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Issue No. 169 - Wednesday, 17th October 2007
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Going wild at the Doward

Blacksmith artist, Ian Berrill is planning a new sculpture trail, which is due to be installed at White Rocks Nature Reserve by the Doward caves and on Sunday he met up with a group of children led by 'Wild Play'. The idea was that the children would search the wood for interesting insects, fungi and other wildlife, giving Ian an idea about what sparked their interest. Ian will then tailor his new sculpture trail to fit in with these interests.

Wyenot News went along on Sunday to see how Ian and the 'Wild Play' kids, Holly, Charlie, Harriet, Esther, Jessica, Zak, Eleanor and Rosie, pictured below, were getting on. They had discovered a whole range of insects, including a 'Dark Back Cricket' and an 'Earth Star' Geastrum fungus.

Wild Play will be back at the White Rocks Reserve again during half term, next Wednesday, 24th October from 10:00am until noon, taking a 'Sensory Journey of autumn nature activities for the family'. If you are interested in joining in, please call Jo Pollack at 'Where Wild Things Play', Herefordshire Nature Trust on 01432 356872.

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Nature Watch

The River Wye at Wilton is quite a nature reserve, with geese, gulls, kingfishers, otters and herons. I have not seen any otters for definite in some time, though I did think I saw one on the opposite bank briefly a few weeks ago. Now that the tourist season is drawing to an end and there are less canoes on the river, I shall be on the lookout as I want to get some better film. I shall try anchoring the boat in the middle over the coming months and filming from the river, rather than on the bank, as I did last time.

Actually, whilst I was out in the boat, the day I tried it for the first time, Tina was on the bank and a BBC Nature camera crew approached her. They were looking for otters on the strength of my last short film. It is not quite the season yet but I am sure they will be seen again at Wilton soon.

I haven't been out in the boat much this week as I have decided it is the damp river air which is prolonging my cough but I took the photos below on Sunday morning. A whole family of herons frequent the river at Wilton and the one below was stalking its prey on the opposite bank as I caught it with the still camera. The photo is a little distant as I took it from inside the White Lion pergola, whilst eating my Sunday lunch. The pampas grass is on the bank by Wilton bridge.

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Open evening at John Kyrle

Over 500 prospective parents and students visited John Kyrle High School last week for the school's Open Evening. The Open Evening followed on from two highly successful Open Mornings which had allowed the school to be seen in action during the busy school day and visits from over 400 Year 6 students from local primary schools for taster lessons.

On arrival at the Open Evening, visitors were greeted by members of staff and year 7 students. A large number of students had volunteered to act as guides for the evening and led tours of the school.

Preceding the tours, the guests listened to speeches from the Headteacher, Mr. Nigel Griffiths and Head of Year 7, Miss. Trixie Williams in the Main Hall. Speaking to a packed audience, where it was standing room only, Mr. Griffiths outlined the school's vision for the future and Miss Williams spoke about the strong relationship between the students, parents and staff within the school. This was followed by speeches from three Year 7 students, Bronwen Evans, Jonny Shipton and Storm Cocking, who spoke about their experience of secondary school life at John Kyrle.

Visitors toured all departments of the school and were able to look at facilities, see demonstrations and sample the subjects themselves. The prospective parents were particularly impressed with the 'state of the art' datalogging laboratory in Science and language laboratory in Modern Foreign Languages. John Kyrle High School, a Specialist Technology College was awarded two further specialisms from September 2007, in Modern Foreign Languages and Vocational Learning as a result of becoming a High Performing Specialist School.

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Local Team Wins Prestigious Music Award

Wyastone Estate Limited, the team behind Nimbus Records and the Wyastone Business Park, last week won a coveted Classic FM Gramophone Award for their latest project an historic recording on the Lyrita label.

Lyrita Recorded Edition is one of the UK's longest established and highest regarded independent Classical record labels, with an unparalleled reputation for recording specifically British repertoire at the highest audio standards.

During the 50's, 60's and 70's, Lyrita produced recordings acclaimed by critics, collectors and audiophiles alike, yet it failed to embrace the introduction of CD. So for more than 15 years legendary performances, many featuring the composers' conducting or performing their own works, lay silent and all but forgotten.

Last summer, under a comprehensive license agreement, Wyastone Estate Limited unveiled plans to re-release the entire Lyrita catalogue on CD and via downloads over a two year period. From the critics and record buying public, the response was overwhelming. Several discs entered the Classic FM and Billboard classical charts and Simon Heffer, writing for the Telegraph claimed, 'For aficionados of the English canon, it is one of the great events in our musical history.'

Last week the Wyastone team, based just outside Monmouth, won the prestigious Classic FM Gramophone Award for reissuing the Lyrita recording of E. J. Moeran's Symphony in G minor, performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Sir Adrian Boult.

Adrian Farmer, Music Director for Wyastone commented, 'Bringing Lyrita back has been immensely challenging yet it is extremely rewarding to receive such an accolade from our industry colleagues. The Lyrita release programme will continue for another year, by which time it will contain more than 130 titles and will present the real gems of British classical music for all to enjoy.'

Minor Telephone Disruption During Upgrade Works

Building work as part of the ongoing upgrade of facilities at Hereford’s main police station will result in minor telephone disruption on two evenings later this month. Construction work is continuing on the new front counter at the Bath Street divisional headquarters and work to provide a new custody block will be commencing shortly.

In preparation, a number of ancillary works are being carried out, including the moving of telephone and data telecommunications equipment within the building. This will mean that for two evenings, certain police stations will be without external and internal telephone lines, meaning that the public will not be able to call or be put through directly to officers at those stations. However, there will be no interference with operational policing, as police radios will be unaffected and both the 999 emergency system and the main 08457 444888 police switchboard will continue to operate as normal.

'“We have worked closely with BT to ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum and that policing can continue uninterrupted,' said a Herefordshire Division spokesman. 'The 999 emergency system will be operating as normal, as will the police switchboard, so the public will still be able to contact the police for assistance as usual.

Operationally, there will be no impact on policing and officers will be continuing with their duties as normal. However, during these two evenings it may not be possible to connect callers directly to staff at the affected police stations and we are asking for the public’s forbearance of this. Wherever possible, we are asking people to think ahead and make contact at a different time so as not to be inconvenienced. Ultimately this work should only cause a very small amount of disruption but it is unfortunately unavoidable if we are to benefit from the upgraded facilities this work will help to secure.'

The first evening affected was Tuesday, 16th October, when telephone lines direct to Ross-on-Wye Police Station were unavailable between 4pm and midnight. All other telephone connections on the Division will be unaffected.

On Tuesday, 23rd October, telephone lines direct to Hereford (Bath Street), Bromyard, Ross-on-Wye, Ledbury, Kington, Peterchurch and Leominster Police Stations will be unavailable between 4pm and midnight. All other telephone connections on the Division will be unaffected and the Hereford Public Service Desk will also be conducting an uninterrupted service during its normal hours of operation.

The out of hours wall mounted external phones at Ross-on-Wye, Hereford and Leominster will also be temporarily disconnected during the works but arrangements are being made to provide extended front counter facilities to negate the need for their use.

The overall building improvement works at Hereford will, when finished, see the Divisional Headquarters benefiting from a modern and more welcoming front counter and public entrance, improved working facilities for staff and state of the art custody block complying fully with Home Office standards, including a secure van dock area.

Congratulations Kirsty

Our warmest congratulations go to Kirsty Priest, who passed her driving test on Tuesday, 16th October.

We are really pleased for you Kirsty. See you soon.

Lots of love

Tina and Alan.


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