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Issue No. 158 - Wednesday, 1st August 2007
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[Herefordshire Haddock - The Hildersley Flasher - Time Lapse River Wye]
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WNTV: A Summer Garden Party at the Old Court

The weather was kind on Sunday afternoon - the first full day of sunshine in recent weeks - as hundreds of people gathered at The Old Court Hotel, Symonds Yat West to enjoy the Summer Garden Party. Live music was performed by various artistes and bands throughout the day and a hog roast and a raffle also took place.

The event was held to raise funds for Whitchurch Primary School. Last year's event raised £500. We have not yet heard the results of this year's party, but a good time was had by all who attended as can be seen in the video below.

My apologies to the other performers whom I promised I would return to photograph later. I was extremely tired and involuntarily fell asleep in my office chair after processing the first set of photographs.

Ref: DSC_2338

The Applejacks musicians. Ref: DSC_2354

The Applejacks dancers. Ref: DSC_9435

Ref: DSC_2362

Banshee. Ref: DSC_9424

Ref: DSC_2338

Ref: DSC_2340

Ref: DSC_2341

Man attacked in Three Crosses Close

Police are appealing for witnesses to an incident in Three Crosses Close, Ross-on-Wye in which a man was assaulted. The assault happened at around 9pm on Monday, 16th July and involved the male victim being hit in the face and head by an unknown male from a group of people, possibly between six or eight in total.

The victim was unable to give a description of any of those involved, however. Anyone who witnessed the altercation is asked to contact PC Emma Terry at Ross-on-Wye Police Station on 08457 444888 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Readers' Letters


Hi Alan, Your web pages have been as brilliant in the last year of living in Jersey if not better than ever. The pictures and information you give show that wherever you are in the world, Ross-on-Wye is a beautiful place to be and the grass is not always greener on the other side hence why we are moving back and canít wait.

Thanks for your weekly updates and will be in contact about advertising on the site very soon for your new businesses.

Jo Gilmour

Hi Alan. Thank you for putting my" looking for James family ancestors" in your newspaper I hope that something might come of it. I was very impressed with your newspaper, it covers so much of the community and I found it very interesting to read. I am a member of a Lions Club in Australia and was very interested in what they are doing. Thanks for the great read.

Joan James

Hi Alan, I was born at Brights Orchard Foy and lived most my life around and in Ross I even worked for Jacqui Danter in the night club and arcade for a couple of years. Unfortunately moved away to Northampton around 10 years ago I still miss Ross and all the people but keep in touch via your web site so please keep up all the excellent work which keeps me near my home which I love. I dream about returning one day and your web site helps keep the dream alive. Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Thank you to all three above. It's a pleasure! Ross does occasionally have its down side but on the whole, it's a great place to live.

Canoeist - I disagree

Hi Alan, saw the bit about the canoeist and totally disagree with you. The guy is well kitted out and in a play boat which is designed for that type of water. From what I have heard he was a very accomplished paddler. The river may look dangerous to the average punter but it is still only grade 1 to 2 when in flood, it just moves a bit faster. It's the big waves and stoppers that make canoeing more difficult and the Wye has none of these, even in Flood.

I have kayaked far bigger and faster rivers in Scotland and abroad, and am here to tell the tale. As a climber, caver and paddler I say good on you and it would appear the crowd enjoyed it, or maybe they were just waiting for him to come a cropper. When people are well kitted out and good at what they do why not let them do it. The bubble wrap is bad enough in this world all ready.

Sorry mate but I had to put my point on this one,


I do agree with you Chris, to a point. I have canoed on the Wye in January myself during the New Year's Day Hole-in-the Wall to Ross race (bad move). The canoeist was obviously very good at his sport and well equipped - I believe I said that at the time.

My point was that, in a week when the police had been sending bulletins here to 'Wyenot News', as well as all of the radio and TV media, virtually every hour, stating that all emergency services were stretched to their absolute limits rescuing people who had not deliberately put themselves in danger but needed rescuing from their homes. Also pleading with the public not to 'play' near flooded rivers, where there were all kinds of extra dangers, such as floating and unseen debris. The man still went ahead and canoed in a dangerous (to the average person) place, in front of a large audience of average people and children, giving out the message that it was safe to do so.

Even the best, in any sport can have an accident - especially with unseen debris in the river. Luckily this did not happen but, if it had, the already stretched emergency services would have had to come and rescue him, leaving the places where help was needed, through no fault of anybody with less able people to cope.

I absolutely agree with you on the 'bubble wrap', having been told I must wear a life jacket to stand by the river and photograph the Dragon Boat Racing. As you may remember, I think my reply to that jobsworth was, 'Fxxx it then, I'll go home instead'.

Cheers, Chris - see you soon, I hope.



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