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Issue No. 161 - Wednesday, 22nd August 2007
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[What we do in our time off from Wyenot News - What's Happening in Ross this week]
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Pole dancing at the White Lion

After my evening at the Hope & Anchor, watching Will Killeen on Friday, I went to the White Lion, expecting to just collect Tina from work and go home. However, I think landlord, Dave had been testing his products a little more thoroughly than usual. Using a length of pipe from the utility room, he was holding a Pole Dancing Contest in which both regular customers and visitors alike were participating. Some were better at it than others . . .

Sam shows them how to do it. Ref: DSC_0270

Birthday girl, Cath has a go. Ref: DSC_0274

Peter Pan, aka Jeff shows off his skills. Ref: DSC_0277

It's no wonder Steve did not surface until 1:30pm the following afternoon! Ref: DSC_0280

Rugby: Ross 24 Hereford Greyhound Nil

With Division 1 rugby looming, Ross began their warm up campaign against Hereford Greyhound on Saturday. After two successive promotions and a new sponsor in Walford Timber, Ross were looking to start the new season positively and with 30 players turning up, it bodes well for the forthcoming season.

The game was played over four, twenty minute quarters as Ross looked to give every player an opportunity dust off the pre season cobwebs, and even though the weather conditions deteriorated as the match progressed Ross put together a number of positive passages of play. Their scrum was solid throughout and on a number of occasions they drove Greyhound completely off the ball. When Greyhound were able to secure possession Ross's defence quickly snuffed out any chance of them getting on the scoreboard.

With the Ross defence impenetrable and their set piece solid, they were able to control the tempo of the game and if the conditions had been more conducive to rugby, Ross could easily have scored many more tries. However, in the circumstances, a 24 try to nil scoreline was a job well done. With Alistair Blair, Basil Parker, Chay Brine and Captain Andy Hunt all opening their account for the season, this was a comfortable victory for Ross.

On Saturday, 25th August Ross travel to Drybrook to continue their warm up programme against Gloucester Premiership local rivals and will look to build on what was a positive start to the new season.

All those at Ross RFC would like to take the opportunity to welcome all sponsors on board for the coming season, with special regard to our main sponsors Walford Timber and Andy Gooding of Charlies Bar. Thank you to all our sponsors for supporting us this season.

Ref: DSC_2793

Ref: DSC_2801

Some Blooming Great Results!

Ross-in-Bloom have published the following results for the Ross-in-Bloom 2007 judging.

After many weeks of visits and postponements, and other problems with the weather, the judges reached their conclusions and have awarded the following addresses. All certificates should have been posted and will have been received by all recipients. Any omissions to this list are inadvertent.

Private Front Gardens (for all 12 areas of the town:)

Gold: 4 Three Crosses Road, 19 Orchid Close, 2 Metcalfe Close, 18 Berkeley Close, 11 North Road, 11 Park Walk,
28 Blake Avenue, 50 Purland, Lawrenny, Cleeve Lane, 11 Vectis Close, 1 Lincoln Close, Roma, 5th Avenue,
Berwyn, Hildersley, 4 Church Close. (14 awards).

Silver Gilt: 1 Blackthorn Close, 1 Nursery Road, 1 Rudhall Close, 10 Beechwood Place, 10 Blenheim Close,
11 Three Crosses Road, 11 Wallhouse Road, 12 Three Crosses Close, 12 Vectis Close, 13 Blake Avenue,
16 Mayhill Road, 19 The Mead, Hildersley, 19 Three Crosses Road, 2 Blackthorn Close, 2 Chatsworth Close,
2 Henry Street, 20 The Crofts, 23 Alton Road, 23 The Crofts, 24 Tudor Rise, 26 North Road, 3 Chatsworth Close,
3 Laburnum Close, 3 Pencraig View, 31 Park Walk, 34 Park Walk, 4 Greytree Rise, 4 Prospect Terrace,
41 Bernard Hackett Court, 49 Nursery Road, 5 Danum Close, 5 Morley Square, 50 Court Road,
53 Three Crosses Road, 54 Nursery Road, 58 Verschoyle Gardens, 6 Abbots Close, 6 Morley Square, 6 Rudhall Close, 6 The Shrubbery, 6 Woodmeadow Road, 64 Verschoyle Gardens, 65 Verschoyle Gardens, 7 Morley Square,
8 Milton Terrace, 8 Morley Square, 8 Parsons Croft, 8 The Shrubbery, 94 Verschoyle Gardens,
Arlington, Weston Grove, Ashbridge, 1st Avenue, Chez Nous, 3rd Avenue, Gable End, Archenfield Road,
Honeysuckle Cottage, The Crofts, Jalna, Greytree, Kimberley, 4th Avenue, Oakdene, Gloucester Road,
Penley, Firs Road, Redwing, Ledbury Road, Rustics, 3rd Avenue, Sheillings, 6th Avenue Close, The White House, Hildersley. (62 awards).

Silver: 1 Corinium Road, 1 Danum Close, 1 Homs Road, 1 Primrose Close, 11 Backney View, 11 Brookmead,
11 Lakeside Drive, 12 Grammar School Close, 12 Lakeside Drive, 14 Purland, 15 Grammar School Close,
19 Grammar School Close, 2 Abbotts Close, 2 Berkeley Close, Flat 2, Cantilupe Court, 2 Grammar School Close,
2 Redhill Road, 2 Vectis Close, 2 Wallhouse Road, 20 Blake Avenue, 20 Nursery Road, 20 The Gresleys,
21 The Crofts, 21 The Mead, 22 Grammar School Close, 22 The Gresleys, 29 The Crofts, Flat 3, Cantilupe Court,
3 The Close, Hildersley, 4 Foxglove Close, 4 Redhill Road, 4 Rudhall Close, 41 Duxmere Drive, 41 Tudor Rise,
43 Brampton Road, 45 Edde Cross Street, 46 Nursery Road, 47 Nursery Road, 48 Court Road, 48 Park Walk,
49 Tudor Rise, 5 Brampton Avenue, 54 Court Road, 55 three Crosses Road, 6 Kennedy Place, 6 Penyard Villas,
6 Three Crosses Road, 66 Verschoyle Gardens, 68 Verschoyle Gardens, 7 Brampton Close, 7 Park walk,
7 The Shrubbery, 73 Tudor Rise, 8 Blackthorn Close, 8 Grammar School Close, 8 Three Crosses Road,
80 Verschoyle Gardens, 9 Morley Square, 9 Pencraig View, 9 Rudhall Close, Ashview, 3rd Avenue,
Caprice, 6th Avenue Close, Dupont, Camp Road, Elsinor, 4th Avenue, Fairview, Homs Road, Hilbury, Kent Avenue, Linden, 2nd Avenue, Lisome, Gloucester Road, 18 Third Avenue, 24 Third Avenue, 4 Third Avenue, Old Jail New Street, Ommadawn, 5th Avenue, Papillion, 1st Avenue, Rettie, Chapel Lane, Ryegarth, Gloucester Road,
Summer Place, 6th Avenue, Sunnyside, 4th Avenue, The Bungalow, Chapel Lane, The Larches, Greytree,
Trelandon, Hildersley, Westbury, Kent Avenue, Westlea, Hildersley. (85 awards).

Bronze: 1 Abbotts Close, 1 Blake Avenue, 1 Old Market Close, 1 Woodview Lane, 10 Sugar Loaf Crescent,
103 Roman Way, 11 Chatsworth Close, 11 Rudhall Close, 12 Brampton Avenue, 13 Morley Square, 13 Rowan Close, 14 North Road, 15 Park Walk, 15 Quarry Close, 15 Three Crosses Road, 18 Grammar School, Close, 18 Nursery Road, 19 Alton Road, 2 Brampton Road, 2 Prospect Terrace, 20 Brixton Terrace, 28 Purland, 3 Old Market Close, 30 Purland, 31 Middleton Avenue, 32 Middleton Avenue, 35 Grammar School Close, 38 Three Crosses Road, 39 Purland,
4 Brampton Close, 4 Brampton Road, 4 Grammar School Close, 4 Walled Garden, 42 Nursery Road,
44 primrose Close, 56 Court Road, 57 Tudor Rise, 6 Brampton Close, 6 Prospect terrace, 7 Blackthorn Close,
7 Lakeside Drive, 70 Verschoyle Gardens, 8 Brook House, 8 Sugar Loaf Crescent, 9 Church Close,
Brookside, Alton Street, Gwenmar 6th Avenue Close, Lamorna Alton Street, Laurel Cottage Woodview Lane,
Lily Cottage, Mount Pleasant, Unter der Linden, Eastfield Road, White Keys, Walford Road,
Willow Cottage, Woodview Lane, Willow Leas, 6th Avenue. (54 awards).

The overall winner from this category will be announced at the Presentation Evening in September. There will be further awards in this category for groups of gardeners who in the judges' opinion have shown they have pride in their neighbourhood and have worked together to make colourful displays en bloc. This is in addition to the Best Street Award as some of the displays in these areas do not make up the 6 required for a street. These will be announced at a later date. Further results will follow in the coming weeks.

Private Front Garden Awards from Nominations for the Retired / Disabled Awards are:

Gold: 23 The Gresleys.

Silver Gilt: 11 Vine Tree Park, 14 Goodrich Court, 2 Nursery Road, 26 Vine Tree Park, 3 Goodrich Court,
31 Smallbrook Gardens, 34 Smallbrook Gardens, 38 Smallbrook Gardens, 39 Smallbrook Gardens, 39 Vine Tree Park, 5 Nursery Road, 58 Goodrich Court, 6 Merrick Place, 60 Goodrich Court, 7 The Mead, 8 The Mead, 8 Wallace Hall Row, Blenwood, Hawthorne Lane, Room 6, Ross Court.

Silver: 1 Goodrich Court, 12 Goodrich Court, 12 The Glebe, 2 Wallace Hall Row, 22 Nursery Road,
29 Smallbrook Gardens, 3 Vectis Close, 35 Smallbrook Gardens, 57 Goodrich Court, 7 Wallace Hall Row,
Flat 7, Fonteine Court, Room 11, Ross Court, Room 16, Ross Court, Room 8, Ross Court.

Bronze: 1 Wallace Hall Row, 2 Goodrich Court, 24 Vine Tree Park, 3 Wallace Hall Row, 30 Smallbrook Gardens,
40 Vine Tree Park, 5 Wallace Hall Row, 9 Goodrich Court, Flat 1, Fonteine Court, Maisonette 39, Fonteine Court, Maisonette 48, Fonteine Court, Room 14, Ross Court, Room 19, Ross Court.

Retired Community Awards this year are:

Gold: Merton House.

Silver Gilt: Goodrich Court, Cottage Park, Bernard Hackett Court, Ross Court.

Silver: Vine tree Park, Fonteine Court.

All of the above have been individually nominated for these categories. If you feel that you would prefer to be judged in this category, rather than in the general one, you must nominate yourself or your neighbour every year. Those gardens that have been nominated this year will return to the general category for next year unless they are nominated again. .


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