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Issue No. 156 - Wednesday, 18th July 2007
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Saturday Night at The Prince

'Jagged Edge' provided the entertainment at The Prince of Wales on Saturday. Kevin Grey, left, has played with various outfits in the past, but has only recently got together with Mike Nelson, the Prince of Wales being their first gig together after only a few rehearsals. The duo played a varied set of very popular rock and electric folk covers and everybody seemed to be enjoying their performance.

The new smoking laws dictated that those who enjoy a cigarette go outside, which reduced the numbers inside the pub somewhat, however, 'Jagged Edge' did a great job and I'm sure we will be seeing a lot more of them in the future.

Ref: DSC_9066

Since the smoking ban came in, the outside of the average pub seems to attract more punters that the inside does.
Ref: DSC_9069

Nature Watch: Baby Swallows and a Kingfisher

I have been watching this swallows' nest at the White Lion Inn for some weeks now (see issue 154). The pair of swallows pictured below built their nest in the new White Lion pergola some weeks ago and I have been photographing and filming their progress. Their nest is within the busiest part of the inn - the under cover smoking area, so I hope the nest contains a Government health warning.

Thank you to Julie Andrews for sending in her beautiful photo of a kingfisher at Backney. Julie has become a kind of local, like minded, wildlife photographing friend, whom I have never met - or at least, not met knowingly. Thank you for the bottle of Home-made Elderflower Champagne, Julie. Tina and I drank it last night (Monday) and it was very sweet and very nice. My head was OK this morning as well - so you have produced a good batch! (I don't do wine making now but some of the Elderflower wine I have made in the past has taken two months to produce, ten minutes to drink and a week in rehab to recover from.)

The White Lion Swallows Nest. Ref: DSC_1643

Five young swallows waiting to be fed. Ref: DSC_1651

Scared by my camera, the male and female swallow wait nearby on a perch, to see what
I am up to before taking to the nest and feeding their young. Ref: DSC_1650

Julie's beautiful photo of a kingfisher, fishing the Wye at Backney.

The Road to Nowhere?

Whilst searching through the thousands of scenic, local photos I have taken over the past seven years for a DVD I am currently working on, I rediscovered the photo below, which I took back in the spring of 2004. I thought it was different from the usual, 'Ross Vegas'. I was just driving past at the time on my way back from photographing 'Arthur's Stone' but just had to stop the car and capture the image before Herefordshire Council put things right again.

Whilst I was there, a man from Ordnance Survey was also at the location, surveying for the map. If you look at the area on the OS map and find uncharted territory in Herefordshire, 'here there be monsters' or similar, you will know that he took the sign at its face value and did not bother to venture any further than Clehonger Church.

In case you are wondering, the place is actually called 'Ruckhall'. The paint rings on the ground make me wonder how many tins of paint it took just to change one letter and delete another. Maybe it was a council sign writer who made the change. If so, did he book 'double time' because he had to work unsociable hours to carry out the job?

Does anybody remember the 'Poxy Cinema' in Ross? I wish I had photographed that one - the sign was there for years.

Ref: P3300962

Letters to the Editor

An apology for Sunday's Bands in the Park - or lack thereof

Please can I ask you to issue an apology through Wyenot News on behalf of the organizers of 'Bands in the Park' at Ross Band Stand.

Sunday's concert was cancelled at three hours notice by the Band of West Mercia Constabulary due to 'adverse driving conditions'.

Having confirmed that the band would be in attendance last Thursday and again last night we were sure that they would be playing. We received a called at 11.00 am this morning (Sunday 15th July) telling us that they would not be travelling due to the severe weather warning (anticipated heavy rainfall) from the Met Office. They stated that they would not travel due to safety concerns with most of their players travelling at least an hour's journey.

We were unable to arrange a substitute band to take their place due to the short notice that we received even thought the afternoon proved to be dry.

The concert season will continue next Sunday with the Cinderford Town Band as planned.

David Harding

For those who missed watching Sunday's band, here is the recording I made last week of Tewkesbury Town band but did not get time to process for last week's news . . .


Hello Auntie Pauline

Dear Alan,

I saw the letter from my Aunt in America (Pauline Bennett) on Wyenot this morning. Just to let you know I am still here in Italy - every Wednesday I have an appointment with your website to catch-up on local news!

Well-done for an ever-improving website and Hello Aunty Pauline!!

David-Gene Bennett

Stresa, Lake Maggiore - Italy

Nice to hear from you again, David and it's good to know that you are still reading Wyenot News regularly. I have thought about those initial emails you sent often as you were one of the first people ever to write to me via Wyenot.

My brother works in Italy (Moderna), commuting home at weekends and he tells me it is hot there at the moment. Please try to arrange to send some of it here. We have had the worst June and July I can remember here in the UK! Wet enough to stop a Police Band!

Thank You

Just to say thank you so much for your excellent website. We have just had a superb weekend in Ross-on-Wye. We stayed at Nature's Choice, ate at the Bridge at Wilton and the King's Head, visited Symonds Yat, the Birds of Prey Centre and Shambles Victorian Village.

My 84 year old father was with us too and really enjoyed the break. Yours has to be the best town website I have ever come across - it really made our stay easier to plan.

Thanks and best wishes.

Alison Laws

Nothing under £65

I am planning to bring my 75 year old mother into the Wye for a few days in September. Your web site is great, but there is nothing under 65 for a twin room. Do you know of anything cheaper in or around the area


Can't please all of the people, all of the time. I am sorry but I do not make the prices. I am certain that there is, if you read the pages of those who advertise properly - The White Lion Inn for example. Not that I read everybody's price list - I just know that one for personal reasons.

PS. I hope your 75 year old mother can swim well if she is going 'into' the Wye. The river has strong and dangerous undercurrents.

Llangarron Fete

Thank you for you support in promoting the event it definitely paid dividends.



It was a pleasure and I'm pleased the event was very successful. I would have come along but had loads of events, all at the same time that weekend.


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