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Issue No. 164 - Wednesday, 12th September 2007
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What's Happening in Ross This Week?

It all seems to be happening on Saturday this week, with lots of fun at Linton Church and Village Fete beginning at 2pm. It sounds like a good day out to me, so lets hope the sun is still shining then.

There is a concert at St. Mary's parish church on Saturday evening given by the Morriston RFC Male Voice Choir and Soprano Jennifer Walker. Ross Town Band will also be performing at this event, which begins at 7:30pm. Tickets to the concert are £10. For further information telephone 01594 860497.

The music at the Prince of Wales will be provided by popular covers guitarist / vocalist, Simon Blight from 9pm.

About Town on Saturday evening

Saturday was one of those days when Tina and I were out photographing and reporting on events from 10:00 am until 1:00 am the following morning, with a half an hour off to go home and eat a chicken pie, so by evening, we were beginning to flag a little. You may, or may not be pleased to hear that as a result, there is no 'Tina Dancing' photo this week.

Saturday evening about town was however a very good one with lots going on. We did not make it to the Prince of Wales in the end, or, sadly, to the Yew Tree in Longhope, where the Zebras were playing. Sorry about that - it was just a lack of time thing.

The evening began with scoffing the afore mentioned chicken pie then rushing to the White Lion to take a very quick photo of Double Barrel's performance. Although we were only there for 5 minutes, many of the large audience were dancing and the band sounded good.

Continued . . .

Double Barrel at the White Lion. Ref: DSC_0899

The next stop was the Barrel Inn, where three bands were providing the evening's entertainment. 'The James Magic' (Jimmy Wheeldon) was performing his own material very nicely. A few weeks ago at the Bandstand gig, he had a few technical problems but everybody enjoyed his Saturday evening performance.

The first band to play were the 'Sky Shakers' however, I had an appointment with the afore, afore mentioned chicken pie, so we missed that one, I'm afraid.

Continued . . .

Jimmy Wheeldon as, 'The James Magic' at the Barrel. Ref: DSC_0912

Listening to the James Magic. Ref: DSC_0925

On to the Conservative Club, where my friend, Nick Dale bought me a pint and, following the tail end of the after dinner disco, we watched comedian, 'Country Yokel'.

We both enjoyed that event and the audience were in stitches at Country Yokel's bawdy jokes. Language like that at the Con Club? I was shocked, but went away with my jaws aching from laughing too much!

Continued . . .

After dinner dancing at the Conservative Club. Ref: DSC_0926

Comedian Country Yokel on Saturday evening. Ref: DSC_3181

Onwards again - returning to the Barrel Inn, where we caught the tail end of a brilliant performance by the Dandelion Killers. Click here to listen to a track from their first CD. That band are going to go far! They are all three accomplished musicians and they perform their own material. Well done, all three of you.

After the Dandelion Killers, Tina and I, totally worn out, retired to the beer garden, where we relaxed fro a while before going home to sleep it off before Sunday, with more events began.

The Dandelion Killers. Ref: DSC_0942

Adam Daffurn on guitar. Ref: DSC_3190

St. John Millenczuk, bass. Ref: DSC_3191

Paul Phillips, drums. Ref: DSC_3193

Local Author's Exhibition at Ross Heritage Centre

Local author Tim Ward was so delighted with the response to his exhibition at Ross Heritage Centre last year, that he has sorted through his large collection of photographs and memorabilia to come up with a new selection for September.

This year the photographs and historic account are based on the Villages around Ross. There are many villages and hamlets included in this exhibition with some of the captions on the photographs asking, 'where are they?'

If you would like to see see this unique collection and possibly help with some recognition, the exhibition is running until Monday, 1st October.

Entrance to the exhibition is free and the Heritage Centre opening hours are: Monday to Saturday - 10am until 5pm and Sunday from 10:30am until 4pm, closing for lunch between 1 and 1:30pm.


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