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Issue No. 158 - Wednesday, 1st August 2007
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Work begins on new primary school for Sutton

Work has begun on the construction of a new eco-friendly primary school at Sutton St Nicholas, Hereford.

The existing building is the original Victorian school house constructed in 1874. This has been extended over the years to accommodate the increase in pupil numbers. There is very little space for children to play, both inside and outside, and with new family housing planned for the area the temporary buildings desperately need to be replaced.

The cost of the new school is being met from a government grant, Herefordshire Council capital funds and a 200,000 contribution from the community towards the new hall.

Able to accommodate 84 children, a pre-school and after school club, the new building will consist of three classrooms and a community hall for shared use. The school will be built with the environment in mind - natural lighting and ventilation will minimize the need to consume energy. A special feature will include a rainwater harvesting system so that rainwater can be conserved and recycled.

The school is contributing to the project by kitting out the new building with contemporary furniture and state of the art ICT equipment.

Peter Box, acting head teacher, said: 'We have just received this year's results which indicate that Sutton St. Nicholas Primary School is one of the most improving primary schools in the country. 100% of our key stage two children achieved level 4 in English, reading and writing with 91% in maths and 91% in science. 100% of these children also managed to get a level 5 in reading which is unprecedented. 'This goes to show what a strong, successful school Sutton St Nicholas is, despite the poor existing accommodation. 'We are delighted that the children are going to get the new, modern school they deserve.'

Over the last few weeks, preparatory work has been undertaken by C J Bayliss who have been contracted to build the school. The first brick was laid on Friday 27th July by Councillor Jenny Hyde, cabinet member for children and young people at 2.30pm. Councillor Hyde said, 'Herefordshire Council is committed to providing the very best education we can for our children, and we are keen to make sure the buildings children learn in are good quality. 'The school's performance has improved dramatically recently. The children, staff and parents are celebrating some incredible key stage one and two results at the moment in spite of the poor surroundings. Soon the children will be able to enjoy learning in new, modern buildings which is what they deserve.'

The new school will be completed by Easter next year.

Councillor, Jenny Hyde lays the first brick.

Fifteen Homes Approved at Kingsland

Planning permission for 15 new homes to be built on land at Croftmead, North Road, Kingsland, near Leominster, was approved by Herefordshire Council's Northern area planning subcommittee on Wednesday, 25th July. The application was deferred at the meeting on June 27 for a site visit which took place on Tuesday, 10th July.

The development is made up of nine detached four bedroom homes, one detached three bedroom home and five affordable homes in the form of two separate terraces of two bedroom units.

Six letters of objection were received.

Halo offers changing places for disabled people

Leominster Leisure Centre manager Haydn Roberts and Jonathan Hunt in the
changing rooms specially designed for use by disabled people.

Herefordshire Council has come to an agreement with Halo leisure centres over providing easily accessible changing places for people who cannot use standard accessible toilets.

Specially designed changing areas at Hereford Leisure Pool in St Martins Avenue and Leominster Leisure Centre in Coningsby Street are to be made available for use by disabled people, even if they are not using the leisure facilities. Both of the centres have toilets with enough space for disabled people and their carers, and the right equipment, including a height adjustable changing bench and a hoist.

Councillor Olwyn Barnett, Herefordshire Council's cabinet member for social care adults and health, said: 'We are extremely grateful to Halo for offering this service which will greatly increase independence for disabled people. 'It will enable these people to enjoy a day out in Hereford or Leominster to go shopping or for a walk without their carers having the worry of finding suitable changing facilities. At present, the only option is to use public toilets which are not adequately equipped'.

At present there are no dedicated public changing rooms for disabled people and, ultimately, Herefordshire Council would like to see ones set up in Hereford city and the five market towns of Ross, Ledbury, Bromyard, Kington and Leominster.

Haydn Roberts, manager of the Leominster Leisure Centre, said: 'As part of our commitment to allowing all people to access leisure facilities in the county, we have specially equipped changing rooms at Hereford Leisure Pool and Leominster Leisure Centre and we are happy to offer these facilities to all disabled people. All we ask is that people telephone us in advance so we can make sure the facilities are not already being used and hopefully this will give carers extra freedom so they can enjoy a day out without worrying about finding suitable changing rooms.'

Mrs Rose Hunt, whose son Jonathan, 22, has profound disabilities said: 'My son is striving to have a life like everyone else and this is one more step towards that and means he doesn't have to come home to be changed but can instead spend all day in either Leominster or Hereford.'

Leominster Leisure Centre manager Haydn Roberts in the changing rooms specially designed for use by disabled people.

Affordable Homes for Kington Approved

Plans to demolish a residential care facility and build 12 affordable homes at Kingswood Hall, Kingswood Road, Kington, have been approved by Herefordshire Council's Northern area planning subcommittee meeting on Wednesday, 25th July.

The application by South Shropshire Housing Association was deferred at the meeting on 29th May for a site visit to be carried out. A Kington Housing Needs Survey published in July 2004 identified a need for 61 affordable homes. An information day was held on Friday, 20th July 2007, when Herefordshire Council's strategic housing team met Kington residents to discuss their need for affordable homes. The affordable homes to be provided on the site will be a mix of rented (six) and shared ownership (six) flats, homes and bungalows.

The site ceased use as a residential care home in 2003 because much of the accommodation had become obsolete and failed to meet the necessary standards. Before this, the site was used by the Kington Poor Law Union Workhouse until about 1962.

Twelve letters of objection were received.

Supermarket sweep up

Pupils from Lord Scudamore with Councillor Julie Woodward, Councillor David Benjamin and
Nigel Fox, manager of the Hereford Sainsbury's store.

Sainsbury's in Barton Road, Hereford, has become the first supermarket to sign up to Herefordshire Council's Streetscene campaign to keep the county clean. Streetscene signs have been put up at entrances to the supermarket and the Duty manager Nigel Fox, aided by pupils from Lord Scudamore Primary School, carried out a clean sweep of the approach to the store from the Great Western Way on Tuesday, 17th July.

Nigel Fox, Sainsbury's Duty manager, said: 'We are looking forward to working with the Streetscene campaign and hope that, by ensuring our store's surrounding area is kept as clean as possible, it will enhance the shopping experience for our customers as well. 'As a supermarket, we like to work with the local community and it is nice to work with youngsters as well. As a store we have been involved with all sorts of community initiatives including donating sports equipment to nearby schools through the Active Kids campaign'.

Fifty pupils from Hereford's Lord Scudamore School were issued with special graptors (animal-headed litter pickers) and 'Streetscene' fluorescent vests to help with the cleanup. The school is also the first to sign up to the Streetscene Charter which requires a commitment to keep the school grounds litter free and, where possible, work with the local community to promote a better, cleaner environment.

Lord Scudamore School has been a Streetscene Nozone - NO litter, NO chewing gum, NO graffiti, NO dog fouling - for some time and is a committed eco-school. The cleanup will be followed by clearing and tidying the grassy areas at the approach to the rear of the store from the Great Western Way.

Councillor John Jarvis, cabinet member for the environment and strategic housing, said: 'I would like to thank both Sainsbury's and the pupils at Lord Scudamore School for supporting Streetscene in this practical way. As a council, we are committed to making the environment as pleasant as possible and hope that if people see this area, which is popular with both walkers and cyclists, is clean and tidy then they will try and keep it that way.'

Councillor David Benjamin with some of the Lord Scudamore pupils during the litter pick outside Sainsbury's in Hereford.

Councillor Julie Woodward and Lord Scudamore pupils, from left, Tonicha Crook,
Rhiannon Jenkins, Abby Proctor, Zoe Staunton, Lauren Meredith and Liam Edmonds.

Approval Given for 425 New Homes in Leominster

A scheme to build 425 homes at Barons Cross Camp, Cholstrey, Leominster, was approved by Herefordshire Council's Northern area planning subcommittee on Wednesday, 25th July. The application was deferred by the committee on Wednesday, 27th June, following a request from councillors for a public meeting to be held. This meeting was held on Wednesday, 18th July.

Taylor Woodrow Developments Limited is to build 57 one-bedroom homes, 154 two-bedroom homes, 158 three-bedroom homes and 56 homes with four or more bedrooms on the site. Within the development there will be 140 affordable homes, 41 of which will be for shared ownership and 99 of them will be rented.

Objections were received from the Council for the Protection of Rural England, Leominster Civic Society, the Leominster branch of Herefordshire Green Party and eight members of the public. Outline planning permission was granted on October 10, 2006.

Government Earmarks Twenty Million for South Wye High School

Herefordshire Council has been informed that the government has earmarked 20million to transform Wyebridge Sports College in Hereford to a new state of the art academy by 2010.

The Department for Children, Schools and Families approved the principle of a co-educational academy for approximately 900 11-16 year olds in the South Wye area of Hereford earlier this year. The approval came when an anonymous benefactor gave a donation of 1.5m to sponsors, Diocese of Hereford. This money will be used as an endowment fund, providing ongoing support for the school and its students in the future.

The academy will specialize in sport, science and health. It will help to create new educational standards by offering courses linked closely to the needs of individual students and by increasing the involvement of parents and the wider community. Wyebridge Sports College has dramatically improved GCSE results over the last few years and it is anticipated that significant capital investment will result in further improvements. Elsewhere in the country academies have seen improved GCSE results and increased rates of young people staying on to continue their education at a sixth form.

The new academy will be leased to and managed by a trust which will include representatives from the Diocese. Proposals for the academy do not alter the administrative arrangements of the school and no places will be offered on denominational grounds. The school will continue to serve the South Wye area and the admissions policy will stay the same.

The 20million will be used to rebuild the existing school with the exception of a teaching block built in the 1990s. The sponsors are talking to staff, children, the local authority and the local community about the sorts of facilities that will be needed. Their vision for the new academy will go out to consultation in September.

Councillor Jenny Hyde, cabinet member for children and young people, said: 'Becoming an academy provides the school and its community with lots of new opportunities. The financial commitment from the government and the Diocese means that South Wye children will be able to enjoy new, modern, well equipped buildings and facilities, together with an innovative school curriculum to help raise levels of achievement. It is hoped to complete a feasibility study and consultation exercise by the end of this year so that plans can be drawn up and a contractor appointed for September 2008.

Temporary Loss of Car Parking Space

Herefordshire Council is advising motorists that an area of the Wye Street car park will be closed off to vehicles because of work being carried out on the Belmont flood defences.

The contractors, Morrison Construction need an area of the car park for working and access during construction of the part of the proposed flood defence wall which runs next to the car park on the Bishop's Meadow and King George's Playing Field boundary side.

Eighteen of the 81 spaces on the car park will be unavailable for public use for a three to four week period from early August but will be reinstated to car park spaces on completion of the works.

Councillor Brian Wilcox, Herefordshire Council's cabinet member for highways and transportation, said, 'I would ask motorists to bear with us while this section of work is carried out because the health and safety of the workers on site must be our top priority.'

Extra Car Parking in Hereford Available Soon

Hereford motorists will soon be able to benefit from 60 extra car parking spaces in the city centre after Herefordshire Council reached agreement with the landowner to manage the facility. Planning permission for a car park with 60 spaces at 15 - 17 Kyrle Street, Hereford, formerly The Car Centre, has been granted on condition the facility is managed by Herefordshire Council in accordance with its overall transport policy.

Councillor Brian Wilcox, cabinet member for highways and transportation, said, 'This is an area where there is significant demand for parking, because it is close to shops in Commercial Road and the County Hospital. Demand for parking in this area often exceeds supply on a daily basis and we have been able to gain agreement with the landowner to manage the car park and in return, will receive a proportion of the income from it.'

Public notices have now been published for an Order which will enable Herefordshire Council to manage the car park at Kyrle Street. It will be a pay and display car park and the usual disabled vehicle and local elderly concessionary exemptions will apply. Any objections to the Order for the car park must be made in writing to Alan McLaughlin, Head of legal and democratic services, Herefordshire Council, Brockington, 35, Hafod Road, Hereford. HR1 1SH and must be received by Friday, 17th August 2007.

Work is currently taking place on site and it is hoped that the car park will be open to the public in a few weeks time. For further information on the car park contact Herefordshire Council's parking manager Mick Morris, on 01432 383276.

Dig That! at Hereford Museum and Art Gallery

Archaeology is the focus of a new exhibition at Hereford Museum and Art Gallery, which will run until Monday, 3rd September. Dig that! is in the foyer case display and highlights some of the museum's archaeology collections. These include materials from the Roman occupation, Iron Age, Palaeolithic, Bronze Age and medieval period. Particular high points of the collection are Iron Age material from Croft Ambrey and Sutton Walls hill forts as well as Romano-British finds from Kenchester Roman Villa.

Judy Stevenson, collections and access officer, said, 'Digging up past communities, exploration and discovery is what archaeology is all about and hopefully this display will get more people interested in finding out more about the county they live in.'

Council Halts Roadworks to Preserve Rotherwas Ribbon

Herefordshire Council has confirmed that it had stopped work on the Rotherwas Relief Road around the Rotherwas Ribbon since the archaeological find was discovered and is taking steps to preserve it for future generations. The council had its first opportunity on Friday, 27th July 2007 to debate the significance of the prehistoric find and resolved that no irreversible action be taken that could prejudice preservation of the site.

The council's plans to protect the Ribbon with layers of protective membranes and sand are endorsed by English Heritage and work will be undertaken as soon as site conditions allow. Several questions from the public were responded to and after a full debate, the council voted for the cabinet to consider the most appropriate way of completing the Rotherwas Relief Road and to address any financial consequences of delays.

The council was assured that any decision taken by the cabinet would be a key one, which meant it could be 'called in' and scrutinized by other elected members. If the views of cabinet and the scrutiny committee differ, then the leader of the council will call a special meeting of the council to debate the issues.

Herefordshire Council is awaiting a report from English Heritage on whether or not the site meets the criteria for scheduling as a nationally important monument but its advice echoes that of the county archaeological service that the remains should be preserved where they are and protected from bad weather.

While the weekend's storm caused erosion to surrounding areas, the passage of water across the Ribbon was safely channelled through existing land drains over the cracked stone pathway. Temporary measures were not put in place then as this risked damaging the site if undertaken during the recent bad weather. The council has shown 1,000 people around the site so far.

'I am pleased we were able to have a full and informed debate and respond to questions from the public today', said Councillor John Jarvis, cabinet member for the environment. 'The council is determined to save the Rotherwas Ribbon in line with best professional archaeological advice and practice. We believe we have taken all the right and appropriate measures to communicate the find, protect it and enable people to see it. The action now is to cover it over with a protective membrane in order to safeguard it for future generations, as well as use the latest technology to record information about the find and present it for current generations to study.'

For further information contact Herefordshire Council by telephoning 01432 260006.

Taking Play into the Heart of the County

Herefordshire Council is working with Wildplay to take lots of exciting play based activities into the Golden Valley and Ross areas over the summer holidays. A series of fun play days will be run from Herefordshire's play bus "Moby" which will be parked up at a variety of locations as indicated below.

All playdays are free and aimed at children up to 13 years of age. Children under the age of five must be accompanied by an adult, although all adults are welcome to come and enjoy the activities with their children. Play sessions last for two hours and flasks, wellies and waterproofs are strongly recommended.

The Playday schedule is as follows:

Monday, 6th August at 10:30 am - Longtown Primary School. Moby playbus, face painting and wand or tiara making activity by Amy Forbes
Monday 6th August at 1:30 PM - Ewyas Harold Primary School. Wildplay run in conjunction with the existing holiday club at the school.
Tuesday, 7th August at 10.30am and 1.30pm - Bridges Childcare at Wormbridge. Music for 0-5s in the morning. Craft activity and Wildplay.
Monday, 13th August at 10.30am - Clehonger village hall car park and green. Wildplay and face painting or wand or tiara making activity by Amy Forbes.
Tuesday, 14 August at 10.30am and 1.30pm - Clifford community hall and field. Wildplay, face painting and craft activities run by Busy Bees nursery.
Monday, 20th August at 10.30am and 1.30pm - Brampton Abbotts primary school. Wildplay.
Tuesday, 21st August at 10.30am and 1.30pm - Bridstow Primary school. Wildplay.
Wednesday, 22nd August at 10.30am and 1.30pm - Kings Caple Primary school hall. Wildplay.
Thursday, 23rd August at 10.30am and 1.30pm - Goodrich Primary School. Wildplay.
Friday, 24th August at 10.30am and 1.30pm - Tudorville on the green near the youth centre.
Friday, 31st August at 10.30am - Peterchurch Community Hall. Music for 0-5's, Wildplay, face painting, craft activity.
Friday, 31st August at 1.30pm Local fire-fighters will provide games, information and a show the children how their fire engine works.

Further information is available from Elizabeth Davies or Zoe Woods on 01432 261681.


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