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Issue No. 172 - Wednesday, 7th November 2007
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Swan takes the Hereford Bus

Today I was on the double-decker bus, number 38, from Ross to Hereford and as we crossed the Old Bridge in Hereford a swan flew up and hit the top corner of the bus and rolled across the roof - my sister and I got off the bus and I insisted we go back and look in the road to see if it was okay. Only then did we notice it was actually sat on the roof of the double-decker, looking around itself.

I managed to whip out my camera and take a few pictures before the bus left Bridge Street for the bus station. It must have been hurt as it just sat there, looking like it was enjoying the ride!

Later, I passed the bus station and just by chance I went to look to see if the bus and the swan were still there, and to my surprise they were, so I took some clearer pictures. Here is one picture from the bus station and one as the bus turned from Bridge Street.

Hope you' are interested,

Joshua Riches

Thank you Joshua, it was nice of you to think to send them in. I do hope the swan is not injured too badly.

The Connop House

Sir, I found your online paper, and since I have an interest in the area, I wondered if you could help? This is a photo (below) of an old family house owned by William Connop in the mid to late 1800s. Supposedly it was bought by historical trust but I cannot find any record of it. It is in the Bircher village area.

Google earth points to a place near the intersection of Lugg Green Rd and Green lane, I would just like to find out for sure and any further information anyone might have would help.

Thanks Jax

If you are able to help Jax, please email and I will put you in touch.


Employer makes employees fund rise in minimum wage

I am writing on behalf of a friend and her colleagues, a lot of whom work less than 21 hours per week and all of whom work part time, for the same company, Wyedean Wholefoods, who have shops in the Forest of Dean, Gloucester, Monmouth, Evesham, Chepstow and Ross on Wye.

This local employer encouraged staff at their chain of shops to undertake training courses and verbally agreed to pay an extra 10 pence per hour to those who were certified to have passed the courses. Most undertook 2 courses and were receiving an extra 20 pence per hour over and above the minimum wage of 5.35. With the increase, from October 1st, in the minimum wage to 5.52 the employer has, without any consultation, stopped paying the extra 20 pence per hour they had been paying for the last 2 years or more, so that the employee has ended up funding the increase in the minimum wage. I wonder if the employer is within his rights to do this and if not, what action can the employees take to challenge this action? I would hope that at the very least, the staff, who have undertaken training to further their careers and improve their ability to provide valuable and free customer service, will now withdraw the advice they have generally given to the public until such time as their employer shows the respect and value that they deserve. Many employees who have worked for over 4 years for the company are still on minimum wage and none of the shops have any appointed manager, the burden of the day to day running and organisation of the shops being spread amongst the minimum wage employees.

The situation is not without irony and humour as I understand that the Directors of the Company are Baptist Ministers. I cannot help but wonder what Jesus Christ would think of such uncharitable actions. Stories of conditions and treatment of employees in the business are more redolent of a tale from Charles Dickens rather than 21st Century Britain.

Name and address supplied

From a regular reader, currently in Singapore and Thailand

Hello Alan & Tina,

I am reading the Wyenot News, as I do every week but over the last six weeks I have been reading it in mainly Singapore, also for seven days on an island in Thailand called Krabi.

I don't think this will be the name chosen by anybody who knew the English language as it is a very nice holiday resort, it has a very nice very long beach with reasonable sized waves for body surfing and such. Then there is quite a long sea front road with shops and quite a mixed load of restaurants on it, they even have a McDonalds and a KFC is close to opening.

The restaurants seem to cover every style of food that anybody could want. As I don't like foreign food I stuck to things such as basic sandwiches with French fries or such as burgers. Not healthy I know but at 73 years old I am reluctant to start experimenting, I eat with my health in mind when in England like nice beef stews and cockney pie mash and liqueur when we visit relatives in London.

We were a bit unlucky as three of our days have been spoilt quite a bit with downpours of rain, the pavements are not to level so I am afraid everybody ends up with soaked feet. I was brave one evening and had a beef steak, with French fries and a salad, I know a beef steak is English sort of thing but I have found in the past that abroad they seem to use different cooking oils etc.

We were in Kho Samui a few years ago and I thought I would have a basic tomato soup. Okay, so it came with the quantans or whatever, so I had to fish them out. The next day in the same open air restaurant I said to the lady serving m, 'I just want tomato soup...I don't want wine ...quantens or anything else in it'. It took some time to get my soup which was two tomatoes cut up and boiled in water. I ate it as though and it was exactly what I wanted.

The rain did have a direct effect on one of my nights out with my son in law, we were in what one might call a girlie bar playing pool. The six young ladies on the staff did tend to touch you when they passed. I asked the one who seemed to have picked on me how old she was, she gave me a big smile whilst her hand was on my tummy and said 23 years. I spoke very slowly to make sure she understood what I said and told her I have a granddaughter older than you, I must say it did seem to put her off touching my belly . We ended up playing pool against two of the girls and to be social we let them win a frame. It was only then my son in law was told that the rules were, if the girls win you have to buy six of them a drink. Fortunately he did this but this was the only frame we let them win. It was very hard to concentrate as their very colourful skirts and tops could not be called modest. I must add here that these ladies did not pester us to buy them drinks at any time other than when we lost the frame of pool.

There were really a lot of these bars, all very close together and none were really busy. The drinks were at reasonable prices i.e. around two pounds a pint. Here in Singapore when I frequent a nice bar with a pool table situated on 6th avenue and a pint of lager costs four pounds - and that is called the happy hour! A pint in some bars or restaurants over here can cost you double this price.

Going back to the girlie bar, we were going to leave it at midnight but suddenly a lovely storm started, no way could we try to walk all the way back to our apartments, it was 3.30am before the storm died down. The following evening when having a meal with or wives before we were going out as we were allowed to every evening, I said to my son in law, 'Can you see those black clouds? It certainly looks like rain'. My wife and daughter said in unison, 'Yes but look we have brought two umbrellas for you.'

I went into one of the many internet cafes in Krabi island to read your news and also to communicate with my four daughters back in England, the eldest was with us. They only charged 40p for an hour's use of a computer or 1p a minute for shorter sessions, I noticed an internet place here in a Singapore shopping centre that was charging one pound an hour. Then internet rental places on the Krabi sea front all had plenty of computers. The one I used together with my grandson had twenty eight available.

Now after all that, I was going to ask . . . Do you ever hear from many people who, like my sister and I were dumped onto Ross and the surrounding area's as evacuees? We spent five very happy years in the area. There won't be many years that my wife and I have not visited Ross during the last 55 - after I got my first car. Yes there have been some changes but nothing like what has happened to the area of London we were born in.

Incidentally I cannot find your letters page on the web site have you discontinued this?

I hope my waffling on has not taken to much of your time up.

From a regular reader.... Len

Thank you for your letter, Len.

I just had a bacon roll for lunch. Very nice it was, too! I have tried strange food in the past though. My brother cooked me a camel curry once when I was in Saudi Arabia. It's on my YouTube page somewhere (which I no longer update). He bought the 'boneless camel' meat in Safeway, Dhahran and far from giving me the hump, I quite enjoyed it.

Actually, I do happen to know quite a bit about Singapore and Thailand as my Dad had an office in Singapore for years. The 'Girlie Bar' sounds interesting but be careful - appearances can be deceptive. Definitely take an umbrella! Things in Singapore are not always as they seem, though I am sure you are aware of this. The 'Crocodile Dundee' test is a sure way to find out!

Yes. I do quite often hear from those who were evacuated to Ross. 'Wyenot News' has reunited many evacuees in the past.

Regarding the letters pages. They are still there but these days, 'Wyenot News' takes up far too much time for me to update them, so I just publish a few of the letters I receive in the weekly news.

Keep reading and keep in touch...


Broome Farm B & B and Restaurant, Peterstow.
Rose Cottage Tea Garden, Symonds Yat.
It's all done with dynamos at Ross Cider

Visitors to Ross Cider at Broome Farm were treated to an evening of Pedal Powered cinema on Saturday. The fun-packed evening was organized by local blacksmith artist, Alan Ross of 'Art In Steel', whom most local people will have noticed about town at one time or another, riding his strange looking bikes.

Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to go along myself, I had two other prior engagements on Saturday evening, so Phil Long kindly took some photos of the event for 'Wyenot News'.

Although it took a while to set up the equipment, a task which proved to be problematic at times, everybody enjoyed the evening and the cinema will be returning to the farm at some stage in the future.

Local Crime Report

Police have reported three incidents of criminal damage in the Alton Road Industrial Estate area of Ross-on-Wye. The incidents occurred overnight on Friday, 26th and Saturday, 27th October, when a window was smashed at ATS Euromaster. The same evening two lorries parked in the area were also damaged. Their locks were superglued and their wing mirrors were sprayed with black paint.

A young women was assaulted by another young female in Broad Street during the evening of Saturday, 27th October. The victim was walking along the road at around 2am when she was approached by the assailant who began a verbal altercation before subsequently assaulting her. As the victim continued on her way home she was again approached by the other woman, who shouted further verbal abuse at her before the two parties separated. Police would like to speak to anyone who may have seen or heard the altercation in the town centre. They are asked to contact PC Emma Terry at Ross-on-Wye Police Station.

During the same evening two men were assaulted in Brookend Street after leaving the night club to go and look for some food between 2am and 2:10am. While in Brookend Street, the pair were approached by a group of 5 or 6 males, one of whom struck the first victim about the face, causing him to fall over. The attacker wore a white fitted vest/tank top that just covered his shoulders and blue jeans. The second victim was then assaulted by a different male from the group. The group then ran off towards Station Street. It is believed that some or all of the group may have also been in the night club that evening. Anybody with any information that can help is asked to contact PC Phillipa Johnson at Ross-on-Wye Police Station.


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