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Issue No. 157 - Wednesday, 25th July 2007
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Irresponsible Idiot!

With the emergency services and even the military stretched to their absolute limits over the weekend, rescuing people from their homes, this idiot decided to go canoeing in the extremely dangerous, fast flowing water under Wilton Bridge during Sunday's peak water levels on the River Wye.

He was obviously an extremely accomplished canoeist but even the professionals can have accidents. If he had fallen in or killed himself, others would have had to put their lives in danger, rescuing him, or recovering the body.

He was showing off to the audience of flood sightseers on the bridge and disappeared as soon as they got bored and left. Putting ideas that it is fine to practice such dangerous stunts into the heads of other, far less capable canoeists is totally irresponsible!




'Rivers are no place to play!' warn Police

Police in Herefordshire are warning children not to play in floodwater or in rivers because of the dangers of being swept away. It follows a report this afternoon of a group of children using a dinghy and swimming in the swollen River Wye close to the Victoria Footbridge in Hereford. Police attended and prevented the children, boys aged 12 and 13 from re-entering the water having given them extremely strong warnings of the dangers involved.

'It is simply staggering that anyone should be foolish enough to enter the river given the recent weather difficulties,' said a Herefordshire Police spokesman. 'Rivers are extremely swollen at present and particularly fast moving, so it would be very easy to be simply swept away. In addition, the river water is full of debris thanks to the flooding, which could easily cause a dinghy to capsize or entangle anyone entering or falling into the water.

There may also be health risks from swallowing any water which could well be contaminated with sewage and other harmful substances. 'Emergency services are extremely busy assisting those affected by the flooding and should not have to put their own lives at further risk by having to rescue people who have put themselves into a needless position of danger.

The simple message is to keep out of the water and to stay away from river banks for your own safety.'

Cut off at Symonds Yat East

No option but to go to the pub. Even the Saracen's Head Inn closed though at Symonds Yat East though, so everybody went to the Royal to pass the time instead. All there was to do, according to Nick Stephens was 'get slaughtered and watch the hay bales float by on the river'.

Sounds like fun to me!

Symonds Yat East by Nick Stephens.

Symonds Yat East by Nick Stephens.

In the pink at Benjamin's Pharmacy

The five ladies at Benjamin's Pharmacy in Ross community Hospital dressed in pink last week to raise money for Cancer Research in memory of their former colleague, Jennie Barter.

Jennie worked in Benjamin's shop in Broad Street for many years, then started delivery driving when the pharmacy moved to the Community Hospital. Sadly, Jenny died of cancer in December 2005.

As well as dressing in pink, Rachel Ward, Sam Howells, Heather Evans, Nicky Ruck and Luan Ahmed (pictured below) held a tombola at the hospital to raise much needed funds towards finding future cancer cures.


Lord Lucan alive and well, and living in High Street

Thank you to Sean Darker for the photograph of his door bell, which clearly proves it.

Lord Lucan.

The Roper Family Entertains at Goodrich Court

Residents of Goodrich Court turned out in strength for an hour long concert given by Hannah Roper aged 11 on violin, her sister Rachel, aged 8 on cello and mother Frances accompanying on keyboard. Father Ian assisted with page turning and other duties.

Introducing the family, Ross Live! director Robin Symonds said that the concert was intended to be a taster for the Ross Live! Festival which runs from 4th to 14th August. He recommended the three lunchtime concerts in the Baptist Church, Broad Street which offered comfortable seats, excellent disabled access, and at 5, affordable tickets.

He reminded the audience that it would be possible to hear Hannah again on 14th August when she and accompanist Rhiannon Davies will appear at Hom Church, Walford to give an evening recital of works by various composers including the well known Cesar Franck Sonata and three unaccompanied dances from the Third Partita by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Hannah and Rachel gave a sparkling performance of solo pieces and duets by composers including Lully, J S Bach and Edward Elgar which held their audience spellbound for an hour.

Last month Hannah entered the first round of the BBC Young Musician of the Year 2008 competition in which she has just heard she has been successful and will now go forward to the next round. Here is a very gifted young musician with a great future and her sister Rachel, having recently passed her Grade 7, isn't so far behind!

Talented young musicians, Hannah and Rachel Roper at Goodrich Court. DSC_9140



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