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Issue No. 172 - Wednesday, 7th November 2007
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This Week's News

This week's news has been one of the most difficult I have prepared since the very beginnings of Wyenot News. A lot has happened, and all of it since Friday morning.

There are three video films in this issue and one in particular - that of Mike's funeral was very sad to have to make. I had to keep breaking off during the editing stage and try to think about something else because I found it so upsetting.

I would not normally have made such a film but it was a special request and I feel pleased to have been asked to help in this way. I could not have produced it without the kind help of Chuck, who took a camera on a trike, during the procession. I would like to have gone along with the trikers themselves but had to film both start and finish from the side of the road, so Chuck took the second camera for me and I raced to the crematorium using a different route.

Tina worked until nine thirty on Saturday evening, so I covered the fireworks alone. Last year, I froze my nuts off whilst covering the fireworks, so this year, I wore a tee shirt, a thick jumper, (my camouflage jumper as I know it with an element of sarcasm - it works if I happen to be standing under an extremely vivid rainbow) my beany hat and a weatherproof coat. On top of that lot, I wore a Ross Lions reflective safety coat. Guess what? It was a warm evening and I ended up roasting - especially as I was stood in the enclosed ring with the bonfire.

Despite what the fireworks article says about the rain, (I edited that from a press release) although it did not pour down, the fine drizzle, which was not really noticeable at the time - in the dark, soaked my camera equipment. I had to spend ages at the next venue - the Dark Side of the Moon, drying it out before I could begin.

I really enjoyed the Dark Side performance. Floyd have always been my favourite band and indeed, the Syd Barrett song, 'Bike' is the ring tone on my mobile phone. It was a great evening but I was totally knackered. I drank coffee and water all evening and towards the end, (after the Dark Side had finished) wanted to get to bed but Tina had turned up. Dragging Tina from a pub which is still serving beer is a bit like trying to dig the Channel Tunnel with a tea spoon. We finally got to bed (having stopped for our first meal of the day on the way home) at around 2:00 am.

Sunday morning was frustrating. I was filming a heron by the Wye at Wilton and, you know how it is when people spot a video camera!

An old lady approached me whilst I was actually filming the bird, stood about ten feet behind and shouted, 'Excuse me young man. Are you taking a photograph?'

'I am filming that heron over there,' I replied. ''Sorry but I can't talk - I'm trying to concentrate.' I wanted to catch its flight and was filming, waiting for the takeoff.

'Oh.' She said. 'Only there's a beautiful bird out there on the Island.'

'That is the one I am trying to film.' I replied, sharply.

'It looks like it might be trying to catch a fish.' She observed, loudly. 'Do you think there are any fish in that river?'

It was unbelievable. I would like to have run that bit of film here this week but there are two reasons I could not. The first is because I think four films in one week is a bit too much. The second is that, the sound system on that camera is extremely sensitive and when Tina watched it she laughed - but not at the lady. I thought I had only thought it but, unless the camera can pick up telepathically, I must have actually said it. The microphone picked up me whispering, 'For f... sake, shut up' under my breath.

Anyway, after a sad front page this week, the music on the fireworks film should raise a smile and the Dark Side film is well worth watching. Sorry I had to lower the resolution but it was a necessary bandwidth conservation move.


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WNTV: Ross Lions' Bonfire and Fireworks Spectacular

The Ross Lions put on another great evening of entertainment with a large bonfire and spectacular fireworks in a safe environment. The Club's President said the evening was a huge success with the crowd being only slightly down on last year, which was a record year for numbers. The weather was kind and the rain held off until the event was finished and everyone was able to get home in the dry.

With the large crowd of spectators waiting in anticipation the event started on time with a large contingent of the Ross Cubs parading with flaming torches before lighting the bonfire. Once the bonfire had taken hold, the firework display started. It was a fantastic display, as the crowd agreed with their oohs and aahs rending the air. The display lasted thirty-five minutes with continuous fireworks and from before the action started the crowds were enjoying hot dogs, burgers, pork rolls, tea and coffee. Even in the colder weather the ice cream van did a great trade as was the confectionery trader.

The Lions report that the event went off smoothly with no incidents, except that a group of foreign youngsters thought they could let off their own fireworks, including rockets, in the spectator area. As soon as the incident started, the Lions moved in and stopped it and the youngsters were asked to leave the site. It appeared this was a genuine mistake as the young people would not know how Guy Fawkes was celebrated or the format of the evening.

The Lions would like to thank the spectators for, in the main, not bringing sparklers to the event as requested. The St. John's Ambulance team had nothing to do other than enjoy the show and everybody had a wonderful time. They would like to thank the Chase Hotel for allowing the use of their grounds for the event and Andrew Cornwall of Cornwall's Butchers whose pork rolls were fantastic. Unfortunately, he had sold out before our reporter could try them for himself. It must be mentioned here that Andrew also donated all the sausages to the Lions for their barbecue.

Without their team of helpers the task of running the event would have been more arduous so thanks to all the volunteers including wives and friends of Lions, also Simeon Cole who provided and delivered all of the material for the bonfire. All wanting to help the Lions do something for the town and provide such great joy and raise funds for charity; thanks a lot. All of the money raised will be used for local charities.

WNTV Film: The 2007 Ross Lions Firework Display
Highlights of Ross Lions' Firework Display 2007.
Click the above picture to watch, or right click here and 'save target' to save to your computer.

I make no apologies for the music on this one. I thought it might cheer you up after the sad film on the previous page.

The tracks are: 'I Love Ross-on-Wye', 'The Rhubarb Tart Song' and 'I've got a Ferret Sticking Up My Nose'.

Most of you will not have heard the first track before. Although I have had it for years now, this is it's premier appearance (a slightly edited version) on Wyenot News.

Those of you have known me since the 'Potters Bar' days however will almost certainly have the second and third tracks indelibly written to the hippocampus as I loaned them to the Juke Box for about five years.

Ref: DSC_2382

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