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Issue No. 164 - Wednesday, 12th September 2007
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Nature Watch: A randy dog and sleeping swans

I usually go wildlife photographing and filming alone but this week, Tina came with me a couple of times and we took Eric, our dog, so there was little chance of catching anything exotic. At one point on Sunday evening though, Eric ran off. He has been a bit frustrated by bitches this week and has played up so we are either going to have to take him to the Pot Noodle factory for a salt extracting machine accident (love that TV ad!), or to Archenfield Veterinary Surgery to have him calmed down properly, under anasthaetic.

Tina ran off after him and caught him up about a mile away, heading for the Murphy gas pipeline works. Thank you to the two people in a passing car, who helped shepherd him for her.

Anyway, having pretended not to notice the incident, for the sake of avoiding unnecessary exercise, I found myself alone by the River Wye as darkness was approaching. The swans were gathering ready to sleep for the night and so I waded into the river.

Once in the water rather than standing on the bank, you become more a part of the natural surroundings and the wildlife does not scare quite as easily. I find myself able to get closer to take photos or film that way. Nothing much really happened on this particular evening other than my missing a heron taking off - twice. I did get a photo of the bird in the end but it was getting dark, the exposure was slow and it is too motion blurred to publish. I did manage to get close to one swan though and stayed close as he fell asleep for the night. The photos are below.

I asked and have permission to camp here by the river to film at dawn, so will be doing so on occasions over the next month or so, in the hope of catching some more exotic wildlife.

Swans gathering for the night. Ref: DSC_3222

One lone swan getting tired...Ref: DSC_3235

... and finally falling asleep. Ref: DSC_3240

Nice view from the river. Shame about the beer can canoeist's visiting card. Ref: DSC_3241

The last light from the sun as darkness falls. Ref: DSC_3243

Backney Picnic Bench Vandalized

I was very surprised when taking a break on Sunday to go and photograph some wildlife by the river at Backney to find that, the pervious evening, somebody had set fire to the picnic bench in the 'Picnic Area', where I park the car.

Speaking to the warden, Gordon Lewis, he seemed to think that it probably happened at around 9:30 pm on Saturday. The bench was not a cheap one, it cost £800. I did wonder if is was caused by a barbecue accident but evidently, the bench was made of solid plastic and was 'virtually impossible' to burn by accident. 'It must have needed a lot of petrol or similar to burn as it did'.

The fire also damaged three nearby trees. If you have any information as to who might be responsible, please inform the local police.

It is usually quiet when I park at the Backney picnic area and I just stop there long enough to get my wellies on and go off walking but this week, Tina has taken time off from the White Lion, so we bought a takeaway and ate it there before walking. Whilst we were sat in the car eating (as there was no bench) a yob in a black Ford escort (very similar to the Wyenot Mobile) drove into the car park, tore up and down and round and round like a lunatic, kicking up the dust and making a horrible mess of the air, then shot off at speed along the road towards Bridstow. If anybody had been walking there, or in the road, he could have killed them. Unfortunately, with a burger, chips and hot Cappucino on my lap, I was unable to turn around catch his car number.

These people never seem to learn how dangerous this type of driving is and how it does nothing to impress the average person with a brain in their head. One would think that following the very sad death of Dean Fulford recently, something would sink in but evidently not.

Ref: DSC_1019


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Dark Side of the Moon at the Prince of Wales

Following their successful 'Dark Side of the Moon' performance at Ross Bandstand last month, Totem Pole are putting on another show. This time it will be held in the function room at the Prince of Wales, on Saturday, 3rd November, when keyboard player, Jack Baldus will be home from university.

The event is on the same evening as Ross Lions' Annual Firework Display, so will make an excellent follow-on to that spectacular event. (If you are wondering why that event is not yet on the What's On page. It is because the venue is not yet been finalized. It will be added to the page as soon as the final decision is made.)

Pink Floyd have been my favourite band since the 1960s and Totem Pole did a brilliant job at the bandstand, so Tina and I will definitely be there to cover the November performance. We hope to see you there.

On the subject of Pink Floyd. I loved Saturday evening's performance after the Last Night of the Proms by David Gilmore. I was out at the time but recorded it and watched it when we arrived back home. David Bowie's guest appearance, singing Syd Barrett's song, 'Arnold Layne' (Floyd's first single) was brilliant! I have to say that I was a little disappointed with the performance of my favourite Floyd track, 'Shine on you Crazy Diamond', which is about Syd. It sounded a little thin to me. Still good but not quite the real thing but the rest of the concert was great, with appearances by Crosby and Nash.

Enough waffle. Look forward to seeing you at the Prince on Saturday, 3rd November!


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