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Issue No. 168 - Wednesday, 10th October 2007
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60th Anniversary of Meals on Wheels

Once a week the WRVS host a lunch club at the Ryefield Centre, providing a hot meal for the elderly citizens of Ross-on-Wye. On Friday, 5th October a special lunch was held in order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of 'Meals on Wheels', from which the lunch club originated. Nationally, the WRVS is responsible for delivering approximately 6 million meals to more than 31,000 people each year. But the service is not just about the hot food, it's about the regular human contact with the most vulnerable older people in the community, making sure that they are safe and well.

Mrs. Joyce Thomas, MBE-DL went along to the celebratory lunch and was invited to cut the special birthday cake. Mrs. Thomas praised the WRVS for all the work they do and their commitment to their work, making a real difference to people's lives.

After thanking every member of staff for their service, Mrs Thomas went on to chat with each of the lunchers that were present at Friday's celebration.

Mrs. Thomas cuts the 60th Anniversary cake with Debbie Griffiths, Angela Powell, Clare Price, Maureen James, Catherine Townsend, Betty Mander, Mary Drabble and Margaret Ward. Ref: DSC_1343

Mrs. Thomas thanking everybody for their work with the WRVS. Ref: DSC_1346
Broome Farm B & B and Restaurant, Peterstow.
Rose Cottage Tea Garden, Symonds Yat.
House to house enquiries follow Doward sexual assault allegation

House-to-house enquiries are beginning today as police investigate an allegation of sexual assault, following a report of a child being sexually assaulted in the Great Doward area of Ross-on-Wye, near to Symonds Yat.

It is believed this incident occurred during January or February of this year but has only been brought to police attention recently. The victimís exact age is not being revealed, although she is described as an older female child.

The offender is thought to have been a male, aged between 16 and 40. House-to-house enquiries are taking place in the area and police are keen to speak to anyone who may have information which could assist.

'This incident has only recently come to light and we are now conducting a full investigation. It is important to stress that there have been no other similar reports in this area in the intervening period, but we are keen to hear from anybody who may have information that could assist us to trace the offender,' said Detective Sergeant Martyn Barnes from Hereford CID. 'We are asking people to cast their minds back to earlier this year and ask themselves whether they were aware of any people in the local community that may have given them concerns, perhaps by using inappropriate behaviour or language towards younger people. It may have seemed insignificant or not worth reporting at the time but could well now be important information for our investigation. We would urge them to come forward but anyone who does not feel able to contact police directly can call Crimestoppers anonymously to pass on information. We are following a number of lines of investigation, including house-to-house enquiries, and are continuing to offer all the appropriate support to the victim and her family'.

Anybody with information which could assist the investigation is asked to contact Detective Sergeant Martyn Barnes on 08457 444888 or to call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Ross Lions Support the Blind in Bangalore

Ross Lions President, Keith Wilding presenting the Braille machine to Reg Ansell, supported by Alan Napthine.

India is regarded as an up and coming world power economically and could be looked upon as being a rich country. However, in the South of India there are large areas which are extremely poor, with its people living in abject poverty. The caste system is very much alive, and whichever area you live in, if you are afflicted in any way you put shame on your family and are kept away from the rest of society. This article is about a number of blind people who suffer every day because they cannot get an education therefore, no jobs and they live a terrible life.

Reg Ansell, a retired headmaster, is part of an organization called The Bartimaeus Association which is totally voluntary and depends on raising its own funds. He approached the Ross Lions Club and asked them if they would help these blind people by providing a Braille machine. His talk to the Lions was heartrending. Reg goes to Bangalore, South India for six months at a time to help teach these blind people to read and speak English. The Braille machines only work in English. They are so keen to learn that they pick up enough English to use the Braille machines within eighteen months, where it would take us years. You have to remember they are blind which makes it more difficult.

At a cost of £300, bought through the RNIB saving VAT and getting a huge discount, the Ross Lions presented Mr Ansell, who is already in Bangalore with a machine this week. Think of him as he lives in primitive conditions, eating what they eat and helping outcasts.

One of his friends asked, 'Why do you do it Reg?' His reply was that he and his colleagues, who come from various countries, had to do something otherwise these blind people would remain forgotten people and have no life whatsoever.

At present the Ross Lions are contacting Lions Clubs in the Bangalore District with the intention of asking them if they would support The Bartimaeus Association by purchasing more of these Braille machines.

Royal Hotel Could be the Answer to Coach Parking Crisis

The long awaited flood alleviation scheme is now under way and is greatly welcomed. However, due to the work enforcing the closure of the coach park in Homs Road, discussions have been taking place to find a suitable alternative. There have been several suggestions, but the most practical so far seems to be the area leading up to the Royal Hotel. This site, although not without possible problems would appear to be the most appropriate.

The location is within the town and close to all amenities. Disembarking and boarding coaches here would not cause any inconvenience to passers by and the scheme could be implemented without the loss of any existing parking facilities.

Councillor Gordon Lucas said at the Town Council Meeting on Monday that it is imperative that coach parties are made to feel welcome in the town. Drivers pass information onto other drivers and if they cannot find a place to park they will end up going elsewhere. They are a vital source of income to the town and it's trades people and we cannot afford to lose them.

The Friday French Market

The French Market came to Ross again on Friday, bringing a wide variety of stalls selling products ranging from bedding to garlic, bread and cheeses. The top end of Broad Street was closed to traffic for the event and plenty of local people took the opportunity to visit, on what turned out to be a beautifully sunny day.

Inside the market house, the British contingent were represented by stalls selling jams, cakes, bread, Welsh cider and pot plants.

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