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Issue No. 166 - Wednesday, 26th September 2007
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'Poppy Appeal', an excellent play highlighting the dangers of drug abuse

A host of well known local personalities celebrated the launch of Ian Pauley's latest play, 'Poppy Appeal' at the Royal Hotel on Friday evening before watching the play's premiere performance at the Phoenix Theatre.

'Poppy Appeal' was commissioned by the Lifebouy Charitable Trust, which is an extremely worthwhile local organization founded by its current general manager, John Cooper and former Chairman, David Stevens with the aim of helping adult drug users to break the cycle of drug dependency and crime.

Lifebouy provides a bridge with the cycle of drug dependency and crime on one side and on the other, a life of gainful, enjoyable employment and independent responsible citizenship. This is achieved by a 'Safe House, where Lifebouy residents live as rent-paying tenants in a small community free of drugs and alcohol. Residents are responsible for the daily routine of cooking, cleaning and maintaining the property while Lifebouy staff and Occupational Therapists assist them to create and achieve their own objectives for a drug and crime free lifestyle. Most of Lifebouy's residents have no birth certificate, driving licence, utility bills, bank account or passport and are given help to obtain a legal identity.

Continued . . .

The Lifebouy Charitable Trust: Assistant Manager - Ben Williams, Jacqui Ramsey, General Manager - John Cooper, former Chair of Trustees - David Stevens, Trustee - Rosie Dyke, Chair of Trustees - Andrew Harter, Councillor Jane Pendleton and Trustee - Alex Aldrich-Blake. Ref: DSC_1179

All of those who attended Friday evening's premiere of 'Poppy Appeal'. Ref: DSC_1168

George Pendlebury, Ursula Stewart, Joyce Thomas MBE DL and Jim Stewart. Ref: DSC_1181

Paul Keetch MP with his wife, Claire, Author, Ian Pauley and Mayor and
Mayoress of Ross, Councillor Derek Bedford and wife, Meryl. Ref: DSC_1175

Ian Pauley, whose last play, 'Resonant Frequency' at the Phoenix Theatre was a big success, was commissioned to write 'Poppy Appeal' by the Lifebuoy Charitable Trust and the remit of the commission was to highlight the breakdown of communication and relationships between parents and their teenage children that encourage the children to embark on a career of drug-taking that leads to addiction. Everyone is swift to condemn drugs as a malign influence in modern society, and rightly so, but few question why people, teenagers in particular, become addicted; and it is this approach that Ian has adopted for the drama.

The cast consists of Mum and Dad whose marriage is going through a rough patch. They have issues that they are not facing up to that are affecting their daughter Angeline. Angeline is reacting to the friction and is truanting. As part of the agreement with her school Angeline is seeing a counsellor, Ann.

Also seeing Ann is Dean. Dean's mother died less than a year ago for which he blames his stepfather; as a result Dean has moved away from home and into a squat.

'Poppy Appeal is a bitter sweet love story about two teenagers who see the world from a flawed perspective. It is also about a marriage in crisis with the parents not seeing what effect their behaviour is having on their child. What I wanted to do was to write a piece that would contain as much for parents as it does for teenagers'.

The piece is full of drama but Ian has assured he has managed to squeeze in some lighter moments too.

The cast are: Mum - Amanda Smith, Dad - Gordon Brigg, Ann - Mary Brigg, Angeline - Jenny Allen from 22nd to 25th September and Dorothy Rayner from 26th to 29th September, Dean - Alan Christopher from 22nd to 25th September and Jo Malsom 26th to 29th September.

The play is co-directed by Katy Trevethan and Ian Pauley. 'When I was casting and auditioning for the play I was concerned that there would be shortage of young actors to play the demanding lead roles,' said author, Ian. 'I could not have been more wrong. Dorothy and Jenny are 16 while JO, Alan and Katy are 17. They are all very talented and it has been a great pleasure working with them."

Featured in the photographs below in various scenes from the play are Jenny and Alan. The play is not suitable for anyone under fourteen. Tickets are available from the theatre box office 01989 564570 hours 10:30 - 12:30 am, 7:30 - 9:30 pm and also from The Market House Heritage Centre 01432 260675

Ref: DSC_3390

Ref: DSC_3394

Ref: DSC_1157

Ref: DSC_3376

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Ref: DSC_3432
The White Lion Inn, Wilton.
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Happy Birthday Sean!

Belated birthday greetings go to Sean Darker, who celebrated his 36th birthday on Saturday, 23rd September. We hope you had a lovely day, Sean and look forward to seeing you soon.

Love from Tina and Alan, Christo and Ave.


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