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Issue No. 170 - Wednesday, 24th October 2007
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Plans to Boost Employment in Ross-on-Wye

Herefordshire Council is planning to boost employment and encourage inward investment in the south of the county by developing Model Farm in Ross on Wye for commercial use.

The ten hectare site on the A40 just outside Ross on Wye is agricultural land owned by the council and has been identified as employment land in the county's unitary development plan. Following a number of consultations with members of the public at the local library and briefings at a community forum, an application for outline planning permission has been submitted this month.

It is too early to say what type of businesses may be interested in moving to the site, although the council is particularly keen to encourage investment in the knowledge based high technology sector. The outline plan divides the site into zones with identified uses that could include office space, research and development, general industry, storage or distribution centres.

Councillor Adrian Blackshaw, Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Community Services, said, 'We want to maximize Ross-on-Wye's excellent transport links and encourage inward investment. It's a great place in which to live and work, with relatively low house prices and good amenities in the town and surrounding area.

Life here is good, but traditional agricultural industries are changing, and we want to encourage new modern hi-tech businesses to the area. This development gives us the opportunity to increase entrepreneurship and help regenerate the town and surrounding area.'

Councillor Harry Bramer, Cabinet Member for Resources and Councillor for Penyard Ward, said, 'I believe that the key to the regeneration of Ross-on-Wye is through providing well paid employment in the area. As owners of Model Farm, Herefordshire Council can manage and control developments there and promote and encourage high paying employers into Herefordshire. This is a unique opportunity for the town of Ross and will play its part in the revitalization that the town so desperately needs.'

The outline plans will be considered early in the new year. If approved, further consultations will take place with the local community prior to more detailed plans being developed.

Happy Birthday Paul!

Best birthday wishes go to Paul Meredith who celebrated his birthday on Tuesday, 16th October. As Tuesday is not generally a good day for celebrating too heavily, Paul decided to have a drink with a few friends at the White Lion on Friday evening instead.

Unbeknown to Paul, his partner, Sue had arranged a few surprise guests, a delicious curry courtesy of the White Lion kitchen and some great music performed by 'Little Sister,' a husband and wife duo who perform all your favourite covers.

Paul had not been feeling well throughout the week, but soon cheered up on Friday and had a really good time, as we all did.

Great singer, Chrissy, Paul, Sue and guitarist, John on Friday. Ref: DSC_1785

Chrissy and John in action. Little Sister provide some great entertainment. Ref: DSC_1889





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Happy 60th Birthday Greg!

Very special birthday greetings go to Greg Stephens, who celebrated being 60 years of age with a party at the White Lion on Saturday. Greg's family, mainly his sister Judy and brother Nick, chose a dinosaur theme for the party. You can see a couple of them in the following photographs.

After posing happily with his siblings and his mother, Verna, Greg was serenaded with a resounding chorus of 'Happy Birthday' then was presented with a walking stick complete with warning bell by Nick.

Greg thoroughly enjoyed his birthday party and is now looking forward to taking advantage of the bus pass he qualifies for, making not only Herefordshire, but most of England from April 2008, his oyster.

Thank you for inviting us to your party, Greg. We had a lovely time.

Left to right are Greg's mother, Verna, Greg, Gregosaurus the dinosaur and Greg's wife, Pat. Ref: DSC_1901

A nice family photo of Verna, Greg. Judy and Nick. Ref: DSC_1897

Greg, appreciating his walking stick, medallion and birthday cake. Ref: DSC_1917

A great night at the Barrel Inn with the Zebras

Local rock band, The Zebras rocked the Barrel Inn in Ross on Saturday night, generating the first 'Tina Dancing' photos in weeks. As usual, the band performed brilliantly. The large audience, especially considering that it was the night of the rugby world cup final, included many who had not seen the Zebras before. One group of lads insisted on buying the band members drinks between virtually every song of the final set, which loosened the vocal chords well and everybody thoroughly enjoyed the evening. There were plenty of shouts for 'more' at the end.

This coming weekend, I am not quite sure which public venues we will be heading for at the time of writing. With it being Hallowe'en next Wednesday, I expect there will be a lot going on everywhere about town on Saturday, so we will try to cover as much as possible before heading to a private party to which we have been invited. Get your ghoulish gear on and you may well end up on Wyenot News next week.

Ref: DSC_1937

Ref: DSC_1994

Ref: DSC_1981

Local Farmer in court for breaking foot and mouth restrictions

A Herefordshire farmer is to appear at Hereford Magistrates Court on Friday, 26th October, charged with moving cattle and sheep when there was a total ban on livestock movements due to foot and mouth restrictions.

Nigel Bevan of Coldbrook Farm, St Weonards, is charged with moving the livestock on Friday, 14th September.

Sorry girls, I was not ignoring you . . . As always, it was a pleasure

'Where do you think you're going? You haven't taken a photograph of the Wyenot Groupies yet!'

I was just leaving the White Lion on Saturday evening to head for the Barrel to watch the Zebras when Donna, Sue and Sarah called me back. They had been at the White Lion to watch England lose to South Africa in the Rugby World Cup final. (The important thing is that we beat the French last week!)

Sorry girls, I was not deliberately trying to sneak out without taking a photo. It is always a pleasure, photographing three of my favouritest weekly news followers. Sometimes, when I am busy, thinking about the next thing on the agenda, I am in a world of my own and can look straight at even my bestest friends but not actually see them. I hope the picture below makes up for my doziness.

Ref: DSC_1928


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