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Issue No. 167 - Wednesday, 3rd October 2007
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It's not just Cubs that earn badges

Last Tuesday evening saw Assistant Cub Scout Leader Tim Jones and Assistant Beaver Scout Leader Lisa Bundy being presented with their Wood Badges. This award to given to Scouters when they complete their formal training as a leader.

Leader training in Scouting is tailored to the individual, and is completed in a variety of ways [distance learning, DVDs, 'on the job' as well as weekends away on courses].

Tim and Lisa have also been taking a very active role in the Aztec Cub pack and the Beaver Colony while doing their training. The wood badge takes the form of two wooden beads that are worn around the neck on a leather thong. The presentations were made by District Commissioner David Bennett and Assistant District Commissioner Jenny Bundy.

If you are interested in helping out at Beavers, Cubs Scouts or Explorers, please contact David Bennett on 01989 768062 and he can put you in touch with the correct leader or discuss possibilities.

David Bennett, Tim Jones [centre] and Jenny Bundy
Broome Farm B & B and Restaurant, Peterstow.
Rose Cottage Tea Garden, Symonds Yat.
Wyenot News goes nautical

For those who were wondering what was going on at the White Lion and on the river in general last weekend, it was the launch, maiden voyage and trials of the new 'Wyenot News' boat. Although the new boat was a kind of birthday present to myself, it does really have a serious purpose. I bought it for filming events on the river, and for a local wildlife film I am currently making.

I was suffering quite badly with a cold when Tina helped me launch the boat for the first time on Saturday morning but I have to say, I really enjoyed the weekend as a result of trying it out. Paul Meredith used my camera to photograph the launch and initial trials and he did a brilliant job, taking 112 photos, all but one of which came out perfectly.

Continued . . .

Tina and I taking the boat to the water for the first time. Ref: DSC_3521

Even with my bulk on board, the boat sits high in the water. Ref: DSC_3543

The boat is sea worthy and useable as a life boat in gale force 6 winds with up to 2 metre high waves. Made by 'Excel Marine'. It can be driven either manually or by its 3.5 horse power outboard motor, which I do not intend to use all the time but can use if necessary to get upstream through fast currents or out of trouble.

I tried it out at first with just the oars, to be honest, feeling nervous about trying the engine and rowed under Wilton Bridge and back alone before taking Tina on board and then attaching the outboard for the first time. The motor looked huge and its size worried me but I soon managed to master it and after a trial between the White Lion and the Hope and Anchor using engine power, took my friend, Christine's grandson, Connor, who had been standing on the bank watching intently, obviously hoping he would get a go.

I filmed and took photos from the water for the first time on Sunday, going from Wilton to Backney, as well as taking my son, Chris out with me for the first time. Chris and I took the first ever photos for 'Wyenot' from a rowing boat, back in May 2000. I still have that first boat but can no longer transport it.

I intend to film wildlife and general river scenes from the boat throughout the winter, including and especially during periods of flooding and snow, so hopefully readers will see some interesting results over the coming months. Meanwhile, I had better start growing the beard again and pick up some tobacco for the pipe. Now there's a thought. I used to enjoy smoking a pipe.

Under Wilton Bridge with a couple of oars . . . Ref: DSC_3539

. . . but then Tina wanted to come on board. Ref: DSC_3563

Trying the motor for the first time. Ref: DSC_3581

It works. Ref: DSC_3590

Connor comes for a boat ride from the White Lion to the Hope & Anchor and back. Ref: DSC_3619

My first nature photo from the water - abandoned Swans eggs. The nest was probably abandoned during the summer flooding.
Ref: DSC_3637


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