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Issue No. 171 - Wednesday, 31st October 2007
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Icelandic Party at Jacquiline's

A gathering of revellers from Iceland - the frozen food store, not the country - came to Ross from all over the Midlands on Sunday evening to enjoy a pre-Christmas party at Jacquiline's Nite Club. The Company had hired Jacqueline's for the evening to give a short presentation about company policy to the staff. Staff then danced the night away and enjoyed a splendid Danterwood, Pearce and Jones (DWPJ) buffet. Pictured below are some of the staff from the Redich, Abergavenny and Cheltenham stores enjoying the party.

Jacqueline's is a great place to hire for company functions or large corporate parties, for any occasion. For further details, please see the Jacquiline's page on 'Wyenot'.

Ref: DSC_2224

Tracey Beard and Sonia Matthews from the Redich Iceland Store. Ref: DSC_2237

Kath, Emma, Stacey, Mike, Dave and Owen from the Abergavenny store. Ref: DSC_2240

Vicky, Darrell, Rich, Dean, Dave, Graham, Leanne, Mel, Lindsey, Sarah, Charlotte, Michelle and Janine
from the Cheltenham store. Ref: DSC_2244

The Danterwood Pearce and Jones buffet provided for the Icelandic visitors. Ref: DSC_2221





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Police appeal following serious injury on the A40 near Glewstone

Police are appealing for witnesses after a pedestrian was injured on the A40 Ross-on-Wye to Monmouth road on Sunday. The incident occurred on the Monmouth bound side of the dual carriageway, just before the Glewstone turning at around 2.28 am on 28th October.

A 19-year-old male pedestrian was involved in a collision with a Citroen Berlingo van and suffered multiple injuries. The driver of the car suffered shock but was otherwise uninjured. The pedestrian was taken by ambulance to Hereford County Hospital and later transferred to Frenchay hospital in Bristol, where he remains in a critical condition.

Police are keen to speak to anyone who witnessed the collision or may have seen the pedestrian walking in the area beforehand. Anyone with information is asked to contact PC Darren Collett at the Hereford Roads Policing Team on 08457 444888.

Macmillan Quiz at Conservative Club Raises £180

The Ross branch of Macmillan Cancer Support held a quiz night at Ross Conservative Club on Wednesday, 24th October to raise money towards the Macmillan Renton Appeal. A lot of fun was had by all and £180 was raised during the evening.

In the photograph below are quiz organizers: Pauline and Brian McRae, Gussy Stephens, Soosie Pinnell and Sandra Harnwell.

Ref: DSC_8427.

The Asda Ghouls

I spent Saturday evening at a private house party this week, so did not see many Hallowe'en dressers in town. However. Earlier in the day I made my fortnightly visit to Asda in Hereford and that proved to be a scary experience. Staff in the 'George' part of the store, Becky Cox, Sandy Lloyd, Emma Wright, Lisa Tomson, Lucy Stokes and Store Event Co-ordinator, June Thurston had dressed in spooky costume for Hallowe'en.

I actually like going shopping in Asda, Hereford as I find that, even adding the cost of petrol to get there, it works out far cheaper than shopping in the Ross supermarkets and the staff are ALWAYS very friendly.

The scary staff at Asda, Hereford on Saturday. Ref: DSC_2111


Re my article last week about Morrisons Smoothies:

I blame the Australians and the Dutch


I'm told by a member of my family that Smoothies were invented by the Australians. 'Anyone for a Smoothie' was often heard on Neighbours TV about 20 years ago. It's a good old fermentation process where a lot of pressure can be generated in a small tub of Smoothie or yoghurt.

Some people may remember there was a programme on TV warning about such explosive reactions with products especially Smoothes. It may have been on Watchdog or a similar consumer programme. You have been warned.

I'm still trying to get sauce out of the new Dutch made HP Sauce bottles. The usual thwacks on the bottom don't seem to have any effect. After you and your family's experience I'm not really sure if I want the HP sauce to come out the bottle.

PS: I admit I'm not a great fan of Smoothies or Neighbours. Apologies to any of my family who may see this in Queensland. I can't say anything about the Dutch, as I'm half Dutch.


Thanks for that Gordon. I guessed that the fruit had fermented. It's a scary thought really that one could possibly even be prosecuted for drunk in charge of a motor vehicle, having only imbibed one apparently innocent 'smoothie'.

On a similar subject, I learned from the TV programme, 'QI' this week (great programme) that elephants like to get drunk. They can smell fermenting fruit from 10 miles away and most humans who have been killed by rampaging elephants have been killed by drunk rampaging elephants. What is not known though is whether drunk elephants see 'pink people'.

I think I shall revert back to the chocolate, coffee, beer and chips diet - all this 'healthy' stuff is no good for me!

Another thing I recently learned is that the caffeine extracted from coffee to make 'decaffeinated coffee' is used to make paracetamol. Withdrawal symptoms from caffeine in coffee when switching to decaff causes headaches, so all these 'healthy' people who switch to decaff then take a paracetamol to cure the headache it causes are just wasting their time drinking the 'taste removed' variety.


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