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Issue No. 161 - Wednesday, 22nd August 2007
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[What we do in our time off from Wyenot News - What's Happening in Ross this week]
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WNTV: Tina Dancing - The Movie (I wore the trousers in our 'ouse on Saturday!)

I wore the trousers in our house on Saturday - Tina made me! Our usual Saturday evening tour - photographic for me - drinking beer for Tina, took us to three venues and at each one, at least half a dozen people commented that I was not wearing shorts. All of these comments came from women, I might add. Must be my muscular legs - they have to be, in order to support the weight of my belly. My belly is shrinking though - and quite rapidly. I've given up chocolate, the main cause of my being over weight, to reduce the risk of getting nagged into having my hernia, (which was caused by lifting a heavy 'Cadbury's Fruit and Nut' bar) fixed.

The reason she made me change? One of the venues was a wedding reception at the Royal Hotel and just as we were leaving, Tina told me I had to. 'You can't go to a wedding reception like that!' She said. 'Go upstairs and get some trousers on!' I'm still one-up on her though - I sneakily wore black denim jeans, cunningly disguised as trousers and she didn't notice until after the event.

'TINA DANCING - THE MOVIE' could be described as my 'getting my own back'. It was filmed partly at the Royal Hotel and partly at the Plough Inn. Both events had a live band but unfortunately, thinking Tina already knew the band at the Royal, I didn't ask what they were called and she didn't know. At the Plough, the music was performed by 'Double Barrel'.

I did not mention 'Tina Dancing' in the index. This is because when I was out at the Hope & Anchor on Friday, somebody told me that mentioning it in the index spoils the surprise. He said it takes the fun out of hunting through the news for it. A bit like 'Find the Duck' in the books I read with the children when they were young, I guess. The film is pretty dark at times because that particular camera is small, but useless in low light levels but for all 'Tina Dancing' followers - enjoy. And tell her off for making me wear trousers when you next see her. I was uncomfortable all night.

Ref: DSC_0317
Click photo to watch Tina Dancing - The Movie.

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Video: What we do in our time off from Wyenot News

With this week being a relatively quiet news week, a kind of lull before the bank holiday weekend, Tina and I decided to lock up the office on Monday evening, forget 'Wyenot News' and the rest of Ross-on-Wye for the evening and take a few hours off.

We drank some German beer, a present from our Betzdorf visitor, Marc a few weeks back and played the guitar.

These recorded extracts (click picture) are just one-off straight recordings from the video camera with no audio editing whatsoever. Tina's voice is nice but mine is like a crow with a sore throat.

The songs are: 'No Other Name', 'Effervescing Elephant', 'Love You (Ice cream, 'scuse me, I seen you looking good the other evening)' and 'Here I go'.

The White Lion Inn, Wilton.
Morris Bricknell, Chartered Surveyors, Stroud House, 30, Gloucester Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. HR9 5LE.


Tel: 01989 768320

What's Happening in Ross This Week?

On Thursday, 23rd August, Ross Heritage Centre is holding an activity session 'Wondrous Weaving.' The session begins at 10 am and runs until 12:30. The activity sessions at the Heritage Centre have proved very popular throughout the holidays, so why not take the kids along and have a go? All are welcome to take part, however, children must be accompanied by an adult.

If you prefer medieval entertainment, Goodrich Castle are hosting 'A Bowman's Tale' on Thursday and 'The Duelling Master' on Sunday, 26th and Monday, 27th August. For further details of these events, please click the link on the 'What's On?' page of and contact the castle direct.

The Accord were due to entertain at the Hope & Anchor on Friday, 24th August but unfortunately had to cancel. However, they have arranged for another covers outfit 'Discovered' to play instead.

Saturday afternoon brings the Peterstow Horticultural Show at Peterstow Common. There are lots of classes to enter including: fruit, vegetables, flowers, cakes, crafts and photography. Entries need to be in by 12:00 Noon and the event is open to the public from 2 pm. For further details contact Pat Brown on 01989 770740.

We are really looking forward to Saturday evening at the Prince of Wales this week as The Zebras will be providing some excellent entertainment and I expect that Alan will be leaving the car at home!

If you want your evening to last a little longer, Jacqueline's Night Club stays open until 3 am as it does on all Saturdays preceding a Bank Holiday and every last Saturday of the month.

Ross Conservative Club are holding a Bucks Fizz and Brunch on Sunday, 26th August from 11:30 am. Tickets cost £7.50 and organist Ray Thomas will be providing the entertainment. If you would like a ticket then please contact Beryl or Nicky on 01989 562444

Sunday afternoon sees the last in this year's series of Bands in the Park. The music begins at 2 pm and will be performed by the A. W. Parker (Drybrook) Band. Ross Town Council provided this entertainment free of charge for the people of Ross and its visitors and those who attended enjoyed the experience. Maybe they will return next year.

Don't forget on Bank Holiday Monday that the Border Counties Road Run is taking place, beginning at the Yew Tree Inn, Peterstow.

The end of August sees the beginning of the Broome Farm Cider Festival, which begins with a Grande Ceilidh on Friday, 31st August and runs until Sunday 2nd September. There will be a chance to meet cider makers from various places, a farmers market, fantastic food and some great live music will be performed throughout the weekend.

For further details of these and future events, please visit the 'What's On?' page of


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This is a Free Service for the local community!

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