem Sonntag die o.g. Westerwälder Spezialitäten herstellen. Schon letzte Woche haben wir unsere ersten Waffeln gebacken, dafür haben wir uns extra einen Holzofen gebaut. An diesem Wochenende habe ich geübt, "Westerwälder Plätzedeckel" zu backen. Ich muss zugeben, es ist mir sehr gut gelungen. Für alle, die das Rezept noch nicht kennen, hier ist es: 1 Päckchen trockene Hefe, 1 Pfund Mehl, 2 Eier, 5 bis 6 größere Kartoffeln, Salz und Milch zum Verdünnen des Teiges. Die Kartoffeln müssen fein gerieben werden und alles kommt zusammen in eine Schüssel. Die Milch dient zum Verdünnen des Teiges und es sollte soviel hinzu gegeben werden, dass sich der Teig gut auf dem "Plätzedeckeleisen" verteilen lässt. Man kann entweder einen großen "Plätzeckel" oder drei kleine backen. Nach einer kurzen Backzeit auf der einen Seite, wird der "Plätzedeckel" dann gewendet. Die "Plätze" können dann mit Zucker, Butter oder auch Nutella bestrichen werden...schmeckt sehr gut! Hier nun einige Fotos von den "Plätzedeckel":

Hay-on-Wye and Ross-on-Wye make the news in Germany

I often receive emails and calls from people who insist, 'Ross-on-Wye is full of book shops,. Why are none of them mentioned on Wyenot?!!!' I have even had people argue the equivalent of 'black is white' with me on the phone when I have said, 'No. There are only a couple'. I know immediately of course that the caller is thinking of Hay but I never let on immediately because doing so would take the fun out of the call.

This takes me back to the days when I worked the Potters Bar, when licensing hours in most of England forced pubs to close at 10:30 but in Herefordshire it was 11:00. I got so fed up with answering the same old question at 10:35, 'Do all of the pubs in Wales stay open until 11?' that I had some tee shirts made with the logo, 'WE ARE NOT IN WALES!'.

It seems that the Germans on the other hand can see the difference between the words, ROSS and HAY. I was sent this newspaper scan by Marc, who did know the difference but thought the people of Ross would be interested.

Marc also sent me some of my own photos in the German Daily. It seems though, that Ross is not the only local town to be getting known in Germany!

The headline below roughly translates to, 'City in Wales is a find pit for book fans'.


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