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Issue No. 153 - Wednesday, 27th June 2007
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Page 1 [The Brookend Street Cleanup - Wyenot News and the current nation-wide flood situation]
Page 2 [Brookend Street and how the media coverage escalated]
Page 3 [The White Lion Real Ale and Cider Festival is a roaring success - WNTV Coverage of the Festival]

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[White Lion Festival - The Performers]
Page 5 [The current water level situation - History Project - Bands in the Park but no audience]
Page 6 [Amazing prizes at Bridstow Fair - Joe and Sherell - What's happening in Ross - Prince - Marstow - Crime]
Page 7 [Garden on a Tray Competition - Goodrich Summer Folly - Business of the week - Weather Station]
The current water level situation and last week's rain measurements

What a wet week we have had! Still thankfully, the Ross area was not hit as badly as Sheffield and Hull, where people have died as a result. My sister, Jan (who some of you know due to her crystal and mineral business) lives in Stocksbridge now and her flat has four feet of water above the damp course.

I went down to the river this morning, Tuesday, 26th June, to check levels and although high for June, a flood situation has not yet arisen on the Wye at Ross. The water usually takes three days to filter down stream, reaching Ross though, so my guess is that levels could get higher later today and on Wednesday.

Interestingly, on Tuesday last - the day of the storm I filmed - we had 1.2 inches of rain (28.8 mm in new money) but on Sunday we had 2.01 inches (51.1 mm). Brookend Street did flood again on Sunday evening but only to kerb level. I am guessing that, as the rain fell over a much longer period, in extremely heavy but shorter duration showers, other than during the monsoon during the evening, the drains in town had a better chance of working.

For those interested (and I know from emails I receive that this chart has a big regular following) the full weather statistics from Ross Weather Station for last week can be seen, as per usual, on the last page of 'Wyenot News'.

I was already at work elsewhere, filming the Zebras at the White Lion during Sunday's monsoon rain, so did not go into town but I did point the camera out into the rain during the downpour. Luckily, the band played under cover but I've never seen an audience move so fast for shelter as when the rains came that night. The video already on this week's news took me 18 hours to process yesterday, so I have run out of time to process more film. I will run a clip of heavy rain to the sound of the Zebras next week, time allowing. There you go - another chance to hear my favourite local rock band next week!

The River Wye at Ross on Tuesday Morning, 26th June 2007. Ref: DSC_1274

The River Wye at Wilton on Tuesday Morning, 26th June 2007. Ref: DSC_1281

The River Wye at Ross on Tuesday Morning, 26th June 2007. Ref: DSC_1280

History project popular with Ross traders

Approximately one hundred local traders so far are taking part in the Ross-in-Bloom history project by displaying old photographs taken during the last hundred years in their shop windows. The photographs depict how Ross used to look and how it has changed during the last hundred years and businesses have been asked by Ross-in-Bloom if they would display an old photograph featuring their particular premises.

The project, which has been designed in readiness for the Heart of England in Bloom judges, is already a big hit with local residents. One lady told Ross-in-Bloom Chairman, Margaret Lucas that she had just seen her grandfather in one of the photographs and was going around the town to look at the rest of the displays.

The project has been made possible by a grant from the Ross Area Community Pride Scheme, which is funded by Advantage West Midlands Market Town Initiative to help cover the cost of the photocopying and laminating involved.

Margaret said: 'All the shops and business in Ross town centre have been visited in the past few weeks to ask them if they would like to take part. Local historians and collectors have donated copies of their old photographs and adverts which have been copied and laminated, then distributed around the town. At the moment nearly 100 premises are taking part, which is a wonderful response. We are hoping when we have finished that every premises will be displaying at least one copy to show local people and visitors a like what the town looked like during the previous 100 years.'

Margaret has been overwhelmed by the response to this project. Almost daily people are delivering items which can possibly be used. A second set of everything will be made eventually to keep in the Heritage Centre as a resource for those searching their family roots. These will be laminated along with a photo of the premises in 2007 to show history past, present and future.

During the summer holidays there will be information available for children and families about the project and they will be able to follow trails around the town, make up their own quizzes and generally learn about their history. All schools will be sent this information together with other young peoples groups.

'Every year we host the visit by the Heart of England in Bloom judges', said Margaret. 'In 2005 we won gold mainly on the community spirit and involvement in the town. This project goes a long way towards this goal and I am delighted with the way the people of this town are pulling together. Thank you all.'

If anybody else has any material which they could kindly lend to this project, please contact Margaret at Lucas Motorcycles or Mary Sinclair-Powell at Ross Heritage Centre.

'Bands in the Park' but no audience

Lydney Silver Band provided 'Bands in the Park' entertainment at the bandstand on Sunday. Although I have to admit to brass band music not being my favourite, I was brought up with brass bands, having played solo cornet in one myself as a youngster and my brother, John plays for some of the country's top brass bands, such as Flowers and Desford, so I know a good band when I hear one and Lydney were absolutely brilliant on Sunday! Trouble is, they played to about a dozen people, who had come to Ross with the band and one elderly lady sitting by herself in a chair to the side. Nobody else bothered to turn up.

I know the weather was not brilliantly sunny at the time but I quite often hear people say that 'nothing goes on at the new band stand'. So. Where were you all? No - not the White Lion Festival because that was just in the stages of setting up for the day at the time and there were only the regulars there.

If you look at the article on page seven about an event which happened in the small village of Goodrich, you will see a huge difference in turnout. I covered Goodrich Summer Folly within half an hour of photographing the band and the weather was exactly the same.

I guess the collection, which was for Ross Lions was a failure on this occasion - unless the band members themselves were very generous.

An apology to the band. I took what would have been a really good bit of video footage on Sunday but, due to fatigue after a very busy weekend, I accidentally deleted it when setting the camera for the next event. I'll film you again, if ever you come to Ross again.

Ref: DSC_8058

Ref: DSC_8061


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